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Celebrating International Mountain Day in Algeria 3 May 2016 Algeria has been celebrating International Mountain Day every year since 2007. This year the theme was the promotion of mountain products. In this framework, all the decentralized structures of the General Directorate of Forestry organized activities in collaboration with various stakeholders in mountainous areas; in particular, with local people, administrations and associations. These activities included mountain products exhibitions, youth awareness raising events, volunteering to clean forests and tree planting, ecotourism, art contests in schools and conferences. The official celebration took place at Théniet El Had National Park in Tissemsilt Province, at the presence of the Minister for Agriculture, Rural Development and Fisheries accompanied by the Director-General of Forests, the Head of the Province and the national focal point to the Mountain Partnership. [more]
Mapping the vulnerability of mountain peoples to food insecurity 25 January 2016 While global hunger figures are decreasing, the number of food insecure people in mountain areas rose 30 percent between 2000 and 2012, according to a new study , released today by FAO and the Mountain Partnership on International Mountain Day. Mapping the vulnerability of mountain peoples to food insecurity found that the number of food insecure people living in mountain regions in developing countries grew to nearly 329 million in 2012, up from 253 million in 2000, even though the overall population of the world's mountain peoples increased only by 16 percent during that same time. That means that one in three mountain people, both urban and rural, in developing countries faced hunger and malnutrition, compared to one out of nine people globally. And focusing on only rural mountain populations, which depend on natural resources such as land, water and forests for their livelihoods, the numbers get even starker: almost half of them are food insecure. [more]
IMD festival celebrated by Altai mountain children 25 January 2016 International Mountain Day 2015 was celebrated by schoolchildren and teachers of the high-altitude and remote mountain village of Chagan-Uzun in the Altai Republic of Russia on 11 December. This festival – organized by the Foundation for Sustainable Development of Altai (FSDA) and Sailugemsky National Park –was dedicated to the Altai Mountain Products and Services for the promotion of sustainable mountain development issues among rural children and youth. The children festival agenda was quite intensive and interesting, entailing a concert, a quest-game “Mountain Travel”, defense of schoolchildren’s projects nominated on the basis of: “The most interesting tourist trail along the Altai Mountains”, “The best souvenir from natural materials” and “The tastiest food made in the Altai Republic”. There was also a photo exhibition conducted under various themes such as “animal selfies”, “National Park landscapes” and “find out wildlife”. Prizewinners were awarded souvenirs and diplomas from FSDA and the Sailugemsky Park. Schoolchildren and the Festival organizers decided to start working and conducting classroom and outdoors events on mountain environment the whole year. Photo: Sailugemsky National Park [more]
The activities of Ait-Oumalou 19 January 2016 For International Mountain Day (IMD) on 11-12 December 2015, the Association for the Protection of the Environment of Ait-Oumalou, Algeria organized: an exhibition of mountain products; a trip; and a roundtable on the topic of mountain products. Regarding the exhibition, it was thought to invite young talents who are unfamiliar with this occasion and to make them known. Also the association Tizi-Ouzou was involved in this, as it offers varied tourism opportunities such as green, cultural and seaside tourism. Tourist maps are a way to promote mountain products. Concerning the trip, the town Timizart was visited. This is the cleanest town in the province for 2015. Also, it obtained the first prize in the competition organized by the Popular Assembly of the Province rewarding villages that carry out road improvements, water sources and put in place waste collection and valuation systems. The aim of the visit is both for relaxation but also to meet the players involved in sustainable development at the local scale operations and then popularize and encourage other districts and villages to engage in similar operations. The roundtable was about the various solutions that can help improve yields and quality while protecting the mountain ecosystem. Facilitators explained the problems of the sector and the aid mechanisms for farmers. Concluding, the promotion of mountain products requires awareness interventions, outreach and communication. There is a need to mobilize funding. [more]
IMD celebrations in Romania 19 January 2016 The Romanian Mountain Forum (RMF) participated a t the inauguration of the Centre for Mountain Economy ( CEMONT) in Vatra Dornei on 9 December 2015 – in anticipation of International Mountain Day. There were approximately 200 participants. The messages presented were read publicly and received with applause. The Romanian Mountain Forum also participated in the celebration of the International Mountain Day in Bistrița Năsăud, Northern Romanian Carpathian Mountains on 11 December 2015. Over 250 people were present. There were representatives of mountain communities and of the Governing Boards of RMF and RMF subsidiaries in the counties of Alba, Hunedoara, Neamț, Bistrița Năsăud, Sibiu and Vrancea, the County Council President and the Bistrița Năsăud County Prefect, the Maramureș County Prefect, representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development – the Mountain Area Agency, academics and members of the academia, cultural factors and numerous mountain representatives and farmers, media representatives. The lectures covered several topics such as mountain product, climate change , the agro-forest-pastoral system and mountain culture. The RMF branches organized an extensive exhibition of quality mountain food products and of mountain crafts in the lobby of the “Metropolis” Hotel. The action’s echo was especially favourable – it exceeded expectations, with intense debates. The Bistrița Năsăud RMF branch edited a magazine of the Mountain Forum (mountain training-attitude-education) and a “guide for the mountain farmer”. Finally, the message sent by the Mountain Partnership was publicly read by the RMF president – prof. dr. Radu Rey and applauded. [more]
Building resilience in mountains – COP21 14 January 2016 The event "Celebrating International Mountain Day 2015: Building Resilience to Climate Change in Mountain Communities” took place at UNFCCC COP21 in Paris, France on 11 December 2015. Convened by the Government of Lesotho, Colorado State University - Fort Collins, The Mountain Institute and the MPS, the well-attended side-event featured different approaches to making mountain communities more resilient to climate change on several continents. [more]
Mountain museums form new alliance 14 January 2016 The directors of six mountain museums met at the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) in Rome, Italy, on 11 December for the signing ceremony of the Mountain Museums Alliance (MMA). This free association among alpine and mountain museums aims to define a network of collaborations between mountain museums to link together the cultural activities of the world’s mountains. The ceremony took place under the auspices of the Mountain Partnership during International Mountain Day 2015. Representing the Alps, the Pyrenees, the Tatra and the Canadian Rockies, the initial six museums forming the alliance are the Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies of Banff (Canada), the Musée Alpin of Chamonix (France), the Museo Nazionale della Montagna of Turin (Italy) , the Tatrzańskie Museum of Zakopane (Poland), the Slovenski Planinski Muzej of Mojstrana (Slovenia) and the Servei General d'Informació de Muntanya of Sabadell (Spain). The Museo Nazionale della Montagna will serve as the MMA headquarters. [more]
Celebration of International Mountain Day 2015 13 January 2016 On 11 December 2015 at the Saint Theresa International Comprehensive Bilingual College Molyko-Buea, the International Centre For Enviornmental Education and Community Development (ICENECDEV) organized awareness-raising workshops with students of the environmental and health club on the theme of International Mountain Day, to educate and sensitise students on the importance of mountain. ICENECDEV organized a quiz competition related to International Mountain Day and awarded prizes (text books and magazines) to the participating students. ICENECDEV plans to celebrate International Mountain Day also on 11 December 2016. [more]
A conference and a hike in Morocco for IMD 13 January 2016 The Berkane Provincial Tourism Council in Morocco celebrated International Mountain Day with a conference aimed at raising awareness and an eco-tourist hiking event for visually impaired and not in the mountains of Beni Snassen, the oriental Region of Morocco. Photo: Flickr/ Groundhopping Merseburg [more]
Ascending mount Baba 13 January 2016 The Macedonian Mountaineering Club PSK “Dimitar Ilievski Murato” – from city Bitola Macedonia is celebrating the International Mountain Day with a series of activities. The main event will be the ascent on the summit of mount Baba, the highest peak Pelister 2601m. The ascent took place on Sunday 13 December 2015. [more]
FAO Iran observes IMD 13 January 2016 The FAO Representation in Iran, through collaboration with a wide range of stakeholders, has observed the International Mountain Day (IMD) 2015 on 14 December at a commemoration ceremony in Tehran. Addressing a well-attended audience of stakeholders and acknowledging the support of the members of the Mountain Partnership, Alessandro Amadio, the Representative of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) to the Islamic Republic of Iran. Amadio focused on sustainable employment and income generation in mountains in his speech, as he stated that this year's theme “Promoting Mountain Products for Better Livelihoods” prosperously emphasizes the high-value mountain products and services. In the case of Iran, over half of the country is covered by mountainous regions and deserts. Amadio stressed that, due to the geographical isolation, mountain communities are often marginalized in political, social and economic decisions. Therefore, there is a need for "concrete support, and mountain specific policies, strategies, investments and tools to create an enabling environment that can unlock their potential is a sustainable manner," he foregrounded. Furthermore, the augmentation ceremony honoured current and veteran mountaineers and the supporters of the mountain environments and ecosystems. An official video produced by FAO was aired to the audiences and a diverse range of FAO Publications were on display at the entrance hall for the active mountain supporters to grab and familiarize themselves with. [more]
Advocating for mountains in Mali 13 January 2016 The areas of expertise of the people of West Africa in general and Mali in particular are very diverse such as pharmacopoeia, crafts, planting of medicinal and food plants, livestock, agriculture, planting forages and others. Mountain women of Mali use their knowledge to develop income-generating activities. The International Mountain Day is celebrated in Mali with the intention to promote this knowledge. International Mountain Day is held through the following actions: to advocate on climate change in mountains which was intended to sensitize policy makers and politicians on the subject; to promote plant genetic resources and animal genetic resources; a mountain walk aimed at the promotion of mountain biodiversity. Participants proposed to introduce this theme in the portfolio of The AIC's climate-smart agriculture through ECOWAS. The authorities of Mali facilitated the participation forum of the mountain to the ECOWAP + 10 conference by delivering the invitation of ECOWAS. The participation of the Mountain Forum at the conference will enable the Mountain Forum of West Africa to contribute in the implementation of the process of climate-smart agriculture. The partnership with the WAAPP will implement activities on the mountains. [more]
