Capacity building for the organizational development of forestry administrations

Organizational development and adaptation of forestry administrations is a major issue confronting the forest sector all over the world, especially in the face of rapid changes taking place in the larger socio-economic, technological, and political environment.

To support public forestry administrations improve their performance and ability to adapt to such changes, FAO has developed a three phase capacity building process involving:

  • The review of the current institutional framework and preparation of background document 
  • The support in the delivery of a national or sub-national workshop
  • The development and implementation of key organizational development activities, based on the inputs received from forest stakeholders during the workshop.

The workshop is structured in five components.

  1. Global trends in institutional frameworks for forestry development, the changing roles of public forestry institutions, and organizational change in public forestry institutions.
  2. Assessing institutional performance - Introducing the performance assessment framework and the use of performance indicators
  3. Enhancing institutional performance: Emerging best practices and scenario development
  4. Presentation of case studies
  5. Putting it all together: An action plan toward greater effectiveness and adaptability

last updated:  Tuesday, February 28, 2012