Remembering life in Bario’s mountains 18 November 2014 Project WHEE! is organizing a social media campaign to commemorate International Mountain Day. Project WHEE! works very closely with the locals in Bario, a mountain community. Bario, Sarawak, Malaysia is located in the mountainous region of Borneo, bordering Kalimantan, Indonesia. Bario is made up of 13 villages inhabited predominantly by Kelabits, one of the smallest ethnic groups in Malaysia. Most of the people in Bario are involved in agriculture as it is their main economic activity. However, due to its isolation from the rest of the world, development is impeded and many Kelabits have migrated to urban areas for better education and job opportunities. For International Mountain Day, project WHEE! will engage the people who left Bario and ask them to share with the world their stories or experiences about agriculture and farming of when they were in Bario. These stories will be accompanied by a photo. The campaign will be held for 11 days, beginning from 1 December leading up to 11 December, International Mountain Day. Each day, a story along with a photo will be posted on project WHEE!’s Facebook page. [more]
IMD in Poland 17 November 2014 Klodzko Valley is situated in the eastern part of the Sudety Mountains. On International Mountain Day 2014, more than twenty mountain farmers from the valley will gather to celebrate this event. The event has been organized and sponsored by Mountain Elected People, which was established on 11 December 2002, the Snow Mountain Community Fund and the Association “ Wojtowice - back to the future ”. The event will take place in the agritouristic farm in Bielice, just a few meters from what used to be Polish-Czech border. Farmers – wives and husbands – will exchange opinions and experiences relative to mountain family farming and will taste various local dishes such as freshly baked bread, smoked ham, mountain trout, goose breast, pumpkin mousse, mirabellen distillate, cakes and more specialties prepared in Czech, German and Polish style. Photo: Flickr/leo siecle [more]
Mountain pictures to climb social networks 7 November 2014 Mountains will be in the foreground in the first half of December 2014 when the Municipality of Dénia in Spain holds a global photo contest on Instagram. “We love mountains and want the whole world to know how important they are,” said Vicente Chelet of Dénia, explaining that the contest will bring attention to mountains for International Mountain Day. “Mountains connect people and pictures speak a universal language, making Instagram, the top social network for photos, the ideal choice for the contest.” Designated International Mountain Day by the United Nations General Assembly in 2002, 11 December is an occasion to raise the public’s awareness that all of us rely on mountains, whether directly or indirectly. The observance is an occasion to build alliances that will bring positive changes to mountain peoples and environments around the world. With support from the Mountain Partnership Secretariat and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN (FAO), the Municipality of Dénia is organizing the digital photography contest featuring photos of mountain summits or landscapes and at least one person holding an International Mountain Day sign. All photographs should be taken with a mobile phone or tablet and posted on Instagram from 1 to 15 December 2014 using the hashtag #WeLoveMountains along with the geographic location. The pictures will appear automatically in the photo section of the WeLoveMountains website. Contest prizes will include a FAO publications and special ‘We Love Mountains’ t-shirts. Show your love for mountains and let’s make the hashtag soar for International Mountain Day. Contest rules in Catalan , English , French , German , Italian , Russian , Spanish . [more]
Promoting sustainable mountain development in Utah 4 November 2014 The Utah International Mountain Forum (UIMF), a coalition of student clubs at Utah Valley University (UVU) is preparing for International Mountain Day commemoration which will take place on 5 December 2014. In addition to hosting a workshop with focus on family farming in Utah and globally during that day, UIMF will summarize activities done by a coalition in sustainable mountain development advocacy during 2014. They will inaugurate the newly created organizing committee from UVU students, which will be responsible for hosting the Fourth International Women of the Mountains (WOM) conference in Orem, UT on 7-9 October 2015. Members of the organizing committee were able already to be engaged in several activities in that area: to discuss with Igor and Vesna Gruppman about contribution to WOM 2015 activities from Gruppman International Music Institute, a Mountain Partnership member since 2010; to inform Somini Sengupta , United Nations chief bureau of the New York Times, about activities at UVU with focus on SMD-advocacy and to invite her to present at the conference in 2015. UIMF members will also inaugurate during the WOM 2015 several projects at UVU with focus on green economy and climate change, like UVU Field Station at Capitol Reef National Park . [more]
