Advisory Committee on Sustainable Forest-based Industries

The Advisory Committee on Sustainable Forest-based Industries (ACSFI) is a FAO statutory body composed of senior executives from the private industry sector worldwide. It meets yearly with the main objective of providing guidance on activities and programme of work of the FAO Forestry Department on issues relevant to the paper and forest products industry, in support of member countries efforts to progress towards sustainable development.

The 2013-2014 membership of FAO-ACSFI includes heads of forest industry and forest growers’ associations, as well as company executives from 20 countries including Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Finland, France, Germany, Ghana, India, Japan, New Zealand, Portugal, Russian Federation, South Africa, Sweden and the United States of America.

Advisory Body to FAO Forestry Programme: elevate innovations and dialogue for bioeconomy 25 June 2014 The FAO Advisory Committee on Sustainable Forest-based Industries (ACSFI) met for the 55th time in St. Petersburg, the Russian Federation on 10 June 2014. FAO wishes to thank RAO BUMPROM ( Russian Association of Pulp & Paper Organizations and Enterprises ) for their high degree of professionalism in organizing the meeting. Attendance included industry associations, executives, and international research organizations from 20 countries. The International Council of Forest and Paper Associations (ICFPA) held its Annual Meeting the following day. The global challenges on food security, poverty, biodiversity, water, energy and climate, have highlighted the important role for the forestry and forest products industries in addressing these challenges. "The industry has been directly and indirectly contributing solutions to these challenges for decades and we must increase awareness of this among consumers, NGOs and policymakers" said Michael Peter, Chairman of the ACSFI. [more]

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