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Welcome mountain lovers 24 November 2015 Mountains are more than just basic geographic features. They are generators of natural resources such as water and biodiversity, as well as energy sources. They also have a leading role as indicators of climate change. Mountains are landscape and culture with human settlements along time. They also protect the valley and its inhabitants. Because of this and much more, we look at them and restore respect and responsibility with the attention and care they deserve. To mark International Mountain Day (IMD), the Colegio y Asociación de Ingenieros de Montes (Spanish National Association of Forest Engineers) has organized an Instagram photo contest. The steps to participate in IMD 2015 are: 1) Download and print the IMD flag in the Downloads section. 2) Go up to the mountain that you like. 3) Take a picture with the flag. 4) Enter Instagram (if you do not have it, it is available to download for free) and type the hashtag, #welovemountains followed by the name of your mountain. Example: #welovemountains Aneto, Pyrenees, Huesca, Spain. 5) Once you are finished your photo will be shared with everyone on Those photos received between 01 to 15 December that include the IMD flag will be able to participate in the photo contest. The winners will receive a prize. Photo: Flickr/Patrick Meier [more]
Focusing on International Mountains Day in Algeria 24 November 2015 The events organized by the association Assirem Gouraya for International Mountain Day 2015 start on 29 August 2015 and end on 12 December 2015. On 11-12 December several events have been planned. More specifically, the association Assirem Gouraya is preparing to celebrate IMD though: an exhibition on mountain products; a conference and a debate; a national hike; a climbing championship at national level; planting fruit trees; and a competition for the best photo reportage about the event. The association’s main objectives lie in the protection of the mountain and in the fight against the rural exodus through raising awareness via all the means available to them. Photo: Flick/noureddine zekri [more]
A mountain fair for International Mountain Day 23 November 2015 The local development agency PINS d.o.o from Skrad, Gorski Kotar, Croatia organizes the eleventh Mountain fair on 12 December 2015. Skrad is a small place in the middle of Gorski Kotar (Mountain District). Gorski Kotar is the mountainous region in Croatia located between the cities of Karlovac and Rijeka. 63% of its surface is forested so it’s often referred as Green heart of Croatia or Croatian Switzerland. The mountain fair is a traditional, annual fair of small and medium entrepreneurships. More than 40 exhibitors from Gorski kotar, from others Croatian counties and from Slovenia take part in it. Exhibitors present local produce such as liqueur, honey, jams, souvenirs and other typical products of the mountain areas. Tourism-related services such as skiing, climbing, cycling and others activities that enable visitors to discover biodiversity of the area are also promoted within the fair. A full range of other activities are held, such as an entertainment programme and exhibitions of cultural and natural heritage. The theme of this year’s mountain fair is “Tourism in Gorski Kotar”. An expert conference will be held on this topic as well. Promoting mountain products is the organization’s main goal. PINS wishes to celebrate International Mountain Day by highlighting the importance of mountains through a presentation called “International Mountain Day 2015” which will celebrate Croatian mountainous areas, it will show natural and cultural heritage of Gorski Kotar and typical, high quality products from that area. Posters with “International Mountain Day” logo will be placed at visible locations of the fair. Photo: Flickr/Lovro Rumiha [more]
Celebrating IMD in Croatia 23 November 2015 The counties of Primorje and Gorski Kotar are one of the richest counties in terms of beauty and biodiversity of mountain nature in Croatia. One of the two Croatian strict nature reserves – Bijele i Samarske stijene (White Rocks and Samarske Rocks) – is situated in this area. The public institution Priroda (Nature) and the counties of Primorje and Gorski Kotar traditionally celebrate International Mountain Day. The Art pavilion "Juraj Šporer", located in the famous tourist resort of Opatija (on the mountain Učka), will be place of an exhibition of photographs. The resort itself is situated in a protected park overgrown with laurel groves, lush sub-Mediterranean and sub-tropical vegetation whose development is allowed by a mild climate. The exhibition will be about the natural heritage of the Primorje and Gorski Kotar counties. On the opening day, 11 December 2015, at 12:00 there will be the presentation of the book "Enchanting Beautiful". The book was prepared to satisfy the curiosity of all the supporters of the coastal and mountain natures of the "Green-blue County". On that particular day the promotion of various mountain products from the counties of Primorje and Gorski Kotar will also take place. The exhibition will be open until 20 December 2015. Photo: Želimir Gržančić [more]