Kicking-off the year with a mountain festival 13 January 2016 MiratecArts kicked-off on the morning of 1 January with the second edition of Montanha Pico Festival in the island mountain of Pico, Azores-Portugal, with the opening of the exhibition "The Agonizing Glacier" by Laurence Piaget (supported by SMArt Sustainable Mountain Art). Monday, January 4th, MiratecArts opened the exhibition that includes "Mountains from Around the World: Flora & Fauna" and the work of Mountain Partnership members Active R.E.M.E.D.Y (UK) and Tatra Agency for Development, Promotion and Culture (Poland). Sundays afternoon tea in the Mountain House of Pico at 1100 metres high (the last stop reachable by car), film presentations, book launches, talks and workshops will be happening all month long. Performances include the premiere of a contemporary dance piece title "The Vulcano", the launch of a CD "Montanha" and the already most publicized event, the premiere of the cello concert "Mountain" at the top of the Pico mountain at 2351m, the highest point in Portugal. Photo: Pedro Silva [more]
The mountaineers seeking justice and equal rights 13 January 2016 On the occasion of International Mountain Day, the association Al Hadaf Boulemane and the civil coalition for the mountains organized a thematic meeting on public policies and fiscal and social justice in mountain areas in partnership with Oxfam Novib and fundación in collaboration with the association ACTISUD – Nador. Moroccan mountains deserves special laws, as is the case in other countries in the world. The civil coalition for the mountain is a new structure that argues for the rehabilitation of these areas, taking advantage of a right approach. Mountains are however very rich of natural resources: water, air, timber, ecosystem, mining, biodiversity, as much added value to contribute to a comprehensive and sustainable development but mountain often do not benefit from the wealth produced in their areas. Civil Coalition met with others to discuss on the "tax justice” as it is a way to seek justice for those who remained outside development strategies.This new civil dynamic part of the project "Advocacy for improving the living conditions of mountain populations", initiated by the association Al Hadaf with the support of OXFAM. The role of civil society thus is interesting as a way to initiate concrete advocacy measures. The discussions focused on the respect of the triptych: social environment, economic environment and ecological environment. A triptych necessary to ensure sustainable development. This is, according to Mohamed Dich, one of the leaders of this new dynamic coalition, a "spatial justice that appeals to tax justice, able to close certain socio-economic dysfunctions, such as accessibility to health services, education, water and electricity”. [more]
IMD Celebrated for the first time in Georgia by Oxfam 13 January 2016 On 11 December 2015, Oxfam in Georgia celebrated the International Mountain Day (IMD) at Hotel Betsy’s. The preliminary findings of the First National Research on Food Security and Nutrition the Greater and Lesser Caucasus Range in Georgia were presented to the participants. The objective of the research was to explore the current situation regarding Food Security and Nutrition in the high mountainous regions of Georgia and to evaluate climate change risks regarding food production and food accessibility. In addition, the key component of the study was to identify the gender dynamics in food production and consumption practices. The quantitative research revealed that both physical and economic access to food is limited in mountainous regions due to the poverty. The study confirmed that 8% of the mountainous regions’ population do not have sufficient income to purchase food. The qualitative research revealed that 43% of interviewed citizens from mountainous areas fear that the access to food will be limited due to economic or other restraints. 49% of the study participants have no access to diversified/balanced food thus have limited intake of the microelements, which are necessary for human health. 25% of the interviewed citizens said they have to limit their daily ratio due to the lack of economic or other resources and 13% stated that they usually suffer from hunger. One of the key components of the study was to identify gender roles in property rights and farming. The findings suggest that 66.4% of the male population inherit properties, and 85.5% of men were described as decision-makers at the household level. [more]
Fifth Pakistan Mountain Festival 13 January 2016 The Development Communications Network (Devcom-Pakistan) with the support of it partners organized the Fifth Pakistan Mountain Festival (PMF) on 6-13 December 2015. “The Fifth Pakistan Mountain Festival turned to be the largest festival to commemorate International Mountains Day (IMD) with 14 events in 8 days” said the director of the festival Munir Ahmed. The Fifth PMF was kicked off with the Rock climbing in the Margallah Hills and artificial wall climbing at the Ibex Club, Lake Park on Sunday December 6. The best performers were awarded the certificate of appreciation. An exhibition of as many as 135 oil-on-canvas paintings by the youth from local colleges and universities unveiled at the Ibex Club, Lake View Park, on Tuesday December 8. The thematic exhibition depicted mountain environment, water, biodiversity and life in the highlands of Pakistan. On December 9, a book “CKNP Natural Environment and Cultural Heritage in the Land of K2” was launched with Luca Listo. The research work and inventory of natural, cultural and social heritage was supported under the framework of Pakistan-Italy Debt Swap Agreement (PIDSA). The two Italian researchers and authors Ermes Invernizzi and Michele Lucatelli have done great efforts to research, compile and consolidate the most recent information and knowledge about the species, natural and water resources. The book is enriched with the maps trekkers, visuals and photographs of heritage and monuments in the land of Karakoram. A three-day showcase of Pakistan mountain products, tourism, ecosystem services, and cultural performances peaked up on December 11 – International Mountain Day. The theme of the inaugural seminar was ‘marketing and mainstreaming of mountain products’. A live oil-on-canvas painting competition for the students of colleges and universities was also organized in the morning. As many as 26 students participated on the live painting competition on the theme of “The Mountain Environment”. Over tw... [more]
Moscow celebrates IMD 13 January 2016 In its headquarters in Moscow, the Russian Geographical Society celebrates International Mountain Day through a “Developing Cognitive Tourism in Altaiskiy Biosphere Reserve: for tourists and local communities, for biological and cultural diversity conservation and development”. The key speakers of the event were Igor Kalmykov , Director of Altaiskiy BR “ Sustainable tourism in Altaiskiy Biosphere Reserve” and Yuri Badenkov , UNESCO MAB-6 Mountain Group / Institute of Geography, Russian Academy of Sciences. At the event there was also the presentation of booklet “ Cognitive Tourism Development in Altaiskiy Biosphere Reserve ”. And it was announced that the first booklet of series “ Natural and cultural heritage conservation in Protected Areas through sustainable tourism ” will be produced annually by two commissions of Russian Geographical Society – Tourism and Nature Protection. [more]
An International Mountain Day farewell 12 January 2016 The Prabhawa organization of Haputale, Sri Lanka, celebrated International Mountain Day (IMD) for the sixth consecutive year at Prabhawa mountain view point. The event was chaired by the Deputy mayor of Haputale Hon. Sampath Lamahewa. Environmentalists, school children, members of the environmental club of Uva Wellasssa University participated in this year's event. The event was colorful with many fun related activities by the scouts. Indigenous foods was served with freshly brewed tea on coconut shells. A 100% eco-friendly event gave the farewell to Ranjith Kharmegam – the secretary key host of the event who has officially announced his retirement from his position after 13 years of work. [more]
Various activities for IMD 12 January 2016 Regarding International Mountain Day in Asni, that took place on 12 December 2015, all participants expressed their satisfaction since the day's program varied between the visit to the Eco museum of Toubkal, hiking in the Toubkal National Park and the meeting with the development association Tiwizi who set up an exhibition of mountain products, a learning workshop, chess games for children and a round table on the theme of the day. The creation of the association Tiwizi had the goal of solving the problems of water for the inhabitants of Douar and to embark on production and marketing projects of mountain products of the region such as honey, nut and apple vinegar. With the association of mountain guides, mountain tourism issues were mentioned where the question was to mobilize and sensitize stakeholders on the conservation of natural resources and mountain biodiversity and to agree on responsible tourism since the responsibility is a value that will accompany all behaviours: solidarity, fairness, respectfulness and inclusiveness. [more]
Make Ooty Beautiful 12 January 2016 On 11 December, to celebrate International Mountain Day, the Make Ooty Beautiful (MOB) Project invited children from several schools in Ooty to participate in an art contest at the Government Art Gallery. They started by picking up litter outside the gallery, this was followed by a short talk on the importance of the world's mountains, including the one where their community lives.The young contestants then went to work on the topic “Save Our Mountains”, who produces art of an impressive quality. Afterwards, tea and snacks were served in reusable utensils, and everyone went home with certificates, smiles on their faces, and the promise to be actively involved in safeguarding the beautiful mountains.The winning art work is displayed on the walls of Ooty Art Gallery until 11January. [more]
A successful International Mountain Day 12 January 2016 International Mountain Day was successfully celebrated on 11 December through The Fourth Conference on Biodiversity in the Trapiche Museum of The Nail in Boconó State Trujillo, Venezuela. All the presentations of excellent quality, the protocol, the museum with its gardens, its old houses were beautiful. At the end of the evening one of the halls of the Old Trapiche was adorned with images by the artists Boconó with the exhibition of paintings "Between Mountains and trees" which will be available to the public until February. Following, the Association Los Compadres played their Andean peasant songs and children across the Boconó region sang carols while showing a beautiful living nativity scene. It was a wonderful and productive day, full of culture, science, professionalism and art. [more]
Celebration of IMD in Costa Rica 11 January 2016 In the mountains of the community of Rio Jesús, San Ramon, located in the Central Pacific of Costa Rica, International Mountain Day was held, with the participation of about 50 people from the community, organizations and public institutions. This activity was organized by the Committee of the Alliance Mountains Costa Rica (IMN-SINAC / and FUNDECOR), community residents and the Advisory Commission on Land Degradation (CADETI). The official ceremony was attended by the Vice Minister of Environment MINAE, Mrs Patricia Madrigal, the Executive Director of SINAC Julio Jurado and Mrs Marta Villegas, Ministry of Agriculture on behalf of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). Some participants shared experiences in some farms of the region on how to improve production of soils and agricultural production. In the cultural event participated Mr Oscar Esquivel Garrote from SINAC, who shared songs alluding to the nature and importance of mountains, as well as preventing forest fires, counting for it with the official mascot of Costa Rica "Toño Pizote ". The attendants enjoyed a delicious lunch thanks to the contribution of the FAO, which was prepared by people in the community with local products. There was also a session on the importance of mountains.It was concluded that "if the traditions are kept, if knowledge is shared, then the community will grow”. [more]
The municipalities of mountainous areas celebrate IMD 2015 11 January 2016 The importance of mountainous areas in terms of ecosystem was highlighted in the meeting and it was put forth that the mountain awareness should be raised particularly for children and youth. Attention was drawn to the deficiency in the regulations. Participants gave examples about the topic. The other subjects which the participants handled were mountain tourism, non-wood forest productions, the works of Selçuk and Bergama Municipatilies about the topic and cave tourism. The session was concluded by making general evaluations. Photo: Flickr/ Jose Alemañ Asensi [more]