3rd Meeting of the Mountain States 31 October 2014 This year the third Meeting of the Mountain States (MoMS) organized by Integrated Mountain Initiative (IMI) will take place in in New Delhi, India from 10 to 11 December, 2014. The MoMS takes place every year and serves as a forum for advocacy, especially with regards to mountain issues in the fields of policy making and mountain migration issues. Besides its usual function, this year’s MoMS has been widened and will focus on the International Mountainy Day theme of mountain family farming. At the meeting, there will be a discussion on best practices of mountain farming and on the challenges of its sustainability. Knowledge and experience sharing on mountain management, organic entrepreneurship among Himalayan farmers, policymaking on mountain issues and India’s role in climate change are only some of the topics that will be discussed at the Meeting. Participants will include the president and vice-president of the IMI and representatives from other organizations. Photo: Flickr/Swaminathan [more]
Fourth Pakistan Mountain Festival 15 October 2014 The Fourth Pakistan Mountain Festival will be organized by the Development Communications Network ( Devcom-Pakistan ) between 7 and 14 December, 2014, in Islamabad, Pakistan to mark the International Mountain Day (IMD). The festival will be carried out to achieve several objectives: to facilitate the making of policies for high mountain areas, to enhance the capacities of business to reduce poverty and support sustainable livelihoods and to understand best practices of different mountain realms. The festival will include a two-day conference on the IMD theme of the year, which is mountain farming, a mountain women's forum, a youth assembly, a mountain crafts’ bazar, kiosks to showcase agricultural and other mountain products and services as well as the work of development partners. Devcom-Pakistan is looking for partnerships and sponsors to make this festival a great success as it has been in the previous years. If you wish to pursue any further information about the festival, or are interested in taking part, please contact Director Devcom-Pakistan Munir Ahmed at . [more]
International Mountain Day: Ancient horizons 7 October 2014 On International Mountain Day, the Giraffa Impertinente, a non profit association based in Mentana, Rome, Italy, is organizing an event to celebrate International Mountain Day. The event will take place in the Sala Conferenze della Biblioteca Comunale, Mentana (RM) on 11 December starting from 4PM. The afternoon will be developed following a narrative thread which will define the local identities and cultures of a place, and more specifically of Mentana. It will then continue with an overview of the mountains that surround Mentana. Through extracts of the works of writers Lucretius, Horace and Federico Cesi, founder of the Accademia dei Lincei, who loved the mountains surrounding the town and all the traditions related to them. Finally, the event will focus on the topic of mountains globally, raising awareness on environmental issues. The Giraffa Impertinente’s aim is to communicate to the people of Mentana that their visual landscape is an integral part of their cultural identity, and that preserving their cultural identity can create sustainable development. Photo: Flickr/Yannick Carer [more]
Mountain life is our life 3 October 2014 MiratecArts is organizing its first international photo contest. The photo contest will be focused on the theme of mountains which is also the theme of the new arts festival in the Azores called Mountain Pico Festival taking place in January 2015. Landscape, culture and mountain life is what the organization intends to show. Finalists will take part in an exhibition on the island of Pico, Azores. The national winner will receive a prize that includes transport, accommodation and participation at the Mountain Pico Festival. The international winner will receive local transport, accommodation and support on the island of Pico as well as an opportunity to exhibit a solo collection. Furthermore, the festival will present films about mountains. Film submissions are now open to the public by following this link. The goal of the Mountain Pico Festival is to present films about mountain culture from nature, adventure, expeditions to stories set in mountain scenery. For further information on requirements, rules and regulations, please visit the websites. [more]
