Please contact with news of the celebrations you are planning for International Mountain Day 2015, we would be happy to post them online and on our interactive map.

Bolivian mountains – a photo reportage for IMD 7 October 2015 On the occasion of this year’s International Mountain Day, Friday 11 December, a photographic exhibition on Bolivian mountains will be showcased at FAO in the atrium. The exhibition will last for a few days. The exhibition is a reportage by the Canadian photographer Craig Richards, a well-known mountain photographer, which documents the close relationship between the landscape, the people, the festivities and the music. The photo mission reached famous as well as remote destinations to report on celebrations and religious festivities. These situations are captured by the photographer’s extraordinary black and white artistic photographs whose large format prints testify daily life in the mountains. “Bolivia - Its Musical Places” is a project that sees the collaboration of the Museo Nazionale della Montagna, the Piedmont Region, with support from the City of Turin, the Club Alpino Italiano and of the Compagnia di San Paolo as well as the Bolivian Embassy to Italy. The overall project is coordinated by Aldo Audisio, director of the Museum of Turin, in cooperation with Luis Sánchez-Gómez, Counselor of the Bolivian Embassy. Photo: Flickr/Pablo Andrés Rivero [more]
Reading mountains 9 September 2015 ”Reading mountains“ is an initiative of the German Presidency of the Alpine Convention 2015-2016 to mark International Mountain Day (IMD) 2015. The idea is to initiate events dedicated to reading Alpine literature in various places around the Alps on IMD – 11 December 2015. The goal of the initiative is to promote modern Alpine literature and Alpine Culture which is an essential part of the Alps as we know them. Each organization participating in the initiative will choose the alpine literature for its event. Would you like to be part of the initiative? Organize your “Reading Mountains” event by registering your celebration on the website.Looking for an event close to you? Check out the events on the website. Photo: Flickr/Thomas [more]
IMD to recognize women’s traditional knowledge 2 September 2015 Mountain Forum of West Africa in cooperation with the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development of the Republic of Mali and the National Directorate of Water and Forests are planning the celebrations of International Mountain Day (IMD) 2015. The theme of the day is “The role of Mountain women in the socio-economic development of countries through the traditional knowledge of genetic resources derived from mountain biological diversity”. The celebrations aim at encourage local authorities to preserve the biological diversity of natural and cultural patrimonies and to sensitize decentralized authorities in relation to the impact that protected areas have locally. It is in this context that Mountain Forum of West Africa and its partners want to valorize the different mountain cultures and the know-how of mountain communities, and especially of women. During the event there will be presentations and debates among actors, namely: a presentation of experience on the implementation of the work plan on biodiversity in Mali; raising the awareness of opinion leaders of the preservation of mountain biodiversity; and a visit of the stands. The conference will focus on the know-how of the populations of the mountain (agriculture, livestock, handicrafts, traditional medicine, etc.). [more]
Togo celebrates mountains for its first time 2 September 2015 This year 2015 the non-governmental organization PONT-TOGO, directed by Zankpe Kwami, is organizing for the first time in Togo an event on the importance of mountains for the quality of life and is planning to honor the mountain products of Togo, and more precisely, of Pya. Four are the main activities part of the project: to undertake an awareness tour on International Mountain Day in Agou, Badou, Atakpame and Pya, Togo; to launch the festivities in Agou; to celebrate the day in Pya; and to carry out a “night of mountain producers”. Photo: Flickr/ jbdodane [more]
Getting ready for IMD in Portugal 2 September 2015 MiratecArts is organizing various events linked to International Mountain Day (IMD) in the coming months: 1) an International Photo Contest on Flora & Fauna from Mountains. Works will be accepted until 1 November and the finalists will be announced on 11 December 2015, for more information please check ; 2) IMD celebrations on the day where the program of events for the second annual Montanha Pico Festival as well as the finalists and exhibition of the international photo contest will be announced; 3) the Montanha Pico Festival taking place in the month of January 2016 where there will be activities from talks, gatherings, adventures and artistic events celebrate the mountain life [more]
Andorra highlights mountain products on IMD 2 September 2015 UNESCO Andorra has been celebrating International Mountain Day for a few years. This year – in collaboration with the town of Ordino, the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Environment – the organization proposed a series of activities under the theme of mountain products: a conference, which will take place on 11 December, on mountain cultural landscapes part of the World Heritage List (Pyrénées-Mont Perdu); a fair of local products taking place on 14-15 November; Km0 dinners in various Andorra restaurants with different menus proposed by the chefs on 10 December; and visits to local producers on 12 December. Photo: Flickr/ thierry llansades [more]
International Mountains Day to improve livelihoods 2 September 2015 The past three years the International Mountain Day (IMD) celebrations organized by the association Assirem Gouraya have considerably benefitted the mountain communities by enhancing their opportunities and sensitizing local and national authorities to mountain issues. The event of 2015 will take place starting from 29 August 2015 and ending on 12 December 2015. On 29 August it will take place a Mountain Farmers Festival, open to all citizens and families, where there will be a chance to discover the wealth and the history of the region. On 24-25 October the reforestation of 3000 trees in the Boni forest located in the Bibans mountain chain and a workshop organized by the University of Bejaia will be carried out. Finally, on 11-12 December there will be several competitions such as for climbing, orienteering, hiking, skiing, fruit trees will be planted and a conference on “The valorization of the soil’s products”. These three days will see the participation of foreign personalities and the possibility of visiting the Algerian desert. The association Assirem Gouraya gives great importance to IMD. This year’s theme "Promoting Mountain Products” led the association to expand its activity to some rural areas of the Algerian desert. The presence of foreign guests allows the association to discover its national wealth to encourage sustainable tourism. The association is looking for funding from state agencies to undertake this important event. [more]
Boconó is preparing to celebrate mountains 18 August 2015 Several organizations in Boconó, on the Venezuelan Andes are organizing an event to mark International Mountain Day 2015. The town of Boconó is located at 1300 masl and was called the “Garden of Venezuela” because of its lush natural vegetation. On 10-12 December 2015 the Red Ambientalista Brisa (Environmental Network Breeze), the Boconó Ecology Center, the Boconó group “Friends of Trees” and the Trapiche Museum of Nails are planning various activities for IMD among which, a conference on biodiversity in the auditorium of the Boconó Athenaeum where it will be discussed the preservation of the environment especially in mountain ecosystems. On Friday 11 a series of workshops, an exhibition of products and crafts of the mountains and a musical evening with peasant and traditional music will take place in the Trapiche Museum of Nails. The following day a 10 kilometer walk to Guaramacal is planned. Photo: Flickr/Cristian Bracci [more]

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