The importance of the Nilgiri mountains 11 January 2016 Very few mountains in the world compare with the Nilgiris in the range of products and services provided by these mountains. The Nilgiri mountains of Tamil Nadu are unique in several ways. Scientists classify the Nilgiris as a “living fossil”. Ecologists say the biodiversity of the Nilgiris is “found nowhere else in the world”. Anthropologists describe the Nilgiris as an “aboriginal enclave”. Geographers have listed the Nilgiris among the 400 natural wonders of the world. There are 348 mountains in the Nilgiris identified and named by the Badags. Three major rivers (Bhavani, Kundah and Moyar) originate in the Nilgiri mountains. Nilgiris are the home of nearly 300 000 indigenous people with unique cultural heritage. The economic benefits of the Nilgiris is, again, outstanding: 2.5 million tourists visit the Nilgiris annually round the year; the Nilgiri mountains produce 700 MW of hydel power; Nilgiri waters irrigate 247 247 acres of land in three districts below; several towns below use Nilgiri waters for drinking; Nilgiri forests stock 1.5 billion tons of carbon; almost all available land is cultivated without irrigation; Nilgiri mountains produce 590 000 tonnes of tea which has been described as the “finest on earth” by the American Tea Association; Nilgiri mountains hava been producing “English” vegetables for two hundred years with the current production of 69 000 tonnes of carrots, 44 000 tonnes of cabbage and 36 000 tonnes of potatoes. Photo: Flickr/ Aasif Iqbal J [more]
Interactive Education by the University of the Mountains 11 January 2016 The University of the Mountains is implemented on 11 December an Educational Intervention: the "Learning by teaching" project, which is taking place in Crete, between students of the Margarites Primary School and the Primary School in Rethimno. The University of the Mountains and the Penelope Gandhi Mission, in cooperation with the Educational team of the University of Crete, are bringing together the scientific community and folklore wisdom by organizing this project in which students learn how the natural dyes are produced, an unknown procedure to the younger students but so common in Crete, as Minoan people used to weave unique masterpieces thousands years ago, with natural dyes depicting religious, social and historical symbols. The University of the Mountains and the Penelope Gandhi mission managed to redefine the dissemination and revival of weaving art among others, in a way that people can redefine themselves in a community that suffers from crisis and tries to resist to imitation that globalization establishes. The University of the Mountains chose 11 December – “International Mountain Day” – to highlight that mountainous areas give opportunities for sustainable development which can bring positive change through economic growth and invaluable accumulated experiential knowledge against the devastating crisis that people deal with. [more]
International Mountain Day celebrations in Utah 11 January 2016 Members of the Utah International Mountain Forum (UIMF), a coalition of student clubs at Utah Valley University (UVU), celebrated International Mountain Day (IMD) for the sixth time since 2010 by hosting events on 4 December 2015 at the University of Utah and on 7 December at UVU. During celebrations students, faculty, community members gathered at the Gould Auditorium in the University of Utah’s Marriott Library. The first event has been focused on extension of the network of supporters of the sustainable mountain development (SMD) agenda in the State of Utah through engagement of interested individuals and institutions at the University of Utah and local communities from Salt Lake City area ( ). As part of the agenda of the IMD celebration on 7 December 2015, UIMF members hosted the Permanent Representative of Fiji to the United Nations, His Excellency Peter Thomson who gave a lecture at UVU entitled “Why small-island developing states matter at the United Nations” ( ). [more]
International Mountain Day in Bielice, Poland 15 December 2015 A group of 55 producers, organizers, elected representatives of mountain regions celebrated 11 December, International Mountain Day in Bielice, a small mountain village in the Eastern part of the Sudety. The meeting was hosted by Anna Maj, President of the Snow Mountain Agritouristic Association, was held in her big barn and organized by the association “Wójtowice – back to the future”. Each participant brought a sample of his/her products – from lamb chops to grilled trout to cakes and other sweets to local fruit distillates. A lecture by prof. Zbig Bac, Chairman of The Committee of Architecture and Urbanism of Polish Academy of Science took place and information on the International Mountain Film Festival and on The Marianna van Oranje was given. The International School of Architecture, the Film Festival and the annual happenings on XIX century activities of Dutch Princess Marianna are also considered as regional mountain products belonging to the sphere of culture and education. Photo: Flickr/ Tomasz Przywecki [more]
A message from the Executive Secretary 15 December 2015 The Executive Secretary of the Convention of Biological Diversity, Braulio F. De Souza Dias posted a message on the occasion of International Mountain Day on 11 December 2015 in which he stated “As we celebrate International Mountain Day, let us seek to support mountain peoples in maintaining and strengthening their sustainable livelihoods, in a manner that is in keeping with the achievement of the three objectives of the Convention on Biological Diversity, and with the Strategic Plan for Biodiversity 2011-2020”. [more]
Reading mountains 15 December 2015 The initiative “Reading mountains” was a great success, a lmost 100 events were organized on the occasion of the International Mountain Day. Under the initiative “Reading mountains” of the German Presidency and the Permanent Secretariat of the Alpine Convention and with amazing efforts of numerous partners, events were organized in all eight alpine countries, involving thousands of people throughout the Alps and far beyond – from Paris to Lendava and from Hamburg to Rome. Photo: Flickr/Inga Vitola [more]
An expedition model 15 December 2015 The Gaia Austral programme, sponsored by the College João Paulo of Brazil and the University of Magallanes (UMAG) of Chile, consists of outreach activities aimed at promoting the interaction of students and Brazilian and Chilean teachers with Antarctic and subantarctic environments, preferably in mountainous areas. Programme members are invited to participate in courses and seminars that complement the history, geography, economy, fauna and flora and geoclimatic aspects of the Patagonian Cryosphere; culminating in an academic expedition to the region of Magallanes and Chilean Antarctica, in the Torres del Paine National Park, World Biosphere Reserve. In the period of the expedition members visited the cities of Punta Arenas and Puerto Natales, where they made technical visits to the University of Magallanes, Villa Cerro Castillo and Torres del Paine National Park and where they camped and conducted exploration activities guided by the professor Alfredo Soto Deputy Director and Coordinator of the Objective Linking with the Middle GAIA Programme - Antarctic of the University of Magallanes. The program follows the principle of “leave no trace”, which are preventive measures with minimum impact on nature. The academic project is based on the four pillars of the educational guidelines of the College Joao Paulo I: Knowledge, Work, Affection and Autonomy. The final product is a book that records all the experiences of students in terrain, model to be followed and available for other mountain communities worldwide to develop as it seeks to bring young people to the mountain areas of Patagonia to know, touch and experience, led by academic professionals experts of outdoor education. [more]
Roping up at COP21 15 December 2015 During International Mountain Day on Friday 11 December, the International Climbing and Mountaineering Federation (UIAA) organized an initiative from its Call from the Mountains booth at COP21. As part of its commitment to climate change, the UIAA was present in Paris for the 21st Conference of Parties (COP21), the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). On International Mountain Day, the UIAA welcomed leaders, representatives from national and international NGOs, journalists, politicians and all citizens in attendance at the event to rope up together. Roping up is standard practice in mountaineering. It’s the best way to reach a summit, by facing difficulties and dangers together. This rope embodies the need for emergency action in order to preserve our mountains. Mountaineers will support strong political decisions. Nobody can face the challenges of global warming without solidarity. The aim was to demonstrate the strength of their determination to combat global warming and to invite governments to take into consideration the need of mountain preservation. [more]
Framing the IMD campaign 15 December 2015 The Circle volunteers of the National Parks conducted activities in the Park of the Serrada Litoral, the natural parks of the Diputación de Barcelona, which framed the campaign for International Mountain Day 2015. [more]
The High Value Agriculture Project 15 December 2015 On 11 December 2015 the High Value Agriculture Project (HVAP) organized a media at Birendranagar, Surkhet, Nepal to mark and celebrate International Mountain Day (IMD) 2015 through sharing HVAP’s achievements, innovation and lesson learned during the course of intervention on seven high value commodities following value chain development approach . The theme of the mountain day was to promote mountain products and the project cashed the time sharing HVAP’s experience on high value commodities for improving the livelihood of the mountain communities with the media workers and like-minded institutions. There were 47 participants representing local, regional and national level representatives/reporters including district and regional stakeholders and project staff. During the event, Mr. Krishna Thapa, Monitoring and Evaluation Expert shared the overall status, progress and lesson learned of the project. The project organizers also had a fruitful discussion wth the media who also visited the project sites. Surkhet from the Federation of Nepalese Journalist (FNJ) said, "Media is the vehicle to disseminate any means of activities to a wider audience and we should promote culture of disseminating positive news which could inspire people. They further emphasised on partnering with media for disseminating the news related to HVAP”. As per their field observation and collected information, the team has published news on local and national level newspaper, broadcasted on local and national level television and aired by radio Nepal and local FMs. [more]
Celebrating cooperation on climate change in mountains 15 December 2015 Moderator Barney Dickson, UNEP, opened the session that considered the important role of mountains and cooperative measures in ecosystem-based approaches to climate change adaptation in mountainous regions. Anil Mishra, UNESCO, showed a video for the exhibition ‘Mountains: Early Warning Systems for Climate Change,’ and presented UNESCO’s International Hydrological Programme (IHP) project. Matthias Jurek and Tina Schoolmeester, GRID-Arendal, launched several publications on regional outlooks on mountains and climate change adaptation, and presented findings of the Ecosystem-Based Adaptation Mountain Flagship Programme. David Molden, ICIMOD, launched the Himalayan Climate and Water Atlas. In a panel session, Rolf Einar Fife, Norwegian Ambassador to France, underscored the need for an integrated and cooperative approach. Stana Božović, Serbia, said that her country is committed to urgent adaptation actions, and supported improving regional cooperation. Lyonpo Yeshey Dorji, Bhutan, underscored that addressing implementation would be more beneficial than producing a report, and hoped that the Green Climate Fund (GCF) would fairly share resources to allow climate change issues to be addressed in the least developed countries (LDCs). Petr Kalaš, Czech Republic, stressed that mountains are early warning systems for climate change. Flavia Nabugera Munaaba, Uganda, supported a special IPCC report on mountains, and said there was a need to develop special mechanisms for addressing mountain problems such as shrinking glaciers and threatened resources. Monika Mörth, Austria, stated: “We must ensure that people remain able to make a living in all remote mountain areas. Therefore we need regional collaborations and networks to share experiences and exchange know-how.” Kuban Kabaev, Kyrgyzstan, reported on his country’s sustainable development mountain agenda, and noted concern on the negative climate change impacts on biodiversity. In closing remarks, Andrew Taber, The Mounta... [more]
