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Two-days celebrations in the Wilaya of Bejaia 16 May 2013 In the mark of IMD 2012, the association C.S.A. Assirem Gouraya, under the aegis of the League and the Federation of Ski and Mountain Sports, the Bejaian Directorate of Youth and Sports and the Bejaian Forests Department, organized 2 days of activities on the theme "Sports -Entertainment - Environment and History". The chosen venue was Ighil Ali, in the Wilaya of Bejaia. The 2 days has been really intense and stimulating, fulfilled by initiatives such as trekking excursions, exhibitions, conferences, guided tours and tree planting. [more]
Sustainable development and ecology: Algerian celebration for IMD 2012 16 May 2013 Algeria celebrated IMD 2012 throughout all its territory. The main event took place in the Wilaya of Mostaganem, but photo exhibitions, conferences, round tables, media initiatives and tree planting activities blossomed everywhere. The file rouge of the events was the relationship among forests, sustainable development and ecology. Among the several topics addressed, special relevance was given to the role of Algerian forests in the national liberation war, the politics of rural renewal in mountain areas, watershed management programs fauna and flora protection, climate change mitigation, and fires prevention. [more]
Go high and hit mountain 4 March 2013 Gilgit-Baltistan Wildlife and Parks Department (GBWPD) and Snow Leopard Foundation (SLF) jointly organized an event in Pakistan with the support of four schools at Gorikoat Astore to celebrate IMD 2012. Mountain and mountain resources of the region were presented in order to to raise awareness and understanding of their relevance. A speech competition was promoted among the students on the theme of Mountains and Natural Resources of Gilgit-Baltistan. Finally, a competition of drawing on wildlife and the related chart presentations concluded the event. It has been a great opportunity for participants to take active role in mountain development, share basic concepts of mountain biodiversity in Gilgit-Baltistan and climate change effect due to increase anthropogenic activities. [more]
Watch the video released by CEE, ICIMOD & RCE Srinagar to celebrate IMD 2012 18 February 2013 To highlight the importance of mountains and promote Mountain Agenda the Centre for Environment Education (CEE) together with ICIMOD and RCE Srinagar observed International Mountain Day 2012 hosting 250 students and teachers in Uttarakhand, India. Drawing, painting, slogan writing, performing skits competitions, lectures by resource people and a rally were organized on the Day. A video has been realized to capture the key moments of the events while raising awareness of the pivotal role that mountain ecosystems play for our planet. Watch the movie here: [more]
National Summit on Sustainable Land Management in Lebanon 1 February 2013 A conference on sustainable land management promoted by the Lebanon Mountain Trail took place in Ghaleb Center in Baabda, Lebanon from 9th to 11th December 2012. The program focused on three themes: nature, power and wealth. Several topics were presented together with related case studies. Climate change, sustainable farming, mountain livelihoods, land tenure and responsible tourism are just a few examples of the addressed issues. Find more information at: [more]
Climate change hampers the socio-economical living conditions in mountains 23 January 2013 In honor of 10th Anniversary of International Year of Mountains, an international “Mountains and Climate” conference was held on International Mountain Day, 11 December 2012 in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. The gathering highlighted a strengthening of partnerships for advocacy of the sustainable mountain development-agenda by joint efforts from the Kyrgyz institutions and their North American partners. According to the final resolution released after the event, the participants expressed concern about the “negative trend of water, forest, soil and arable resources changes and the immediate threat of natural disasters, connected to climate change, for the development of the mountain communities”, and stressed that ”climate change is accompanied by a decline in socio-economic living conditions of mountain ecosystems, and the creation of a fertile ground for the escalation of conflicts.” The organizers advocated for “the promotion of the integrated study of the climate change issues in the mountainous states, the consolidation of efforts of scientific, civil, and international communities in the areas of safety provision during emergencies, preservation of biodiversity, and strengthening of sustainable development in mountainous countries,” and proposed a number of practical initiatives to be implemented in those areas. [more]
Feedback from IMD celebration at Utah Valley University 21 January 2013 UVU’s third annual celebration of International Mountain Day 2012 was held on the campus of UVU on 7th December 2012. The event was attended by nearly 100 members of the community and a variety of local government leaders, with involvement of MP members from Utah. As part of the IMD celebration, the Sustainable Mountain Development Club, sponsored a silent auction fundraiser and raffle where items donated from local businesses were auctioned off in order to raise funds for the “Light a Village Project”. The goal was to raise $1000 to help provide 10 homes with a solar panel powered light and battery in efforts to help stimulate their local economy. Moreover, a delegation from UVU participated in co-organizing a conference in Kyrgyzstan dedicated to the 10th Anniversary of the International Year of Mountains. [more]
