Promoting responsible forest harvesting practices

As the Earth's resources come under increasing demand, sustainable forest management has emerged as one of the major environmental challenges facing humanity. In order to meet this challenge, we must learn to satisfy the long-term needs of society and the economy of forest products, without compromising environmental values.

Environmentally sound forest harvesting and transport operations are essential components of sustainable forestry. This ensures that the natural productivity of the forests and the benefits obtainable from them are maintained. The key to sustainable forest harvesting lies in applying the best knowledge available to critical components of the harvesting operation: harvest planning, construction and maintenance of forest roads, felling and extraction, and post-harvest assessments.

This web page provides an overview of FAO's contribution to promoting environmentally sound, economically feasible and socially acceptable forest operations.

It focuses on some of the main components of the forest harvesting operation and emphasizes the importance of each of these in sustainable forest management.

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Forest Assessment, Management and Conservation Division

last updated:  Wednesday, November 18, 2015