International Mountain Day to improve livelihoods 15 December 2015 The Association Assirem Gouraya, faithful to the development of mountain sports, with the support of federal authorities, has succeeded to organize the fourth edition of the Mountain National Festival, which every year coincides with International Mountain Day – 11 December – and with the events that happened in 1960 which saw the massacre of the Algerian masses advocating for the independence of their country. The Forest Conservation and the various agencies of the District of Bejaia are to be acknowledged for their commitment to the success of this festival as are to congratulate the Algerian Federation, the League of Bejaia, the Section MBB Ski and Mountain Sports and all other associations present throughout the duration of this edition. The region targeted by the association (the chain of Babors) deserves the attention of public authorities who must establish a sustainable development policy in its favour. This chain has not received its share of development compared to the participation of its people in the struggle for national liberation and preservation of this vital forest area which gives people a better life. For this, the Association Assirem Gouraya sees this moment as a unique opportunity to conduct a serious study that would consider the final classification of the area in the National Park of the Chaine des Babors throughout its range with an extensive development program for disadvantaged populations. [more]
Green tourism in mountains 15 December 2015 The Asociatia Ecologica Turismverde (GreenTourism Ecologic Association) is a non-governmental organizations in the green field in Romania. Its mission is the conservation of biodiversity through the promotion of sustainable development of tourism. It has been also an observer of the Carpathian Convention for many year and this year it has organized various events for International Mountain Day (IMD). It discussed with students of the Bucharest Faculty of Horticulture about sustainable develop of mountains in the Green Amphitheatre . In addition, it has disseminated information on IMD in a Facebook group [more]
The importance of mountains 15 December 2015 The Environmental Information System (ENVIS) Centre on Forest Genetic Resources (FGR) and Tree Improvement functioning at Institute of Forest Genetics and Tree Breeding (IFGTB), Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu under the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Government of India observed the International Mountain Day 2015 on 11 December 2015. The function began with an invocation on mountains in Sanskrit by Dr Kannan C.S. Warrier, Scientist E and Co-ordinator ENVIS. Dr B. Gurudev Singh, Group Co-ordinator Research, IFGTB welcomed the gathering. The Director of the Institute Shri R.S. Prashanth, presided over the function and gave an insight into the major mountain resources of India. Dr Kannan C.S. Warrier informed the initiatives by the FAO around the world in connection with the International Mountain Day and introduced the chief guest. Dr P.V. Karunakaran, Principal Scientist from Salim Ali Centre for Ornithology and Natural History (SACON), Anaikatty delivered the lead lecture, ‘Mountains – The Land of Maxima’. His talk detailed on how mountains, which cover just 22 percent of the Earth's surface area, support the billions of living beings on the Planet. He also elaborated on the need for Payment for Environmental Services (PES) for sustainable utilisation of the mountain resources. An awareness poster highlighting the importance of mountain ecosystems prepared by the ENVIS Centre was released on the occasion. Dr V.N. Mutharaian, Programme Officer-ENVIS proposed the vote of thanks. Scientists, forest officers, research staff of IFGTB and forest range officer trainees from Tamil Nadu Forest Academy participated in the programme. [more]
Mountains of the USA 15 December 2015 To observe the International Mountain Day on 11 December, the “Window On America” Center in the city of Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine, presented a book and image display “Mountains of the USA”. The United States has three major mountain chains: t he Appalachian Mountains , the Rocky Mountains, t he Sierra Nevada & Cascade Mountains . These mountains are located in the east, central west, and western United States. The displayed sources inform the WOA’s patrons about the tourist attractions in the mountains and popular ski resorts in the USA. People interested in geography and tourism of the USA have an opportunity to visit and find more details about the signature rocks, caves and stone monuments of the USA. All US mountain chains are unique, with their own personality and beauty to enjoy. [more]
Meet of the Mountain States 2015 15 December 2015 The Integrated Mountain Initiative held its annual Meet of the Mountain States in New Delhi on 11 December 2015 celebrating International Mountain Day, at the Vishwa Yuvak Kendra, Chanakyapuri. The Meet followed up on the successful conclusion of the 4th Sustainable Mountain Development Summit held in Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh in October 2015. The central theme of the Summit was Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR), which is particularly crucial for the mountains which face increasingly frequent large- and small-scale disasters such as earthquakes, flash-floods, and landslides. Natural disasters result in loss of lives, and set back the economy of the region by destroying assets, interrupting school education and livelihoods. To follow up the recommendations made during the Summit, the Meet of the Mountain States was held in the format of a workshop which discussed the implementation of these resolutions, by identifying the implementing bodies, liaison mechanism, resources required, and timelines. The Meet was attended by Lt Gen Marwah and Dr Kamal Kishore, Members of the National Disaster Management Authority, as well as representatives from the National Disaster Response Force, the State and Disaster Management Authorities from Sikkim, Uttarakhand, and Himachal Pradesh. Grassroots organizations working on disasters on the ground, All India Disaster Mitigation Institute, Delhi and Save the Hills, Kalimpong participated. The Chief Guest, Mr Kiren Rijiu, Hon’ble Minister of State for Home Affairs, recently declared the Champion of DRR for the Asia-Pacific region by the United Nations, gave rousing address espousing his concern about disasters and offering his full support for mitigation and preparedness measures. Mr PD Rai Member of Parliament (Lok Sabha) Sikkim updated the gathering about his participation at the UNFCC COP 21 in Paris, particularly the keen interest in supporting measures for disaster risk reduction in mountain states shown by Margareta Walhstro... [more]
ICIMOD’s worldwide festivities 15 December 2015 In Bangladesh, Dr Surendra Joshi delivered a keynote address "Promoting sustainable livelihoods through high-value mountain products" at a programme organized in Bangladesh by the Ministry of Chittagong Hill Tract Affairs (MOCHTA) in celebration of International Mountain Day 2015. In Bhutan, the Bhutan Media and Communication Institute (BMCI) organized an interaction programme with farmers from Thimphu, agri-based entrepreneurs, and representatives from agricultural marketing institutions and the National Institute of Traditional Medicine. The event provided a platform for farmers and agri- based entrepreneurs and related institutions to come together and discuss issues of mutual interest. In India, the Eco-Concept, India conducted a three-day community-learning programme at Mawlynnong in Meghalaya, known as one of the cleanest villages in Asia, for students from Guwahati and Meghalaya. The programme aimed to introduce students to the ways in which the local community is maintaining the village’s cleanliness and greenery. During the trip, the students learned about the nuances of mountain farming and livelihoods, as well as the challenges and opportunities that come with living in the mountains. On the occasion of the International Mountain Day 2015, Climate+Change Indian Himalayan Region: Our Mountains, Our Future was launched in India. The launch exhibition is being held in Indira Paryavaran Bhavan, New Delhi. The exhibition features stories from people living in the Indian Himalayan region, combined striking photography by David Breashears of GlacierWorks that show the rapidly changing Himalayas and the solutions being implemented in the region. The exhibition is organized by ICIMOD in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment, Government of India and the Centre for Education and Environment (CEE). In Pakistan, ICIMOD Country Office in collaboration with the Government of Gilgit-Baltistan, the Aga Khan Rural Support Programme (AKRSP), FOCUS, WWF-GB... [more]
A message from the Director General 15 December 2015 International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development’s (ICIMOD) Director General, Dr David Molden, issued a message entitled ‘Mountain products: A Sea of Opportunities’ available on ICIMOS’s website and another message from the Director General for the celebration of International Mountain Day in Bangladesh . [more]
The Mountain Award 15 December 2015 The Italian Chamber of Deputees also celebrated International Mountain Day 2015 with a press conference on the Premio montagna “Ambientevivo”. The speakers at the conference were Fucsia Fitzgerald Nissoli, Ernesto Preziosi and Roger De Menech, vice-president of the parliamentary intergroup for mountains who substituted Enrico Borghi. Photo: Gianni Lattanzio [more]
Emphasizing mountain communities 14 December 2015 The promotion of mountain products is the theme chosen for this year's celebration of International Mountain Day. Globalisation offers opportunities for producers in mountain areas to promote the high quality market products of the mountain, such as coffee, cocoa, honey, herbs, spices and handicrafts at national, regional and international levels. Although the mountain agriculture cannot compete with the prices and volumes of lowland production can focus on high-value, high-quality products for strengthening local economies. Tourist services such as ski slopes, climbing, cultural heritage and nature that allow visitors to discover the unique biodiversity is also some of the offers provided by the mountains and mountain communities. The sustainable management of tourism can be an opportunity for the development of mountain areas. International Mountain Day 2015 represents an opportunity to emphasize that mountain communities protect biodiversity – with the production of a wide variety of typical products – and provide of vital goods and services to us all. The Group Serres for UNESCO, the Stargate, the PRAXIS, the Natural History Museum educational program operating in the Municipality of Serres have organized a free entrance event by appointment at 2321099395 till 15 January 2016. Photo: Flickr/Stavros Argyropoulos [more]
MEditerranean MOuntainous LAndscapes 14 December 2015 The "MEditerranean MOuntainous LAndscapes" project participated in the International Mountain Day celebrations. On 11 December it carried out an activity related to the recovery of the memory of water in a town called Canar in the Alpujarra, close to Granada, Spain. For them, 11 December served to collaborate with the Community of Irrigators of the town of Canar (Alpujarra), in recovering the traditional distribution system of irrigation water. This system of water management has been key to the proper functioning of the irrigation system of Cáñar for centuries, however, it has been falling into oblivion and disuse since a few decades. This activity, of an intangible heritage and great importance, is vital for the maintenance of cultural landscape of Alpujarra and for the recovery of traditional mountain agriculture. During the activity the older farmers explained to the younger ones how the distribution of water worked, known locally as the "Office". Every night a distribution was made, during the driest months, and allowed the existing water to be shared in a controlled and fair way. This type of traditional knowledge is at the basis for a sustained dialogue that local communities have established with the mountains for centuries. The disappearance of mountains would have disastrous ecological and anthropological consequences. [more]
Veracruz engaged in IMD celebrations 14 December 2015 The state of Veracruz, Mexico, also engaged in the celebrations of International Mountain Day this year. The aim of the event was to strengthen the dissemination of activities and natural attractions taking place in the mountains – Pico de Orizaba being an icon of the state of Veracruz – and the development of tourism products in the region. Following with the promotion strategies and strengthening of nature and adventure tourism, the state of Veracruz joins the celebration of International Mountain Day through the dissemination of a major mountain of the state and country, "The Citlaltepetl", or better known as Pico de Orizaba, in the municipality of Coscomatepec, represents the ideal place for mountaineering in Mexico; coupled with the economic strength of the region through the different products obtained in communities located on the slopes of this great mountain. The hoped results are to achieve integration between society and government, enable economic development and activation of the communities of the mountainous area, and offer regional products generated in the mountain such as plants, seeds, dairy products, handicrafts and others. The activities of the event are a climb to the top of Pico de Orizaba and workshops, photographic exhibitions and discussion between members of the communities in the mountain area. Another event organized took place in in the Perote volcano in the municipality of Perote. Photo: Flickr/ NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center [more]