International Mountain Day in Costa Rica 3 October 2014 This year, International Mountain Day will be celebrated in the Bajo Zúñiga, which is in Piedades Norte in Costa Rica’s northwestern canton, San Ramón. The principal economic activity is vegetable picking. In recent years some poultry farms have been established also has a vegetable-packing enterprise, which distributes products to San Ramón’s shopping centers. For International Mountain Day, on 11 December, the National Meteorological Institute of Costa Rica, FUNDECOR, the National System of Conservation Areas, the sub regions Grecia and San Ramón and the Costa Rica office of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN (FAO) are organizing a walk in the mountains. The event will start at 9AM at the Salón Comunal of Bajo Zúñiga. The program includes speeches by special guests, a cultural event and a tour that will start from one of the farms and will go to the nearest mountain. To conclude the event, there will be a “peasant lunch” – in line with local ancestral traditions. Appropriate shoes for walking are advised. About 90 participants are expected, the majority of whom are organized groups. [more]
Mountains are a natural symphony 30 September 2014 The Municipality of Dénia is organizing the first urban Mountain Lover run. It will take place Sunday 14 December starting at 10AM in Calle Marqués de Campo, Dénia. Its length will be of 8.848m symbolizing the height of Mount Everest. The run is open to all and there is also an alternative walking path. It is possible to subscribe to the run through the SomEsport ’s website for only 5 euros which will be donated to a group of organizations working for development in Dénia. The revenue from the registration will go entirely to the Bureau in Dénia which is made up by Cáritas Interparroquial, Cruz Roja, Iglesia Evangélica Bautista La Trinitat and the Ejército de Salvación. The Municipality of Dénia, Diputació de Barcelona and the Mountain Partnership are also organizing an Instagram photo contest . Mountain lovers are invited to submit a photo with the #WeLoveMountains hashtag, addressed to @WeLoveMountains, showing the International Mountain Day sign, downloadable also on the website . The contest will take place from 1 to 15 December. The aim of the campaign is to raise awareness about the role of mountains and the importance of their protection. The 25 best photographers will be awarded with a WeLoveMountains t-shirt and a collection of FAO publications. [more]
A concert for the mountains of Greece 3 September 2014 The Hellenic-American Center of the Arts has organized a classical music concert to mark the International Mountain Day. The concert will take place on December 11, 2014 at 21:00, at the Parnassos Concert Hall Athens, Greece located on 8 St. George, Karytsi Sq., 10561. The program will include works by Panagiotis Karousos and the Hellenic Orchestra Ensemble conducted by Eledtherios Kalkanis. The concert represents an opportunity to create awareness about the importance of mountains to life, to highlight the strengths and weaknesses in mountain development and to build partnerships that will bring positive change to the world’s mountains and highlands. The concert is dedicated in particular to the mountains of Greece: Mount Olympus and Athos. Soloists: Vasilis Asimakopoulos, bass; Irini Konsta, soprano; Vanessa Kalkani, soprano; Antonios Giamvrias, flute; Efi Christodoulou, violin; Mirela Routsi, cello; Panagiotis Kamvisidis, tuba. [more]
IMD in Russia 16 May 2014 The Russian Institute of Geography will hold an event for International Mountain Day in the Russian Geographical Society’s headquarters on the 11th of December 2014. The key Russian stakeholders involved in the process of sustainable mountain development in the context of family mountain farming and agro-tourism will be invited. For the event the book “Mountain research in Northern Eurasia”, which is available in Russian with English summaries, will be presented. The publication “Mountain Farming is Family Farming” published by FAO and CDE in 2013 will also be presented. [more]
Rural Mountain Tourism:Preserving Culture and Heritage of Mountain Minorities and Indigenous People 16 May 2014 Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) Cawangan Sabah in collaboration with the Sustainable Tourism Research Cluster of Universiti SainsMalaysia will be organising "The4th International Conference on Tourism Research (4ICTR) in conjunction withthe 3rd Rural Responsible Tourism Symposium and International MountainDay" from 8-11 December 2014 at The Pacific Sutera, SuteraHarbour Resort, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah and Kinabalu Park, Ranau, Sabah. The conference theme will be “Rural MountainTourism: Preserving Culture and Heritage of Mountain Minorities and IndigenousPeoples” and at least 200-250 presenters and participants including academics,industry players as well as government officials are expected to join. The main objective of this programme is to provide aforum for research collaboration and to celebrate International Mountain Day atKinabalu Park - Malaysia's first World Heritage Site under UNESCO's"Natural Site" category since December 2000. [more]