Men and Mountains meet in Maharashtra 10 January 2013 The Mumbai-based organization Ecofolks organized a bouquet of initiatives to mark the celebration of IMD 2012. The major event was the mini-marathon "Mathe-run" on 16th December, which covered the 10 km distance from Neral to Matheran, the smallest and the only hill station in Asia where no vehicular traffic is allowed. The itinerary was challenging not only because of the distance but also due to the windy and steep roads. In the same occasion it was held the photo exhibition “Mountains and Me”, with the public display of the winners and special mention photographs. Finally, it was organized a symposium on mountain ecosystem, with the participation of the eminent environmentalist Mr Avinash Kubal. Climb for a cause with Ecofolks! To find out more please visit: and . [more]
Mountain Festival to celebrate IMD 2012 in Pakistan 8 January 2013 In observation of International Mountain Day, the Development Communications Network (DEVCOM), ICIMOD, Ev-K2-CNR, and the Social Economic Environmental Development (SEED) jointly organized the 2nd annual Pakistan Mountain Festival in Islamabad, 10th–12th December. The event was inaugurated by the world-renowned mountaineer Nazir Sabir, the Managing Director of the Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation Mir Shahjehan Kethran, and the General Director of P akistan National Council of Arts Tauqeer Nasir. The festival aimed to raise awareness about the importance of mountains to life, highlight opportunities and constraints in mountain development, and build partnerships to bring positive change to the world's mountains and highlands. Over two dozen mountain communities took part in an exhibition, which displayed nearly 50 paintings from students. To find out more please visit: [more]
First Green Solutions Fair - ICIMOD Knowledge Park at Godavari 8 January 2013 To celebrate International Mountain Day (11th December) and ICIMOD Day (5th December), the ICIMOD Knowledge Park at Godavari opened its doors to the public for the first Green Solutions Fair. The event, held on 8 December, showcased green technologies and demonstrated sustainable farming practices and other innovative practices for income-generation that have been adopted by communities in the Hindu Kush Himalayan region. ICIMOD partners and members of the private sector were also on site to share green technologies that they have developed or adopted. Some major activities included the presentation of the first ICIMOD Green Champion Award, the cycle rally for ‘Green living, Healthy living’, a green market, a documentary and mountain quiz show, a children's drawing competition, and showcases by private sector companies about green products and technologies. Find out more at: [more]
REDAR promotes knowledge exchange in Peru 8 January 2013 In the occasion of the International Mountain Day, the Peruvian Red de Agroindustria Rural (REDAR) organized the 2nd Knowledge Conference among agro-industrialists and university students at the Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina. The aim of the meeting was to highlight the potential value of mountains by exchanging perspectives from the academic world and practical experiences from rural people. The advantages of mountain biodiversity for individuals and humanity were addressed in depth and opportunities for cooperation through internships and thesis work were identified.During the event, professionals from various fields held lectures on best practices, risks and opportunities for agribusiness in Peru. The themes of food security, health, quality and value creation were the file rouge of the discussion. Find out more at: [more]
InfoAndina TV: special edition dedicated to IMD 8 January 2013 On 13th December InfoAndina TV broadcasted a special edition dedicated to the International Mountain Day. The show was opened by a talk between Jorge Recharte, director of Instituto de Montañas, and Juan Torres, professor of Ecosistemas de Montañas at Universidad Nacional Agraria - La Molina. They discussed the importance of mountainous ecosystems and their relation with life, religion, and mysticism. Finally, Jazmine Casafranca, Program Assistant at FAO Peru, presided a section dedicated to Food Security in mountains. Watch the full video at: [more]
CNICIMOD celebrates IMD 2012 in Chengdu, China 3 January 2013 The Chinese Committee on ICIMOD (CNICIMOD) joined the global celebrations for International Mountain Day 2012 on December 11th. Aiming to raise public awareness of sustainable mountain development, CNICIMOD prepared exhibition boards and handed out publications reflecting the findings of the research works on hazard management in mountains, climate change and mountain development. Special attention was given to the involvement of youth in global sustainable development, as they will be the future actors. More information available at: [more]