A week-long festivity 14 December 2015 The organization J&K Ski and Mountaineering Association (JKSMA) is celebrating International Mountain Day since 2011 and this year they continued it as well. Its main aim is to spread awareness on the importance of mountains among the masses. This year, as usual, it organized the week-long programmes, including the main function of a seminar on 11 December 2015. The organization also brought out a souvenir to show case and highlight the important things which are related to mountains. [more]
Promoting awareness on “ecological dates” 14 December 2015 The Department of Biodiversity and Biotechnology of the Private Education Unit Tagesshule San Gerardo, city of Loja, Ecuador, has always been characterized by conducting environmental activities. For example, every year conduces a survey to raise public awareness against the use of moss at Christmas, however there is still much to be done. Thus, it is important to promote awareness among students on the “ecological calendar dates” and in view of 11 December – International Mountain Day (IMD). For IMD, the organization has planned an activity in which students conduct first a research on the background of this issue, then engage in an argumentative essay group to finally develop a collage with the theme proposed this year and focused in the Andean region: Promotion of mountain products. Photo: Flickr/Marina Cuenca [more]
Oxfam Georgia Celebrates the International Mountain Day 14 December 2015 Oxfam Georgia will present the initial findings of the EU-funded first National research on food security and Nutrition in Greater and Lesser Caucasus Range in Georgia. Oxfam Georgia and the Rural and Agricultural Policy and Development Institute (RAPDI) invited members of the press and the media to join the celebrations for the International Mountain Day on Friday 11 December 2015 at 16:00 at Betsy’s Hotel . During the event, Oxfam Georgia released the initial research findings of the first nationwide study on food security and nutrition in Greater and Lesser Caucasus Range in Georgia. The research findings demonstrate current challenges as well as future opportunities for people living in the mountainous regions. The presentation were attended by the high officials from the Ministry of Agriculture and other governmental structures, as well as members of the civil society and international organisations who are working on food security and nutrition challenges in the highlands of Georgia. The objectives of the Research are to study the Food Security and nutrition conditions in the high mountainous regions of Georgia and to evaluate the climate change risks from the perspective of food production and food accessibility. Photo: Flickr/JR P [more]
Building resilience to climate change in mountain communities 14 December 2015 The Mountain Partnership Secretariat, Government of Lesotho, The Mountain Institute and Colorado State University are holding a side event during the 21st session of the Conference of Parties (COP21) of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) on International Mountain Day, 11 December, at 13:15 - 14:45 in Observer Room 04. [more]
International Mountain Day in Costa Rica 10 December 2015 This year International Mountain Day in Costa Rica will be held in a community where the organization Instituto Meteorológico Nacional has been invited to share experiences on land management and development with farmers of the region who through speeches and multimedia will communicate to others somewhere else in the country. Furthermore, there will be also a small exhibition. The venue for the celebration is in the city of San Ramon, in the Santiago District. It is a place whose topography is very steep and has been deforested for many years, so often associated degradation and erosion. The region has a population of approximately 700 people and has a hundred years of existence; its inhabitants working in various activities such as dairy and cheese production, pig and poultry as well as vegetables and coffee farming. The aim of the event is to learn more about techniques and lessons learned in place by farmers on the Day of Mountains. Photo: Sonia Lobo Valverde [more]
The importance of mountains 10 December 2015 The Environmental Information System (ENVIS) Centre at the Institute of Forest Genetics and Tree Breeding, Coimbatore, India plans to organize an invited lecture on "Mountains – The Land of Maxima" on this International Mountain Day 2015 for the benefit of their research staff and others from neighboring institutions. They also plan to release an awareness poster on the importance of the mountains on this occasion. Photo: ICIMOD [more]
The High Value Agriculture Project 10 December 2015 The High Value Agriculture Project (HVAP) is going to celebrate the International Mountain Day to highlight the importance of high value products for mountain peoples’ livelihoods with the presence of media persons and other beneficiaries on 11 December 2015. On the same day, the organizers have planned to share HVAP success and achievements on seven major value chain commodities (i.e. ginger, turmeric, apple, timur, goat, off season vegetables and vegetable seeds) in mid and far west districts of Nepal. Photo: Alma Karsymbek [more]
Learning about mountain products 10 December 2015 Kyrgyzstan, a land-locked country, is located in Central Asia. The Tien Shan Mountains cover over 80 percent of this rugged, beautiful country. If you travel through the mountains, you will no doubt see nomadic tribes living in yurts and traveling on horses. The Kyrgyz are expert craftsmen, making jewelry and felt products by hand. While these products may be a bit more expensive, they are of higher quality than similar items made by machine, and they are made with a lot of love and care. Thanks to Mountain Laurel Learning Co-operative, Tucker County, West Virginia, and Quality Schools International in Bishkek has embraced the idea of celebrating our mountainous culture on 11 December, International Mountain Day. They will celebrate this day by bringing vendors from all over Kyrgyzstan to teach the students the processes of making these beautiful items and promoting mountain goods by allowing vendors to sell their products in our holiday bazaar. The 7 and 8 year-old-classes engaged in a self-organized learning environment to study mountains. Their task was to research and answer questions about mountains such as, “Why are mountains important?” and “What are some threats to mountainous regions?” This was a very positive experience for the students involved. The organization looks forward to making International Mountain Day an annual tradition at QSIB. Photo: Alma Karsymbek [more]
Talking about mountains 7 December 2015 On 5 December 2015 the DOUNB public Library in Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine held a round-table discussion in English dedicated to International Mountain Day (IMD). The participants were offered a Mountain Quiz “Recognizable Mountains of the World”. The images of popular mountains were shown to the group and they had to name the mountain and the country where it is located. Particular attention was drawn to the mountains popular in English-speaking countries such as the Rock of Gibraltar, the White cliffs of Dover, the Ayer’s Rock, etc. Promoting mountain products is the theme chosen for this year’s celebration of International Mountain Day. The group was shown a slide show about the Ukrainian mountain products. A wider range of goods is produced in the Ukrainian Carpathian Mountains, compared to the Crimean Mountains. The second part of the session was dedicated to the presentation of the US mountain ranges. The group was shown a video that explained how mountains form the climate in the US. They enjoyed the video about the iconic American area – Monument Valley and the ski resort in the USA – Aspen. To wrap up the discussion the participants shared their impressions about the mountains they visited – both in Ukraine and abroad. Some participants told about the mountains they dream to visit. [more]
A convivial event for International Mountain Day 7 December 2015 The Chilibre and Chilibrillo Advisory Board has planned to mark International Mountain Day (IMD). The contribution to this date is a convivial event with several simultaneous activities on the same day, 11 December, but all with a close set of cultural and environmental aspects and a toast brunch. All this in the spectacular tourist location – Conjunto Montañoso Cerro Peñón. Participation options: walks to the Mirador la Cruz; mountainous hike to the highest point for placing an environmental flag on top of the mountain; and cultural presentations: folk ensembles, tenths, poems, socio dramas. The meeting point is: at the beginning of Calle del Peñón entrance, until Bethlemitas, opposite Panablock at 9:00 am on 11 December 2015. Dress appropriately for the occasion. [more]
Promoting environmental thought for IMD 7 December 2015 The foundation Centre of Environmental Thought (Centro de Pensamiento Ambiental – CEPA) has planned the fourth environmental chair – CEPA – which will take place next Friday 11 December 2015 at 9:00 in the Bio Room of the CEPA foundation, located within the premises of the Environmental Technology Centre La Esmeralda, Km 2 of the Manizales – Neira. The theme will be subject to the celebration of International Mountain Day (IMD) and speakers will come from the Department of Environmental Sustainability of the Caldas University. The chair will develop in two parts: it will start with a presentation entitled “The University of Caldas and its environmental commitment” by engineer Luisa Fernanda Ramirez; it will continue making a collective planting with the participants to the event. For this event there are approximately 70 people participating from the academia and the industry. It is important to know that CEPA is a no profit entity created by the SALA Group and the Metropolitan Sanitation Company of Manizales in order to contribute to the reflection and construction of environmental thinking in the region. The CEPA foundation works in two areas: 1) Promoting environmental education and civic culture; 2) Contributing to knowledge management on environmental issues. As one of its main activities, CEPA foundation has created the environmental chair, so that the region is served by an open space for reflection, discussion and meeting of various regional environmental actors. Its main purpose is to promote the knowledge of important environmental initiatives that have been growing and developing in the region. Photo: Flickr/ Jose Muñoz [more]
Spain is celebrating International Mountain Day through a series of activities 7 December 2015 Spain is celebrating International Mountain Day through various events all over the country. On 13 December 2015 at 10:00, mountain lovers will start climbing Mount Abantos (1.763 m), in San Lorenzo of El Escorial – Madrid. This event was planned by the municipalities of El Escorial y San Lorenzo de El Escorial, el CEA Arboreto Luis Ceballos y el Grupo AMIC. People from around Denia and Alicante will be able to climb Mount Montgó also on Sunday 13 December. The summit of Montgó, 752 meters above sea level, is an excellent vantage point from Alicante Marina Alta region. The area is Natural Park since 1987. More information and registration: There will also be the Half Marathon of Serra Oltà which will start and finish in the municipal sports hall of Calp (Alicante). Here, the former Forestry Assistent Director General of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) spoke. The other activities organized around Calp are the Eleventh Institutional Act Commemoration IMD and a tree planting event held respectively on 11 and 12 December. On 12 December, IMD will be celebrates with a climb to the summit of Despenyador. Registration starts on 1 December at 10:00 here: . IMD is celebrated in Madrid with the 'Climb the Machotas' (Saturday 12 December). A nice excursion to enjoy the spectacular views of Madrid, El Escorial and the Sierra de Guadarrama. Prior registration is essential. For guided activities is necessary to sign in with two days in advance and if you want more information, call 91 898 21 32. The Natural Park of Serra D’Irta invites you to commemorate IMD on 6 December at 9:30 to 13:30. Along the route from the Hermitage of Santa Lucia to the top of Torre Ebrí there are great views and the opportunity remember some tips and recommendations needed to enjoy hiking to the fullest. Places are limited and registration is required in An 11 km hike to Tossal dels Tres... [more]