SMD in Romania 4 April 2014 In the framework of IMD 2013, the Romanian Mountain Forum (RMF) organized two special events in Neamt (Durău) and Sibiu (Cristian), which attracted a broad audience. A national event was also held in the Aula Magna of the Romanian Academy, Bucharest. Two major projects were presented and approved by the scientific-academic society and the “pro-mountain” civil society: the "Multi-annual strategy for the development of the Romanian Carpathians, Horizon 2040" and the draft of a "Thematic subprogram for the mountain area, 2014 - 2020". The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Romania officially acknowledged the importance of the contribution of RMF to the National Program for Rural Development 2014-2020 and its project was appraised by the European Commission – DG AGRI as well. [more]
Why We Love Altai Mountains 19 March 2014 On December 11, 2013, in the Altai Republic of Russia, the local NGO and Mountain Partnership member Foundation for Sustainable Development of Altai (FSDA) celebrated International Mountain Day with an interregional conference, "Mountains: Key for a Sustainable Future," together with the Government of the Altai Republic, the Gorno-Altaisk State University (GASU) and other partners. FSDA jointly with GASU teachers and students produced "Why We Love Altai Mountains," a short video about the importance of the Altai Mountains - nature, ecosystems and forests. Follow the link to watch it: [more]
Video about IMD celebrations by We love mountains 17 February 2014 Follow the link to watch the video-summary of the activities put together by We love mountains in the framework of the International Mountain Day 2013: . The video clip enjoys a special voiceover by Ángeles Afuera, Archivist General of Cadena SER ( Sociedad Española de Radiodifusión), Spain 's premier radio network . [more]
UN Radio interviews to Thomas Hofer, MPS Coordinator 13 February 2014 On the occurrence of IMD, Mariana Castaño from UN Radio interviewed Thomas Hofer. They discussed the challenges affecting mountain people, with special emphasis on food security, climate change and political participation. [more]
Climate+Change 24 January 2014 "Climate+Change: a regional dialogue on the future" is a science and education exhibition held in Kathmandu, Nepal. It is an exhibition of human ingenuity and adaptation across the most spectacular landscapes in the world. Climate+Change is a forum for awareness and dialogue about change in the Hindu Kush Himalayan region among members of the public, including farmers and businessmen, students and teachers, scientists and policy makers.It will be launched on 11 December and will be open until 13 April 2014 at the Nepal Art Council in Kathmandu from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm. Free admission. Source: ICIMOD [ more ] [more]
Sustainable mountain development agenda in Argentina 22 January 2014 In conjunction with IMD, the Committee for the Sustainable Development of Mountain Regions of Argentina held its closing of the year meeting on 12 December. The Technical Secretariat of the Committee presented the report of the activities conducted throughout the year and also emphasized the importance of meetings and activities performed by the Technical Sub-Commitees for Projects, Training and Legislation. The focus was on the implementation of two projects funded by FAO-Telefood - respectively in the province of Salta and of Catamarca - and on introductory courses for capacity building. Foundacion Agreste, the coordinating agency of the Advisory Council of the Committee, outlined the activities undertaken by member organizations during 2013. The outcomes of the closing meeting of the project "Fortalecimiento de la Gestión Participativa para el Desarrollo Sustentable de los Andes", through which national assessments of the mountainous regions of Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru were performed, were also presented. The project was led by the Mountain Partnership and was implemented through an FAO Technical Cooperation Programme, whose results will be collected into a publication soon. A regional meeting is foreseen in 2014, in which also Venezuela will participate, with the main objective of strengthening the Andean Initiative signed in 2007. Silvia Révora, Undersecretary of Planning and Environmental Affairs of Argentina’s Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development, expressed satisfaction with the progress and results of the Committee and the Advisory Council. She concluded by calling for the establishment of closer ties to mountain people and the strengthening of the coordination with provincial governments and local authorities in 2014. [more]