World Mountain Producers’ Exhibition 20 November 2015 Over 20 producers from all over the world will showcase textiles, crafts, mountain beverages and foods such as tea, coffee and quinoa at an exhibition organized by the Mountain Partnership Secretariat and Mountain Partnership member Pan Himalayan Grassroots Development Foundation . The exhibition will also be a chance to celebrate International Mountain Day, whose focus this year is on promoting mountain products as a strategy to boost mountain economies.Among the members participating are REDAR of Peru, Fundación Comunidad of Panama, the Bolivian Institute of Bolivia, Solandy of Madagascar and the Pan Himalayan Grassroots Foundation of India as well as several MP members from Central Asia. During the exhibition, a workshop on sharing experiences and lessons learned will be held.The exhibition will be held on 17-28 December at the Nature Bazaar space in New Delhi India, a venue managed by Dastkar, an NGO that traditionally promotes traditional crafts, organic and small scale farming enterprises as well as women cooperatives. The FAO Office in India is also supporting the event and Dastkar is providing logistical support. Photo: Agency of Development Initiatives & The Federation of Organic Development "Bio-KG" [more]
A Himalayan celebration in the works 20 November 2015 Ama Dablam is not just a Himalayan peak - in the Khumbu valley it is part of one of the most beautiful mountain ranges on the planet. The earthquake that hit Nepal last April left more than 9 000 dead, worsening the touristic expectations for economic recovery. The desolation is total and the best way to help the Sherpa community is to return to their land, and thus show the world that it remains a safe destination, open to the highest experiences in life.This fall our expedition will return to Nepal with a team of Sherpas and Sidars. Together with them, we will try to summit the mountain, but we will not be the only ones in the area, prominent mountaineering figures will share base camp with us, like the legendary Carlos Soria, or on the walls of nearby Nuptse, the inimitable Kilian Jornet and Ueli Steck. In 2015, the International Mountain Day flag will rise on the highest sacred peak known and, from there, we will send a warm message of awareness in favour of all the mountains in the world. By Jose Ivars-Lopez – Mountaineer and Ama Dablam Expedition member Photo: Flickr/Carlos Penalba [more]
Mercantour, landscapes and faces 19 November 2015 The Mercantour National Park invites you for an exciting journey with a new exhibition will be set up in the house of the National Park in Valberg on Saturday 12 December 2015 at 11:00. Mercantour is witness to the extraordinary geological phenomena, this is why its landscapes are exceptional. They are the mirror of a permanent evolution between the power of nature and the actions of human kind and are indeed the face of a territory and its history. The exhibition aims to bring visitors through an interactive and sensorial trip, thanks to playful activities and a total immersion into the Mercantour Park. Organized and financed by ALCOTRA, the exposition with be accompanied by a booklet, available in various languages including Italian. The inauguration will be followed by a snack. For further information, please contact the Service of Sensitization and Valorisation of the Territory of the National Park ( or 04 93 16 56 94). [more]
International Mountain Day in the Tuéda reserve 19 November 2015 The Parc national de la Vanoise, in France has organized an event to mark International Mountain Day which will take place 11 December 2015 in the house of the Tuéda reserve in the municipality of Les Allues in Savoie, France. The event will start at 14:00 and it will feature: - The projection of a film by Anne and Érick Lapied entitled “the corridor of hay”. Participants will also be the members of the agricultural world and the Vanoise National Park; - A time for exchange and discussion on mountain agriculture will follow the screening. - A tasting of local agricultural products will end the afternoon. During the event, there will also be an amateur photography exhibition of the Tuéda nature reserve.Photo: Parc national de la Vanoise/Ludovic Imberdis [more]
Students, scientists and mountain lovers celebrate IMD 16 November 2015 International Mountain Day will be celebrated at Faculty of Geography of the University of Bucharest with the intention to promote the mountain’s cultural, recreational and sport value. Students, scientists and mountain lovers are involved in the event. The moment will consists in presentations about field trips research of the staff: Gran Paradiso expedition, state of tourism in the Carpathian Mountains. The session will be followed by discussion and photo exhibits. Photo: Flickr/paul bica [more]
