Mitigating the impact of HIV/AIDS: Outlook studies

In an "outlook study", FAO and its member countries identify a range of possible choices and options for action that could assist countries in achieving their goals for forests and the forestry sector. Attention is given to the economic, social and environmental contributions of forests and their utilization. Emphasis is placed on actively shaping the future of our forests based on policies implemented and investments made today. An outlook study attempts to analyse information and statistical data to describe or outline a possible future. The attempt is to build coherent pictures of what the future might look like depending on the choices made today.

The national Ugandan AIDS support group, TASO, whose motto is Living Positively with AIDS, honours the memory of deceased friends by quilting their names on banners. (Photo: FAO/17392/K. Dunn)

The FAO Forestry Outlook Study for Africa (FOSA) is an in-depth study analysing the status, trends and driving forces shaping African forestry and assessing potential changes in the sector to the year 2020. It examines the current trends and the options available for the sector to enhance its contribution to sustainable development. As described in this publication, the impact of HIV/AIDS on the structure and composition of the population is one of the many factors influencing the forestry sector in Africa.

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last updated:  Friday, April 23, 2004