The importance of mountains in the words of the Prime Minister of Madagascar 21 January 2014 Omer Beriziky, Chef du Gouvernement Malgache, à l’occasion de la JIM a declaré que « 50 % du territoire malgache sont montagneux et jouent un rôle de château d’eau pour l’eau potable et l’irrigation de la riziculture, principale activité économique du pays. Les forêts, lieu de concentration de la biodiversité malgache, se trouvent de plus en plus cantonnées dans les régions en altitude, sous la pression de l’agriculture itinérante sur brûlis, l’extension de la riziculture et les feux annuels de végétation. Les régions de montagne malgaches abritent des populations ayant su préserver leurs richesses et leurs valeurs culturelles. (…) Les montagnes fournissent l’essentiel de l’eau douce de la planète, renferme une variété étonnante de plantes et d’animaux, et abritent plus d’un habitant de la planète sur dix » . [more]
IMD multifaceted activities in Cameroon 21 January 2014 In Cameroon, a week of cultural activities was devoted to IMD, from 4 to 11 December. Three types of initiatives were implemented, namely an interview with the newspaper "la Météo" on IMD; a conference with the leaders of RENASONGCAM local branches to present the work done in Erzurum at the 4th Global Meeting of the Mountain Partnership; and educational activities in the field. The latter took place in CAMPO - KRIBI in southern Cameroon; in the town of EBEBEDA, Central Region; and in Lassing, where the closing ceremony of the 10th IMD organized by RENASONGCAM was held. [more]
Climbing Haputale mountain range, Sri Lanka 21 January 2014 IMD was celebrated on top of Haputale's mountains at 1750 meters above sea level on 8 December with the participation of more than 100 climbers. The event was organized by Prabhawa Organization for the 4th year in a row. The mayor of Haputale officially opened the ceremony, attended also by the Deputy Chairman Sampath Lamahewa, Honorary Councillors, Doctors, Department Heads of Governmental bodies, members of various organizations and a large number of students and climbers. Indigenous food was served, such as Kenda kola leaves with freshly brewed tea in a coconut shell. Participants enjoyed both recommendations from doctors about daily life health and safety measures and recreational activities. [more]
SMD Agenda in the Republic of Guinea 21 January 2014 The Mountain Team of the Ministry of Environment, Water and Forests of the Republic of Guinea, Focal Point to the Mountain Partnership, organized a roundtable with civil society members in Conakry on the theme: "Mountains, key to a sustainable future". Emphasis was placed on the importance of mountain ecosystems for the survival of humanity on Earth and the involvement of different stakeholders from mountain municipalities, civil society (NGOs, universities and research institutes) and private sector to support sustainable mountain development in Guinea. Several follow up meetings with key actors are planned for 2014 and will result in the establishment of a National Committee for the Sustainable Development of Mountains in the Republic of Guinea. [more]
Pakistan – Tribute to the legends of the mountains 21 January 2014 Several organization in Pakistan took action to celebrate the IMD. Adventure Academy, Explore Pakistan (eP), Progetto Seed, Alpine Club of Pakistan, The Adventure Club, Pakistan Alpine Institute and Mountain Wilderness Pakistan were among the most active agents. The events organized included a Mountain Hike at Trail 5, Margallah Hills, Islamabad; a tribute to the most famous Pakistani mountaineer like Sir Nazir Sabir and Hassan Sadpara, who climbed the highest peaks of the world; a Photo Exhibition on K2, and a Live Art Competition with Live Mountain Music at Nust H12 Campus, Islamabad. [more]
Rights and Policies for Mountains in Iran 20 January 2014 The conference Rights and Policies for Mountains was held by the Mountain Environment Protection Society (MEPS) in Tehran on 16 December 2013, as a simultaneous celebration of IMD and the 20th anniversary of MEPS. High ranking officers, parliament members, mountain environment experts, academia and NGO representatives and mountain lovers attended it. Abdollah Ashtari, Managing Directior of MEPS, opened the conference looking back at the two decades of MEPS activities for promoting the mountain agenda in Iran. The video message on IMD by the FAO Deputy Director General for Natural Resources, Maria Helena Semedo was also shown. Keykha, Vice President of the Department of Environment, Noureddin Mona, FAO Rep in Iran and Murali, UNDP Deputy Resident Rep in Iran were among the speakers. The documentary 20 Years of Commitment showing MEPS activities and achievements was screened. Bruno Messerli, distinguished mountain expert and former Director of Institute of Geography, University of Bern, Switzerland, delivered his presentation Why Mountains Matter, pointing out the advancement of mountain issues since the 70s. The conference was closed by a panel discussion on the need for mountain rights and policies and a Mountain Declaration with suggestions for creating mountain legal structures in Iran was issued. Source: MEPS [more]