Grand celebrations of IMD in Kashmir 12 November 2015 The Chairman of the organisation Al’Sarwat Student’s Co-ordination for Environmental Planning (ASSCEP) Kashmir India, Dr Zulfikar Siddiqui, has approved the final calendar of celebrations to mark the International Mountain Day 2015 to be held on a grand scale this year. Following, the schedule of events: On 8 December 2015 the students of Al'Sarwat Convent School Anantnag Kashmir, in collaboration with the non-governmental organization (NGO) ASSCEP, will be engaged in a drawing competition and the theme for the competition will be "Products from Mountains". On 9 December 2015 the trainees of Al'Ahad B.Ed College together with the NGO ASSCEP Anantnag will be organizing a seminar entitled "Tourism - Challenges & Prospects". On 10 December 2015 the ASSCEP volunteers will be organizing small treks for students and their parents in Pahalgam, Anantnag. On 11 December 2015 a mega celebration will be held at the Anantnag District headquarters wherein participation of the top Government officials from the Forest Department, Environment Department and Tourism Department is expected to discuss the local environmental issues besides the tourist practices in vogue. Photo: Flickr/ travel photography [more]
Including communities in the mountain discourse 5 November 2015 University of Utah planned an event to mark International Mountain Day (IMD) on December 4th, 2015 from 5pm to 7:30pm in the Gould Auditorium, Marriott Library. IMD has been observed every year to create awareness about the importance of mountains to life. Any conversation about mountains must include the community surrounds it. As a mountain community they promote the benefits of gender equality, diversity, goods and services, agriculture, health and education. The event is free and welcome to all. It is possible to find the event on Facebook / Photo: Flickr/Dan Pearce [more]
Over the tops 29 October 2015 As part of the initiative organize by the German Presidency of the Alpine Convention 2015-2016 to mark International Mountain Day (IMD) 2015, the Municipality of Belluno and the Theatres of the Dolomites Foundation have planned an itinerant tour where Alexander Langer, Mario Crespan, the authors of “Il viaggiatore leggero, Ritorni a valle” (“The light traveler, Returns to the valley”) will present their book. The tour starts in Bolzano Bellunese and ends in the restaurant Case Bortot in via Pra' De Luni, 60, Bellunese, Italy. Photo: book cover [more]
A literary dinner in the Dolomites 29 October 2015 Various books by authors such as Buzzati, Parise, Maraini, Calvino and others will be presented at a literary dinner taking place in the Antica Torre, restaurant in the National Park of the Belluno Dolomites at 20:00. This event is part of the initiative “Reading mountains”. Photo: Flickr/Renaud Camus [more]
Leggere le Montagne, Berge Lesen, Lì les muntes 29 October 2015 The Permanent Secretariat of the Alpine Convention organized another event in the context of the initiative “Reading mountains”, this will be held in Bolzano, Italy at the Museion at 19:00. The event is called “Leggere le Montagne, Berge Lesen, Lì les muntes” and it features authors such as Antonella Fornari, Jörg Zemmler and Rut Bernardi and music by Greta Marcolongo and Opas Diandl. Photo: Flickr/barnyz [more]
A concert of mountain folk songs 29 October 2015 Differently from the events of the initiative “Reading mountains”, this event held in Domodossola, Italy will include also a concert. In fact, the book “Canti popolari montani” (“Mountain folk songs”) written by the Associazione PassAmontagne will be presented together with a concert of mountain folk songs. The event will be at 17:30 in the Cappella Mellerio. Photo: Flickr/Alessio Maffeis [more]
Tales and legends of the Ecrins for children 29 October 2015 Among the events organized by of the German Presidency of the Alpine Convention 2015-2016 to mark International Mountain Day (IMD) 2015 there is also one taking place in Vallouise, France. The event will be in the house of the National Park of the Ecrins at 16:45. Renée Agati Colomban, Pierre Clément, Régis Ferré, the authors of the book “Contes et légendes des Ecrins” (“Tales and legends of the Ecrins”) will speak about it. Photo: book cover [more]
About mountain tourism 26 October 2015 The Russian Geographical Society (RGS) is planning an event on 11 December in its Moscow headquarters to mark International Mountain Day. The theme of the event will be oriented on mountain tourism as "social-ecological service/product of mountains and mountain people" and open to the public. The director of the Altaiskiy Bioshere Reserve will present the experience of his organization as well as a special booklet about it, which is produced by the Tourist Commission of the RGS. Around 25 to 30 students, scientists, experts and officials will be invited to attend. Photo: Flickr/twiga269 [more]
An evening in Chambéry, France 26 October 2015 As part of the initiative “Reading mountains”, multiple books will be presented at an evening organized by Montanéa and the Guérin Editions in Chambéry, France. The main event will start on 11 December at 20:00 but there will be more between the 9 and 16 December. Some of the authors that will participate are Yann Queffelec, Jean-Christophe Ruffin, Sylvain Tesson and Françoise Sliwka. For further information visit the website . Photo: flyer cover [more]
First Alpine Poetry Slam 26 October 2015 The Permanent Secretariat of the Alpine Convention has organized an event in the context of “Reading mountains” which will be carried out on 19 December in Landhaus, Innsbruck, Austria. Poetry Slamers from almost all Alpine Countries will present their work. The event is moderated by Markus Koschuh. Photo: Flicks/ Khun Hans [more]
