FAO, AFoA and INTA agree on the importance of carrying out an Industrial Forest Sector Investment and Financing Forum and Bioenergy seminar in Argentina

The Argentina Forest Association strongly believes that the Forest industrial Sector Investment and Financing Forum, followed by the Bioenergy seminar to be held in Buenos Aires on 16 and 17 November are a real opportunity to promote the potential of Argentina for forest investments and support the country in becoming a world leader in the forestry and forest industry sector. The energy matrix of the country will also incorporate more biomass as a renewable raw material for green energy, provisioning expansion potential for the nation's bioenergy plants and capturing emerging opportunities. The XIII World Forestry Congress organized in Buenos Aires in 2009 showed that Argentina holds great advantages for developing the forest-based sectors; it has plentiful areas for high forest productivity, technologies, qualified human resources and raw material available for sustainably managed industry. For this reason, we believe that the forest industry sector of Argentina is a platform for generating profitable and viable investments. We are convinced that the Forum will fully demonstrate that opportunity.

José Urtubey (Vice President/Vice presidente, AFoA)  discusses the prospects for investment in forestry in Argentina.

The National Institute for Agricultural Technology (INTA) provides needs assessment, conducts research, and develops and transfers technologies to the agro-industrial sector in Argentina. It serves also as an institutional facilitator, providing services to the producers in the sector, including the forest industries, and strengthens the interaction between the private and public sectors. INTA is fully informed of the great potential in Argentina's forest sector and promotes the Forest Sector Investment and Financing Forum and Bioenergy Seminar and supports the organizing of these events.


Tomás Schlichter (Agronomic engineer/Ingeniero Agrónomo, INTA)

last updated:  Thursday, December 16, 2010