Code modèle FAO

Click to view report FAO. 1996. FAO, 1996. Code modèle FAO des pratiques d'exploitation forestière. . EN ES FR

Codes régionaux

Click to view report Asia-Pacific Forestry Commission. 1999. Code of practice for forest harvesting in Asia-Pacific FAO, Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific, Bangkok.

Click to view report FAO. 2003. Regional Code of practice for reduced impact forest harvesting - in tropical moist forests of West and Central Africa FAO, Rome.
Click to view report FAO. 2003. Code régional d'exploitation forestière à faible impact dans les forêts denses tropicales humides d'Afrique centrale et de l’ouest FAO, Rome.

Codes nationaux

Crown (Government of Victoria). 1996. The code of practice for timber production REVISION No. 2. Department of Natural Resources and Environment.

Osberg, M. et Murphy, B. 1994. British Columbia forest practices code. Victoria, Colombie britannique, Canada.

Strehlke, B. 1990. Fiji national code of logging practice. OIT, Genève, Suisse.

Guyana Forestry Commission 2002. Code of practice for timber harvesting - 2nd edition Guyana Forestry Commission, 1 Water Street, Kingston, Georgetown, Guyana.

Sist, P., Dykstra, D. et Fimbel, R. 1998. Reduced impact logging guidelines for lowland and hill Dipterocarp forests in Indonesia. CIFOR Occasional Paper No. 15.

Jusoff, B. K. et Nik Mustafa, N. M. S. B. 1996. Guidelines on logging practices for the hill forest of peninsular Malaysia. In: D. Dykstra et R. Heinrich (eds.) Forest codes of practice Étude FAO: Forêts N° 133; FAO, Rome.

Vaughan, L., Visser, R. ET Smith, M. 1993. New Zealand forest code of practice Second Edition. Published by the Logging Industry Research Organisation, PO Box 147, Rotorua, Nouvell-Zélande.

Warkotsch, P. W., Engelbrecht, G. v. R. ET Hacker, F. 1997. The South African harvesting code of practice. Faculty of Forestry, University of Stellenbosch, Afrique du Sud.
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