Passion for Life – Together on the highest mountains of the world 26 October 2015 Alix von Melle and Luis Stitzinger will present their book “Leidenschaft fürs Leben - Gemeinsam auf die höchsten Berge der Welt” (“Passion for Life - Together on the highest mountains in the world”) at the event entitled Sechs Achttausender, zwei Leben, eine Leidenschaft part of the initiative “Reading mountains”. The event will take place at Stadtbücherei Sonthofen, Marktstr. 1, 87527 Sonthofen at 19:30. Photo: book cover [more]
Föhntage 26 October 2015 Another event part of the initiative “Reading mountains” was organized by the Austrian Cultural Association and supported by the Permanent Secretariat of the Alpine Convention. At this event Bernd Schuchter, author of “Föhntage” will present his book. The event will be in Hanuschgasse, Wien at 18:30. Photo: book cover [more]
150 years of Matterhorn 26 October 2015 The German Presidency of the Alpine Convention 2015-2016 is planning on marking International Mountain Day 2015 with a series of events which present books regarding mountains. One of them entitled 150 Jahre Matterhorn – 150 years of Matterhorn – will take place in Munich, Germany at the Alpine Museum at 19:30. Here the author of the book “Matterhorn. Berg der Berge” (“Matterhorn. Mountain of Mountains”), Daniel Anker, will present his writing. Photo: book cover [more]
Speed – Berlin & Stuttgart, Germany 26 October 2015 Among the “Reading mountains” event s, one is in the German capital, Berlin. It will take place in An der Urania 17 on 14 December. For the event, Ueli Steck, the author of the book “Speed” will speak about his publication. Ueli Steck will also present his book in Stuttgart in the Liederhalle Stuttgart on 15 December at 20:00. Photo: book cover [more]
Adventures of the Dolomites 26 October 2015 Among the initiative organized by the German Presidency of the Alpine Convention called “Reading mountains” for International Mountain Day 2015 there is also an event names Piper Verlag which will take place in Hamburg, Germany. Here the author of the book “Abenteuer Dolomiten” (“Adventures of the Dolomites”), Ulla Lohmann, will present her book on 13 December in Johannes Brams Platz. Photo: book cover [more]
Bolivian mountains – a photo reportage for IMD 7 October 2015 On the occasion of this year’s International Mountain Day, Friday 11 December, a photographic exhibition on Bolivian mountains will be showcased at FAO in the atrium. The exhibition will last for a few days. The exhibition is a reportage by the Canadian photographer Craig Richards, a well-known mountain photographer, which documents the close relationship between the landscape, the people, the festivities and the music. The photo mission reached famous as well as remote destinations to report on celebrations and religious festivities. These situations are captured by the photographer’s extraordinary black and white artistic photographs whose large format prints testify daily life in the mountains. “Bolivia - Its Musical Places” is a project that sees the collaboration of the Museo Nazionale della Montagna, the Piedmont Region, with support from the City of Turin, the Club Alpino Italiano and of the Compagnia di San Paolo as well as the Bolivian Embassy to Italy. The overall project is coordinated by Aldo Audisio, director of the Museum of Turin, in cooperation with Luis Sánchez-Gómez, Counselor of the Bolivian Embassy. Photo: Flickr/Pablo Andrés Rivero [more]
Reading mountains 9 September 2015 ”Reading mountains“ is an initiative of the German Presidency of the Alpine Convention 2015-2016 to mark International Mountain Day (IMD) 2015. The idea is to initiate events dedicated to reading Alpine literature in various places around the Alps on IMD – 11 December 2015. The goal of the initiative is to promote modern Alpine literature and Alpine Culture which is an essential part of the Alps as we know them. Each organization participating in the initiative will choose the alpine literature for its event. Would you like to be part of the initiative? Organize your “Reading Mountains” event by registering your celebration on the website.Looking for an event close to you? Check out the events on the website. Photo: Flickr/Thomas [more]
IMD to recognize women’s traditional knowledge 2 September 2015 Mountain Forum of West Africa in cooperation with the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development of the Republic of Mali and the National Directorate of Water and Forests are planning the celebrations of International Mountain Day (IMD) 2015. The theme of the day is “The role of Mountain women in the socio-economic development of countries through the traditional knowledge of genetic resources derived from mountain biological diversity”. The celebrations aim at encourage local authorities to preserve the biological diversity of natural and cultural patrimonies and to sensitize decentralized authorities in relation to the impact that protected areas have locally. It is in this context that Mountain Forum of West Africa and its partners want to valorize the different mountain cultures and the know-how of mountain communities, and especially of women. During the event there will be presentations and debates among actors, namely: a presentation of experience on the implementation of the work plan on biodiversity in Mali; raising the awareness of opinion leaders of the preservation of mountain biodiversity; and a visit of the stands. The conference will focus on the know-how of the populations of the mountain (agriculture, livestock, handicrafts, traditional medicine, etc.). [more]