Re-establishing a Mountain agency 4 December 2015 The Romanian celebration of the “International Mountain Day” 2015 will take place Friday 11 December, through the Eleventh National conference of the Romanian Mountain Forum (RMF), held for the first time outside of the capital, in the town of Bistrița-Năsăud , the county having many mountains and traditions and where the RMF has a new and active RMF branch. The intiviees forseen are 250, which includes also high level personalities. Photo: Flickr/CameliaTWU [more]
International Mountain Day in the Aosta Valley 4 December 2015 The Aosta Valley is a small autonomous region in the northwest of Italy. Its territory is entirely mountainous. The Region has promoted a project called “Giroparchi” that aims at enhancing the vocation for naturalistic and cultural tourism in the main protected areas of the Region (Gran Paradiso and Mont-Avic natural parks), by promoting the integration and development of economic activities related to sustainable tourism. In the wake of this project, on the occasion of the International Mountain Day 2015, the Region organized the event “Mountain passion: let’s discover with Giroparchi the mountain’s nature”. On December 12th, the heart of the event will be in the center of Aosta. There will be several indoor and outdoor activities, for both adults and children, like simulation of mountain sports, discussions and exchange of ideas and experiences, with the participation of characters well-known to the public, like climbers, mountain guides, nature guides and entrepreneurs, free tasting of some typical products of the territory with the “Quality Brand Gran Paradiso”, and the projection of a documentary film by a famous Italian director, about the ascent of the Matterhorn. A funny team game has also been planned, in which groups of friends will compete in climbing up the regional Palace, testing their balance on a slack line and testing their knowledge of the natural areas in different quizzes. Another opportunity to be protagonist of the event “Mountain Passion” is proposing a short speech on the theme “mountain and nature”, with the help of images and sounds, to tell to the public stories and adventures, lived at high altitudes. On December 13th, the event will move on the territory, in the natural parks, where some free activities, like ski-mountaineering, paragliding, trekking or ice-climbing, are planned as an introduction to the sports that can be practiced in the protected areas and, at the same time, a chance to approach and discover the true nature o... [more]
Reflecting on mountains 4 December 2015 In Tucker County, West Virginia, a rural, mountainous community, The Mountain Institute and the Mountain Laurel Learning Cooperative are partnering to host its first International Mountain Day celebration. The celebration will focus on this year's theme "Promoting mountain products for better livelihoods." This community is rich with artisan and agricultural economies that help create a vibrant place to live. The students at the Montessori Learning Center are learning about mountains (formation, types, famous ranges, etc.) and the goods and services found in this mountain community in the weeks leading up to the celebration. Some of the work they develop will be on display for communities’ members to enjoy while they too will have the opportunity to reflect and share why they love living in mountain community too. All of the work developed from this celebration will be exchanged with a "sister site" in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. Photo: Flickr/Nannette Turner [more]
Zagreb celebrates IMD celebrating 2 December 2015 The Department of Geography of the Faculty of Science of the University of Zagreb, the Croatian Geomorphological Society and the Croatian Geographical Society planned and event open to the public with two guests: naturalist and publicist Sinisa Golub and writer Edo Popovic. Accompanied by projections of their photographs of mountains in the USA and in Croatia, they will share their impressions and experiences from mountain environments from their artist, conservationist and mountaineer points of view. The aim of event is to raise public awareness on the role of mountains in the modern world and for societies. The event is taking place in Geografski odsjek PMF-a, Marulicev trg 19/II, Zagreb at 7 PM. Photo: Nenad Buzjak [more]
Celebrating cooperation on climate change in mountains 2 December 2015 ICIMOD representative will attend the high level event entitled “ Celebrating international cooperation on CCA in mountain environments - from Rio to Lima to Paris” celebrating International Mountain Day 2015, and will launch the HKH Water Atlas produced by ICIMOD, GRID-Arendal and CICERO. This high level event will be carried out on 11 December 2015 from 10:00 to 11:30 in the Peruvian Pavilion at the Conference of Parties 21 in Paris. [more]
IMD festivities in Ait-Oumalou, Algeria 2 December 2015 The Association for the protection of the Environment of Ait-Oumalou, Algeria is organizing an event to mark International Mountain Day 2015. The event will comprise a sale/exhibition of mountain products among which honey, dry figs, prickly pears, olive oil, water and more; a conference and testimonials; an exposition of books, archived and technical details related to the theme of the promotion of mountain products; a half marathon planned by a partner organization; and a hike. Photo: Flick/noureddine zekri [more]
12 December in Asni and Imlil, Marrakech 2 December 2015 Since 2003, the United Nations General Assembly has proclaimed the 11 December of each year as “International Mountain Day”. Promoting mountain products is the theme chosen for this year’s celebration. For this reason, the municipality of Asni has organized a festive day – Saturday 12 December 2015 – in collaboration with several organizations among which the Faculty of Arts and Humanities Cadi AYYAD, the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services of Marrakech, the Regional Directorate for Forests and Water and for the Fight against Desertification of the High Atlas, Marrakech, the Association of Mountain Guides of Imlil of the Development Association TIWIZI, the Hotel Le Meridien N'Fis, the Publishing House AFAQ and the Royal Association of Radio Amateurs of Morocco. The event will last the entire day from 9:30 to 17:00 and it will comprise a guided tour, a hike led by the Association of Mountain Guides of Imlil, a fair, an on-site lunch and a discussion on the promotion of mountain products. [more]
The community of Atacama celebrates International Mountain Day 2 December 2015 The National Forest Corporation or (CONAF – Corporación Nacional Forestal) organized the following activities for this year: 1) IV Expomontaña 2015 – this event is a fair in the city of Copiapó made to raise awareness on the high value of mountain tourism for the community of Atacama; on the importance of promoting Atacama as a mountain destination; and on the exchange of information, experience and contact between the participants of the fair. The fair will take place on 10 December 2015 from 10:00 am. 2) Seminary on International Mountain Day – this activity will involve lecturers who will present topics such as biodiversity, geology and conservation of the Atacama Mountains. The aim of the event is to invite the Atacama community to take part in the celebration of International Mountain Day and create awareness on the high environmental, cultural and tourist value of the Atacama community. This event will be held Friday 11 December 2015. 3) Night trekking in Palomar Hill – this activity is organized by the Atacama Mountain Club and it is a night walking on a hill near the city of Copiapó. [more]
Including communities in the mountain discourse 2 December 2015 The Utah International Mountain Forum, Utah Valley University and University of Utah are joining together in solidarity with the United Nations celebration of International Mountain Day (IMD). The topics of the discussion will be life sustainability, goods and services in Mountain Regions. They will host a panel of experts in Agriculture, Biodiversity, Education and Cultural Diversity in Community institutions. The event will take place this Friday 4 December from 4:30 pm to 8 pm in the Gould Auditorium at the J. Willard Marriott Library on University of Utah Campus. Utah Valley University (UVU) as member of the Mountain Partnership and the Utah International Mountain Forum (UIMF) have celebrated International Mountain Day every year since 2010 and with other MP members since 2012. As part of the efforts to promote the Sustainable Mountain Development Agenda across the state of Utah, this 2015 IMD celebration will be hosted at University of Utah with contribution from UVU and other MP members from this region. The agenda will also include the Benefits of Gender Equality, Diversity, Goods & Services, Agriculture, Health & Education in Mountain Regions. We believe that any conversation involving mountains should include the community as an active participator in any movement or event to promote sustainable mountain development. The event is free and welcome to all. It is possible to find the event on Facebook Photo: Flickr/Dan Pearce [more]
Meet of the Mountain States 2015 2 December 2015 The Integrated Mountain Initiative (IMI) was founded in 2011 as a response to the need for a common platform where diverse stakeholders working on issues pertinent to the Indian mountain states could come together to engage in an informed debate on identified themes with the objective of informing and influencing policy formulation in respect of the mountain region. IMI is a collective initiative for recognizing the value of mountains regions and enabling people to realize its potential by integrating the knowledge and experiences of multiple stakeholders through convening annual Sustainable Mountain Development Summits. In order to ensure that the momentum, enthusiasm and recommendations generated during the Summits can be taken towards fruition, it was resolved that a Meet of the Mountain States (MoMS) would be convened between two successive Summits. The Meet is also an avenue for sharing the outcomes of the preceding Summit with a larger audience, at the national capital of New Delhi. It is further a forum for advocacy, particularly directed towards sensitizing national policymakers and mountain diaspora about mountain issues. It is for this reason that the Meet is held on International Mountain Day. The main theme of the Fourth Sustainable Mountain Development Summit was Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR). At the close of the Summit the following were the final resolutions for DRR: 1) 100% coverage of District Disaster Management Plans across all districts of mountain states; 2) Fully capacitates District Disaster Management Authority in one district of each mountain states; 3) Structural and non-structural retrofitting of at least one public building in each mountain states. MoMS 2015 takes the format of a workshop comprising academics, government officials, IMI members, political actors, and members of community organizations who will formulate an implementation path to achieve these three resolutions. Photo: FAO/Mathivanan Kumaran [more]
Protecting our mountains through active citizenship 2 December 2015 The Make Ooty Beautiful (MOB) Project, which encourages active citizenship, is organising an art contest on 11 December 2015 in Ooty, India to celebrate International Mountain Day. Over 30 students of primary and secondary schools will be invited to participate at the Government Art Gallery.Ooty is a small hill town located in the beautiful Nilgiri Mountains in the Western Ghats of Southern India, a popular tourist destination. Ooty is part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, a World Heritage Site declared by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in 2012. It boasts of diverse species of flora and fauna, and is home to several indigenous tribes. Since the economy of the Nilgiris depends primarily on tourism and agriculture, it is important to promote mountain products. It is also imperative to protect the fragile ecosystem by encouraging sustainable practices, so as to safeguard the future of the Nilgiri Mountains on which the community’s livelihoods depends.The theme for the art contest will be “Protecting our mountains through active citizenship”.The winners of the contest will have their artwork displayed at the Government ArtMuseum. The event will be followed by a short interactive session on the significance of International Mountain Day.For further information, please contact The MOB Project ( or 9442644283). Photo: Flick/ Thangaraj Kumaravel [more]