Joint IMD celebrations in Costa Rica 17 January 2014 On the occasion of IMD, Costa Rica´s National Meteorological Institute from the Ministry of the Environment and Energy brought together different local actors from the public and private sector to share the message of mutual responsibility in mountain conservation and sustainable development. The event took place in “Paradero Turístico–Monte de la Cruz”, a sightseeing spot in Braulio Carrillo National Park. During the event, targeted specifically to organized ecological groups, information material was shared. The Governor of San Rafael de Heredia confirmed the support of the local government to environmental issues and highlighted the creation of a meeting space, available for qualified ecological event such as IMD 2013. The representative of the Central Volcanic Mountain Range Conservation Area raised concerns on the poverty conditions of towns close to Braulio Carrillo National Park. The representative of Heredia Public Services Enterprise shared his views on landowners strategy used by private enterprises to support mountains conservation and protect water fonts (payment for environmental services), which are essential for their hydroelectrical project lending power to Heredia’s citizens. FUNDECOR, a new MP member, sponsored through Facebook and Twitter the initiative WeLoveMountains promoted by Denia and Barcelona´s local governments, encouraging all mountain lovers to climb up their closest mountain and raise the IMD flag. The Olympic athlete Pep Sánchez gifted FUNDECOR with a Flag as a sign of union between Barcelona´s and Costa Rica´s Mountains. FUNDECOR also fostered a learning activity called Ecosystems Fragility. The FAO Rep in Costa Rica, José Emilio Suadi, declared: “Reconciling development and conservation of mountain ecosystems is imperative. One tenth of humanity receives its sustenance directly from the mountains. Mountains are important not only for those who live there, but also for million people living in the lowlands”. Source: NMI, Costa R... [more]
My Mountain, My Home 15 January 2014 To celebrate IMD 2013, CHIESA Project held an art exhibition featuring drawings by students from selected primary schools in Kenya and Tanzania. The competition inspired 269 submissions of artwork from 10 primary and secondary schools in Taita Hills, Kenya and Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, from which 35 drawings were chosen as winning entries. The best artworks will be displayed in Malta, Finland and the UK in May-August 2014, and anyway none of the pieces will go to waste. Out of the remaining pool of art, three more drawings from each school will be selected for an auction to be held at ICIPE Kenya in February 2014, and proceeds will be used to purchase indigenous tree saplings for planting at participating schools. CHIESA will involve students and teachers in the tree planting ceremonies, and incorporate activities of awareness creation on the role of forests in carbon sequestration, provision of habitats for various species and sustenance of important ecosystem services. Source: CHIESA [more]
IMD in Uganda 15 January 2014 The Ministry of Water and Environment, in partnership with the Local governments of the Mount Elgon Ecosystem, FAO, and UNDP organized a one day event to celebrate IMD in Uganda. Ms Flavia Nabugere Munaaba, Minister for the Environment, emphasized Uganda’s commitment to address problems of hilly and mountainous areas and ensure resources sustainability for the present and future generations. She used the occasion to launch the Vulnerability Impact Assessment (VIA) Report, developed under the UNDP Ecosystem Based Adaptation Program. The FAO Rep, Mr Alhaji M. Jallow, highlighted the need for more concerted efforts in targeting mountain communities, whose challenges are exacerbated by the effects of climate change on their livelihoods, and especially women who have limited access to education and health and therefore are more vulnerable. He called on members to examine how existing policies can be used to promote conservation and sustainable use of increasing scarce resources in mountains, and to promote initiatives for transboundary cooperation and sustainable mountain development at all levels. The UNDP Country Director, Ms Alhaz Gebru, reaffirmed the benefits derived from the mountains and emphasized the importance of an ecosystem-based adaptation to climate change. Notable contributors to the discussion were the Executive Director of the Albertine Rift Conservation Society (ARCOS), the Chairman of the Mt. Elgon Stakeholder’s Forum and the Resident District Commissioner – Sironko District, representatives from south west mountain areas of Uganda, and other senior technical governmental officials and representatives of development partners and civil society. The event ended with a panel discussion aired by the Uganda Broadcasting Corporation Television Network among Mr Paul Mafabi, Director of Environment Affairs, Mr Hussein Kato Matanda, Resident District Commissioner - Sironko and Mr Joseph Katswera, District Natural Resources Officer – Kasese. Source: FAO Uganda [more]

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