Togo celebrates mountains for its first time 2 September 2015 This year 2015 the non-governmental organization PONT-TOGO, directed by Zankpe Kwami, is organizing for the first time in Togo an event on the importance of mountains for the quality of life and is planning to honor the mountain products of Togo, and more precisely, of Pya. Four are the main activities part of the project: to undertake an awareness tour on International Mountain Day in Agou, Badou, Atakpame and Pya, Togo; to launch the festivities in Agou; to celebrate the day in Pya; and to carry out a “night of mountain producers”. Photo: Flickr/ jbdodane [more]
Getting ready for IMD in Portugal 2 September 2015 MiratecArts is organizing various events linked to International Mountain Day (IMD) in the coming months: 1) an International Photo Contest on Flora & Fauna from Mountains. Works will be accepted until 1 November and the finalists will be announced on 11 December 2015, for more information please check ; 2) IMD celebrations on the day where the program of events for the second annual Montanha Pico Festival as well as the finalists and exhibition of the international photo contest will be announced; 3) the Montanha Pico Festival taking place in the month of January 2016 where there will be activities from talks, gatherings, adventures and artistic events celebrate the mountain life [more]
Andorra highlights mountain products on IMD 2 September 2015 UNESCO Andorra has been celebrating International Mountain Day for a few years. This year – in collaboration with the town of Ordino, the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Environment – the organization proposed a series of activities under the theme of mountain products: a conference, which will take place on 11 December, on mountain cultural landscapes part of the World Heritage List (Pyrénées-Mont Perdu); a fair of local products taking place on 14-15 November; Km0 dinners in various Andorra restaurants with different menus proposed by the chefs on 10 December; and visits to local producers on 12 December. Photo: Flickr/ thierry llansades [more]
International Mountains Day to improve livelihoods 2 September 2015 The past three years the International Mountain Day (IMD) celebrations organized by the association Assirem Gouraya have considerably benefitted the mountain communities by enhancing their opportunities and sensitizing local and national authorities to mountain issues. The event of 2015 will take place starting from 29 August 2015 and ending on 12 December 2015. On 29 August it will take place a Mountain Farmers Festival, open to all citizens and families, where there will be a chance to discover the wealth and the history of the region. On 24-25 October the reforestation of 3000 trees in the Boni forest located in the Bibans mountain chain and a workshop organized by the University of Bejaia will be carried out. Finally, on 11-12 December there will be several competitions such as for climbing, orienteering, hiking, skiing, fruit trees will be planted and a conference on “The valorization of the soil’s products”. These three days will see the participation of foreign personalities and the possibility of visiting the Algerian desert. The association Assirem Gouraya gives great importance to IMD. This year’s theme "Promoting Mountain Products” led the association to expand its activity to some rural areas of the Algerian desert. The presence of foreign guests allows the association to discover its national wealth to encourage sustainable tourism. The association is looking for funding from state agencies to undertake this important event. [more]
Boconó is preparing to celebrate mountains 18 August 2015 Several organizations in Boconó, on the Venezuelan Andes are organizing an event to mark International Mountain Day 2015. The town of Boconó is located at 1300 masl and was called the “Garden of Venezuela” because of its lush natural vegetation. On 10-12 December 2015 the Red Ambientalista Brisa (Environmental Network Breeze), the Boconó Ecology Center, the Boconó group “Friends of Trees” and the Trapiche Museum of Nails are planning various activities for IMD among which, a conference on biodiversity in the auditorium of the Boconó Athenaeum where it will be discussed the preservation of the environment especially in mountain ecosystems. On Friday 11 a series of workshops, an exhibition of products and crafts of the mountains and a musical evening with peasant and traditional music will take place in the Trapiche Museum of Nails. The following day a 10 kilometer walk to Guaramacal is planned. Photo: Flickr/Cristian Bracci [more]

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