International Mountain Day to improve livelihoods 2 December 2015 The past three years the International Mountain Day (IMD) celebrations organized by the association Assirem Gouraya have considerably benefitted the mountain communities by enhancing their opportunities and sensitizing local and national authorities to mountain issues. The association Assirem Gouraya gives great importance to IMD. This year’s theme "Promoting Mountain Products” led the association to expand its activity to some rural areas of the Algerian desert. The event of 2015 will take place starting from 29 August 2015 and ending on 12 December 2015. On 29 August it will take place a Mountain Farmers Festival, open to all citizens and families, where there will be a chance to discover the wealth and the history of the region. On 24-25 October the reforestation of 3000 trees in the Boni forest located in the Bibans mountain chain and a workshop organized by the University of Bejaia will be carried out. Finally, on 11-12 December several events have been organized. More specifically, the association Assirem Gouraya is preparing to celebrate IMD though: an exhibition on mountain products; a conference and a debate; a national hike; a climbing championship at national level; planting fruit trees; and a competition for the best photo reportage about the event. The association’s main objectives lie in the protection of the mountain and in the fight against the rural exodus through raising awareness via all the means available to them. These three days will see the participation of foreign personalities and the possibility of visiting the Algerian desert. The presence of foreign guests allows the association to discover its national wealth to encourage sustainable tourism. The association is looking for funding from state agencies to undertake this important event. [more]
Welcome mountain lovers 24 November 2015 Mountains are more than just basic geographic features. They are generators of natural resources such as water and biodiversity, as well as energy sources. They also have a leading role as indicators of climate change. Mountains are landscape and culture with human settlements along time. They also protect the valley and its inhabitants. Because of this and much more, we look at them and restore respect and responsibility with the attention and care they deserve. To mark International Mountain Day (IMD), the Colegio y Asociación de Ingenieros de Montes (Spanish National Association of Forest Engineers) has organized an Instagram photo contest. The steps to participate in IMD 2015 are: 1) Download and print the IMD flag in the Downloads section. 2) Go up to the mountain that you like. 3) Take a picture with the flag. 4) Enter Instagram (if you do not have it, it is available to download for free) and type the hashtag, #welovemountains followed by the name of your mountain. Example: #welovemountains Aneto, Pyrenees, Huesca, Spain. 5) Once you are finished your photo will be shared with everyone on Those photos received between 01 to 15 December that include the IMD flag will be able to participate in the photo contest. The winners will receive a prize. Photo: Flickr/Patrick Meier [more]
A mountain fair for International Mountain Day 23 November 2015 The local development agency PINS d.o.o from Skrad, Gorski Kotar, Croatia organizes the eleventh Mountain fair on 12 December 2015. Skrad is a small place in the middle of Gorski Kotar (Mountain District). Gorski Kotar is the mountainous region in Croatia located between the cities of Karlovac and Rijeka. 63% of its surface is forested so it’s often referred as Green heart of Croatia or Croatian Switzerland. The mountain fair is a traditional, annual fair of small and medium entrepreneurships. More than 40 exhibitors from Gorski kotar, from others Croatian counties and from Slovenia take part in it. Exhibitors present local produce such as liqueur, honey, jams, souvenirs and other typical products of the mountain areas. Tourism-related services such as skiing, climbing, cycling and others activities that enable visitors to discover biodiversity of the area are also promoted within the fair. A full range of other activities are held, such as an entertainment programme and exhibitions of cultural and natural heritage. The theme of this year’s mountain fair is “Tourism in Gorski Kotar”. An expert conference will be held on this topic as well. Promoting mountain products is the organization’s main goal. PINS wishes to celebrate International Mountain Day by highlighting the importance of mountains through a presentation called “International Mountain Day 2015” which will celebrate Croatian mountainous areas, it will show natural and cultural heritage of Gorski Kotar and typical, high quality products from that area. Posters with “International Mountain Day” logo will be placed at visible locations of the fair. Photo: Flickr/Lovro Rumiha [more]
Celebrating IMD in Croatia 23 November 2015 The counties of Primorje and Gorski Kotar are one of the richest counties in terms of beauty and biodiversity of mountain nature in Croatia. One of the two Croatian strict nature reserves – Bijele i Samarske stijene (White Rocks and Samarske Rocks) – is situated in this area. The public institution Priroda (Nature) and the counties of Primorje and Gorski Kotar traditionally celebrate International Mountain Day. The Art pavilion "Juraj Šporer", located in the famous tourist resort of Opatija (on the mountain Učka), will be place of an exhibition of photographs. The resort itself is situated in a protected park overgrown with laurel groves, lush sub-Mediterranean and sub-tropical vegetation whose development is allowed by a mild climate. The exhibition will be about the natural heritage of the Primorje and Gorski Kotar counties. On the opening day, 11 December 2015, at 12:00 there will be the presentation of the book "Enchanting Beautiful". The book was prepared to satisfy the curiosity of all the supporters of the coastal and mountain natures of the "Green-blue County". On that particular day the promotion of various mountain products from the counties of Primorje and Gorski Kotar will also take place. The exhibition will be open until 20 December 2015. Photo: Želimir Gržančić [more]
World Mountain Producers’ Exhibition 20 November 2015 Over 20 producers from all over the world will showcase textiles, crafts, mountain beverages and foods such as tea, coffee and quinoa at an exhibition organized by the Mountain Partnership Secretariat and Mountain Partnership member Pan Himalayan Grassroots Development Foundation . The exhibition will also be a chance to celebrate International Mountain Day, whose focus this year is on promoting mountain products as a strategy to boost mountain economies.Among the members participating are REDAR of Peru, Fundación Comunidad of Panama, the Bolivian Institute of Bolivia, Solandy of Madagascar and the Pan Himalayan Grassroots Foundation of India as well as several MP members from Central Asia. During the exhibition, a workshop on sharing experiences and lessons learned will be held.The exhibition will be held on 17-28 December at the Nature Bazaar space in New Delhi India, a venue managed by Dastkar, an NGO that traditionally promotes traditional crafts, organic and small scale farming enterprises as well as women cooperatives. The FAO Office in India is also supporting the event and Dastkar is providing logistical support. Photo: Agency of Development Initiatives & The Federation of Organic Development "Bio-KG" [more]
A Himalayan celebration in the works 20 November 2015 Ama Dablam is not just a Himalayan peak - in the Khumbu valley it is part of one of the most beautiful mountain ranges on the planet. The earthquake that hit Nepal last April left more than 9 000 dead, worsening the touristic expectations for economic recovery. The desolation is total and the best way to help the Sherpa community is to return to their land, and thus show the world that it remains a safe destination, open to the highest experiences in life.This fall our expedition will return to Nepal with a team of Sherpas and Sidars. Together with them, we will try to summit the mountain, but we will not be the only ones in the area, prominent mountaineering figures will share base camp with us, like the legendary Carlos Soria, or on the walls of nearby Nuptse, the inimitable Kilian Jornet and Ueli Steck. In 2015, the International Mountain Day flag will rise on the highest sacred peak known and, from there, we will send a warm message of awareness in favour of all the mountains in the world. By Jose Ivars-Lopez – Mountaineer and Ama Dablam Expedition member Photo: Flickr/Carlos Penalba [more]
Mercantour, landscapes and faces 19 November 2015 The Mercantour National Park invites you for an exciting journey with a new exhibition will be set up in the house of the National Park in Valberg on Saturday 12 December 2015 at 11:00. Mercantour is witness to the extraordinary geological phenomena, this is why its landscapes are exceptional. They are the mirror of a permanent evolution between the power of nature and the actions of human kind and are indeed the face of a territory and its history. The exhibition aims to bring visitors through an interactive and sensorial trip, thanks to playful activities and a total immersion into the Mercantour Park. Organized and financed by ALCOTRA, the exposition with be accompanied by a booklet, available in various languages including Italian. The inauguration will be followed by a snack. For further information, please contact the Service of Sensitization and Valorisation of the Territory of the National Park ( or 04 93 16 56 94). [more]
International Mountain Day in the Tuéda reserve 19 November 2015 The Parc national de la Vanoise, in France has organized an event to mark International Mountain Day which will take place 11 December 2015 in the house of the Tuéda reserve in the municipality of Les Allues in Savoie, France. The event will start at 14:00 and it will feature: - The projection of a film by Anne and Érick Lapied entitled “the corridor of hay”. Participants will also be the members of the agricultural world and the Vanoise National Park; - A time for exchange and discussion on mountain agriculture will follow the screening. - A tasting of local agricultural products will end the afternoon. During the event, there will also be an amateur photography exhibition of the Tuéda nature reserve.Photo: Parc national de la Vanoise/Ludovic Imberdis [more]
Students, scientists and mountain lovers celebrate IMD 16 November 2015 International Mountain Day will be celebrated at Faculty of Geography of the University of Bucharest with the intention to promote the mountain’s cultural, recreational and sport value. Students, scientists and mountain lovers are involved in the event. The moment will consists in presentations about field trips research of the staff: Gran Paradiso expedition, state of tourism in the Carpathian Mountains. The session will be followed by discussion and photo exhibits. Photo: Flickr/paul bica [more]
Grand celebrations of IMD in Kashmir 12 November 2015 The Chairman of the organisation Al’Sarwat Student’s Co-ordination for Environmental Planning (ASSCEP) Kashmir India, Dr Zulfikar Siddiqui, has approved the final calendar of celebrations to mark the International Mountain Day 2015 to be held on a grand scale this year. Following, the schedule of events: On 8 December 2015 the students of Al'Sarwat Convent School Anantnag Kashmir, in collaboration with the non-governmental organization (NGO) ASSCEP, will be engaged in a drawing competition and the theme for the competition will be "Products from Mountains". On 9 December 2015 the trainees of Al'Ahad B.Ed College together with the NGO ASSCEP Anantnag will be organizing a seminar entitled "Tourism - Challenges & Prospects". On 10 December 2015 the ASSCEP volunteers will be organizing small treks for students and their parents in Pahalgam, Anantnag. On 11 December 2015 a mega celebration will be held at the Anantnag District headquarters wherein participation of the top Government officials from the Forest Department, Environment Department and Tourism Department is expected to discuss the local environmental issues besides the tourist practices in vogue. Photo: Al’Sarwat Student’s Co-ordination for Environmental Planning [more]
Including communities in the mountain discourse 5 November 2015 University of Utah planned an event to mark International Mountain Day (IMD) on December 4th, 2015 from 5pm to 7:30pm in the Gould Auditorium, Marriott Library. IMD has been observed every year to create awareness about the importance of mountains to life. Any conversation about mountains must include the community surrounds it. As a mountain community they promote the benefits of gender equality, diversity, goods and services, agriculture, health and education. The event is free and welcome to all. It is possible to find the event on Facebook / Photo: Flickr/Dan Pearce [more]
