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GTOS-TEMS Mountain Module
Mountain Development and Watershed Management
The Mountain Partnership
The SARD-Mountain Project

Other related sites:

Climate Change
Organic Agriculture
Combating Desertification

UN Organizations

United Nations Environment Programme
UNESCO Man and Biosphere Programme
United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues

International Conventions and Agreements

Agenda 21 - Chapter 13: Managing fragile ecosystems: Sustainable Mountain Development
Convention on Biodiversity: Mountain Programme of Work
The Alpine Convention
The Carpathian Convention


Other Organizations:


The Mountain Forum                                              International Climbing and Mountaineering Federation
The International Mountain Society: Mountain Research and Development
The World Mountain People Association
WWF World Wide Fund for Nature International
International Work Group for Indigenous Affairs
Agrobiodiversity Platform


Lesotho Mountain Research Group

Asia Pacific

SLN Snow Leopard Network


CIPRA International                                               Euromontana
Federal Institute for Less Favoured and Mountainous Areas, Austria
International Scientific Committee on Research in the Alps
L'Espace Mont Blanc
Pro Mont Blanc
UNCEM Unione Nazionale Comunità Comuni Enti Montani

North America

The Banff Centre
The Mountain Institute
The Mountain Studies Institute 

Latin America

ASCOSAM: Sustainable Rural Agriculture in Mountain Areas
CONDESAN: Consortium for the Sustainable Development of Andean Ecoregion

Research Institutions

CDE Centre for Development and Environment
EURAC European Academy Bolzen/Bolzano
Mountain Research Initiative
Global Mountain Biodiversity Assessment
Swiss Alpine Studies
The Centre for Mountain Studies

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Mountain Voices






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