Over the tops 29 October 2015 As part of the initiative organize by the German Presidency of the Alpine Convention 2015-2016 to mark International Mountain Day (IMD) 2015, the Municipality of Belluno and the Theatres of the Dolomites Foundation have planned an itinerant tour where Alexander Langer, Mario Crespan, the authors of “Il viaggiatore leggero, Ritorni a valle” (“The light traveler, Returns to the valley”) will present their book. The tour starts in Bolzano Bellunese and ends in the restaurant Case Bortot in via Pra' De Luni, 60, Bellunese, Italy. Photo: book cover [more]
A literary dinner in the Dolomites 29 October 2015 Various books by authors such as Buzzati, Parise, Maraini, Calvino and others will be presented at a literary dinner taking place in the Antica Torre, restaurant in the National Park of the Belluno Dolomites at 20:00. This event is part of the initiative “Reading mountains”. Photo: Flickr/Renaud Camus [more]
Leggere le Montagne, Berge Lesen, Lì les muntes 29 October 2015 The Permanent Secretariat of the Alpine Convention organized another event in the context of the initiative “Reading mountains”, this will be held in Bolzano, Italy at the Museion at 19:00. The event is called “Leggere le Montagne, Berge Lesen, Lì les muntes” and it features authors such as Antonella Fornari, Jörg Zemmler and Rut Bernardi and music by Greta Marcolongo and Opas Diandl. Photo: Flickr/barnyz [more]
A concert of mountain folk songs 29 October 2015 Differently from the events of the initiative “Reading mountains”, this event held in Domodossola, Italy will include also a concert. In fact, the book “Canti popolari montani” (“Mountain folk songs”) written by the Associazione PassAmontagne will be presented together with a concert of mountain folk songs. The event will be at 17:30 in the Cappella Mellerio. Photo: Flickr/Alessio Maffeis [more]
Tales and legends of the Ecrins for children 29 October 2015 Among the events organized by of the German Presidency of the Alpine Convention 2015-2016 to mark International Mountain Day (IMD) 2015 there is also one taking place in Vallouise, France. The event will be in the house of the National Park of the Ecrins at 16:45. Renée Agati Colomban, Pierre Clément, Régis Ferré, the authors of the book “Contes et légendes des Ecrins” (“Tales and legends of the Ecrins”) will speak about it. Photo: book cover [more]
About mountain tourism 26 October 2015 The Russian Geographical Society (RGS) is planning an event on 11 December in its Moscow headquarters to mark International Mountain Day. The theme of the event will be oriented on mountain tourism as "social-ecological service/product of mountains and mountain people" and open to the public. The director of the Altaiskiy Bioshere Reserve will present the experience of his organization as well as a special booklet about it, which is produced by the Tourist Commission of the RGS. Around 25 to 30 students, scientists, experts and officials will be invited to attend. Photo: Flickr/twiga269 [more]
An evening in Chambéry, France 26 October 2015 As part of the initiative “Reading mountains”, multiple books will be presented at an evening organized by Montanéa and the Guérin Editions in Chambéry, France. The main event will start on 11 December at 20:00 but there will be more between the 9 and 16 December. Some of the authors that will participate are Yann Queffelec, Jean-Christophe Ruffin, Sylvain Tesson and Françoise Sliwka. For further information visit the website . Photo: flyer cover [more]
First Alpine Poetry Slam 26 October 2015 The Permanent Secretariat of the Alpine Convention has organized an event in the context of “Reading mountains” which will be carried out on 19 December in Landhaus, Innsbruck, Austria. Poetry Slamers from almost all Alpine Countries will present their work. The event is moderated by Markus Koschuh. Photo: Flicks/ Khun Hans [more]
Passion for Life – Together on the highest mountains of the world 26 October 2015 Alix von Melle and Luis Stitzinger will present their book “Leidenschaft fürs Leben - Gemeinsam auf die höchsten Berge der Welt” (“Passion for Life - Together on the highest mountains in the world”) at the event entitled Sechs Achttausender, zwei Leben, eine Leidenschaft part of the initiative “Reading mountains”. The event will take place at Stadtbücherei Sonthofen, Marktstr. 1, 87527 Sonthofen at 19:30. Photo: book cover [more]
Föhntage 26 October 2015 Another event part of the initiative “Reading mountains” was organized by the Austrian Cultural Association and supported by the Permanent Secretariat of the Alpine Convention. At this event Bernd Schuchter, author of “Föhntage” will present his book. The event will be in Hanuschgasse, Wien at 18:30. Photo: book cover [more]
150 years of Matterhorn 26 October 2015 The German Presidency of the Alpine Convention 2015-2016 is planning on marking International Mountain Day 2015 with a series of events which present books regarding mountains. One of them entitled 150 Jahre Matterhorn – 150 years of Matterhorn – will take place in Munich, Germany at the Alpine Museum at 19:30. Here the author of the book “Matterhorn. Berg der Berge” (“Matterhorn. Mountain of Mountains”), Daniel Anker, will present his writing. Photo: book cover [more]
Speed – Berlin & Stuttgart, Germany 26 October 2015 Among the “Reading mountains” event s, one is in the German capital, Berlin. It will take place in An der Urania 17 on 14 December. For the event, Ueli Steck, the author of the book “Speed” will speak about his publication. Ueli Steck will also present his book in Stuttgart in the Liederhalle Stuttgart on 15 December at 20:00. Photo: book cover [more]
Adventures of the Dolomites 26 October 2015 Among the initiative organized by the German Presidency of the Alpine Convention called “Reading mountains” for International Mountain Day 2015 there is also an event names Piper Verlag which will take place in Hamburg, Germany. Here the author of the book “Abenteuer Dolomiten” (“Adventures of the Dolomites”), Ulla Lohmann, will present her book on 13 December in Johannes Brams Platz. Photo: book cover [more]
Bolivian mountains – a photo reportage for IMD 7 October 2015 On the occasion of this year’s International Mountain Day, Friday 11 December, a photographic exhibition on Bolivian mountains will be showcased at FAO in the atrium. The exhibition will last for a few days. The exhibition is a reportage by the Canadian photographer Craig Richards, a well-known mountain photographer, which documents the close relationship between the landscape, the people, the festivities and the music. The photo mission reached famous as well as remote destinations to report on celebrations and religious festivities. These situations are captured by the photographer’s extraordinary black and white artistic photographs whose large format prints testify daily life in the mountains. “Bolivia - Its Musical Places” is a project that sees the collaboration of the Museo Nazionale della Montagna, the Piedmont Region, with support from the City of Turin, the Club Alpino Italiano and of the Compagnia di San Paolo as well as the Bolivian Embassy to Italy. The overall project is coordinated by Aldo Audisio, director of the Museum of Turin, in cooperation with Luis Sánchez-Gómez, Counselor of the Bolivian Embassy. Photo: Flickr/Pablo Andrés Rivero [more]
Reading mountains 9 September 2015 ”Reading mountains“ is an initiative of the German Presidency of the Alpine Convention 2015-2016 to mark International Mountain Day (IMD) 2015. The idea is to initiate events dedicated to reading Alpine literature in various places around the Alps on IMD – 11 December 2015. The goal of the initiative is to promote modern Alpine literature and Alpine Culture which is an essential part of the Alps as we know them. Each organization participating in the initiative will choose the alpine literature for its event. Would you like to be part of the initiative? Organize your “Reading Mountains” event by registering your celebration on the website.Looking for an event close to you? Check out the events on the website. Photo: Flickr/Thomas [more]
IMD to recognize women’s traditional knowledge 2 September 2015 Mountain Forum of West Africa in cooperation with the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development of the Republic of Mali and the National Directorate of Water and Forests are planning the celebrations of International Mountain Day (IMD) 2015. The theme of the day is “The role of Mountain women in the socio-economic development of countries through the traditional knowledge of genetic resources derived from mountain biological diversity”. The celebrations aim at encourage local authorities to preserve the biological diversity of natural and cultural patrimonies and to sensitize decentralized authorities in relation to the impact that protected areas have locally. It is in this context that Mountain Forum of West Africa and its partners want to valorize the different mountain cultures and the know-how of mountain communities, and especially of women. During the event there will be presentations and debates among actors, namely: a presentation of experience on the implementation of the work plan on biodiversity in Mali; raising the awareness of opinion leaders of the preservation of mountain biodiversity; and a visit of the stands. The conference will focus on the know-how of the populations of the mountain (agriculture, livestock, handicrafts, traditional medicine, etc.). [more]
Togo celebrates mountains for its first time 2 September 2015 This year 2015 the non-governmental organization PONT-TOGO, directed by Zankpe Kwami, is organizing for the first time in Togo an event on the importance of mountains for the quality of life and is planning to honor the mountain products of Togo, and more precisely, of Pya. Four are the main activities part of the project: to undertake an awareness tour on International Mountain Day in Agou, Badou, Atakpame and Pya, Togo; to launch the festivities in Agou; to celebrate the day in Pya; and to carry out a “night of mountain producers”. Photo: Flickr/ jbdodane [more]
Getting ready for IMD in Portugal 2 September 2015 MiratecArts is organizing various events linked to International Mountain Day (IMD) in the coming months: 1) an International Photo Contest on Flora & Fauna from Mountains. Works will be accepted until 1 November and the finalists will be announced on 11 December 2015, for more information please check ; 2) IMD celebrations on the day where the program of events for the second annual Montanha Pico Festival as well as the finalists and exhibition of the international photo contest will be announced; 3) the Montanha Pico Festival taking place in the month of January 2016 where there will be activities from talks, gatherings, adventures and artistic events celebrate the mountain life [more]
Andorra highlights mountain products on IMD 2 September 2015 UNESCO Andorra has been celebrating International Mountain Day for a few years. This year – in collaboration with the town of Ordino, the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Environment – the organization proposed a series of activities under the theme of mountain products: a conference, which will take place on 11 December, on mountain cultural landscapes part of the World Heritage List (Pyrénées-Mont Perdu); a fair of local products taking place on 14-15 November; Km0 dinners in various Andorra restaurants with different menus proposed by the chefs on 10 December; and visits to local producers on 12 December. Photo: Flickr/ thierry llansades [more]
Boconó is preparing to celebrate mountains 18 August 2015 Several organizations in Boconó, on the Venezuelan Andes are organizing an event to mark International Mountain Day 2015. The town of Boconó is located at 1300 masl and was called the “Garden of Venezuela” because of its lush natural vegetation. On 10-12 December 2015 the Red Ambientalista Brisa (Environmental Network Breeze), the Boconó Ecology Center, the Boconó group “Friends of Trees” and the Trapiche Museum of Nails are planning various activities for IMD among which, a conference on biodiversity in the auditorium of the Boconó Athenaeum where it will be discussed the preservation of the environment especially in mountain ecosystems. On Friday 11 a series of workshops, an exhibition of products and crafts of the mountains and a musical evening with peasant and traditional music will take place in the Trapiche Museum of Nails. The following day a 10 kilometer walk to Guaramacal is planned. Photo: Flickr/Cristian Bracci [more]

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