Explore the new records from Mountain Partnership members in Dagestan, Altai and Tajikistan 27 December 2012 The Association of Mountain Regions of Dagestan welcomes you to its homeland, to enjoy amazing views of high mountains and hospitality of local communities, featured in the photo report ‘ Mountains and people of Dagestan’ . Follow the link: . For the IMD 2012 Magomedgadji Zainulabidov, the head of the Association, recorded a special greeting in Russian: The Foundation for Sustainable Development of Altai invites you to join them for the spiritual tour to the sacred Belukha Mountain in search of the Shambhalla , a mythical kingdom hidden in mountains. The journey is accompanied by a traditional Altai music. Click to join : Listen to the IMD greeting of Aleksander Alchubaev , Minister of Economy and Investments of Altai Republic ( in Russian with English subtitles ): . In Tajikistan the Centre for Climate Change and Disaster Reduction (CCCDR), jointly with NGO ‘Youth for mountain development’ and the University of Central Asia in Khorog, Badakhshan, organized a Round Table ‘ Youth and Mountain Development’, which was accompanied by a photo exhibition. Follow the url to see the photoreport of the event: [more]
The Mexican recipe to support biodiversity in mountains 27 December 2012 Barro Jaguar believes in the combination of nature photography, environmental education and scientific research to stimulate interest and care toward the conservation of biodiversity. The International Mountain Day was the perfect framework to encourage new attitudes among the population. Relive their celebration through this video: [more]
Dagestan, Altai, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan joined the world Celebrating Mountain Life 19 December 2012 The IMD 2012 was widely celebrated by the Mountain Partnership members from Central Asia, Altai and Dagestan. In Bishkek it was organized the event “Market-place for Sustainable Mountain Development Good practices” and the full photo report by Mikhail Romanyiuk, UCA, is available at: The Round Table ‘Youth and Mountain Development’ took place in Khorog, with the goal of raising awareness on the importance of mountain ecosystems for climate change adaptation and discussing how youth can contribute to sustainable mountain development. The conference titled ‘Mountain partnership: outputs and perspectives for mountain communities and ecosystems’ was held in Gornyi Altaisk. Finally, for the first time the International Mountain Day has been observed also in Dagestan, where secondary school pupils have been involved in the art competition ‘Mountains through children eyes’. [more]
First IMD celebrations in Costa Rica 19 December 2012 In 2012 the International Mountain Day was held for the first time in Costa Rica, in the astounding beautiful context of the Poás Volcano National Park. Institutions dedicated to research, environmental education and promotion of conservation and sustainable development participated in the event to discuss the current hot topics concerning Costa Rican mountains and the possibility of establishing new alliances in the near future. [more]
Pictures from Chilean celebration 19 December 2012 This year for the first time IMD was celebrated in Chile with the presence of the FAO team. The event was enlivened by the music performed by the instrumental and vocal Latin American folk music ensemble Inti Illimani. [more]
Solidarity & common good for the development of the Andean region 19 December 2012 Read the article edited by the Argentinean Secretaría de Ambiente y Desarrollo Sustentable in the occasion of IMD 2012 to learn about the celebration in the area and the strategic plan for the future development of the territory. Avalaible at . An interview to Mrs Maria Lidia Testani from Comité de Montañas dealing with the same topic was broadcasted by Radio Maria Argentina and you can listen to it at [more]
IMD Celebrations in Indian Himalaya 19 December 2012 The 10th anniversary of the International Mountain Day was celebrated by CEE Himalaya (Centre for Environment Education, India) across the three Himalayan states of Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand simultaneously with partners. Above 300 students, 50 teachers and concerned citizens shared their views on challenges being faced by people and discussed concerns pertaining to development in Himalaya Mountains. Leading local newspapers commented on the event. [more]
Online photo exhibition celebrating IMD 2012 18 December 2012 Give a look to the beautiful photo gallery realized by Global Mountain Action to celebrate mountain life at [more]
International Mountain Day in Sri Lanka 17 December 2012 Prabhawa environmental organization of Haputale, Sri Lanka, celebrated International Mountain Day 2012 on 9th December at Haputale mountain peak. The city mayor hosted the national flag officially declared the event. The march started from the premises of Haputale Urban council. There was also a Hindu religious ceremony at Kurinji SriMuthu Mariamman Hindu temple. More than 50 climbers joined the event. It took them about 2 hours and a half to get on top. Traditional food was served after the deed. Many activities were coordinated by the scoutswho joined the celebrations. The media took part inthe event, too. [more]
FAO celebrates International Mountain Day 2012 13 December 2012 This is the video FAO released on the occasion of International Mountain Day 2012 to raise awareness of the importance of mountains. In a changing climate, mountain regions are among the most vulnerable. They provide the world with resources such as water, timber, biodiversity and hydraulic energy and they are at risk. More information can be found at: [more]
Día Internacional de las Montañas - A production by Peruvian Ministry for the Environment 12 December 2012 In the framework of IMD 2012 celebrations, the Peruvian Ministry of the Environment released a video marking the relevance of mountain ecosystem and people to the country. It contains a remark by Mr Eduardo Durand López-Hurtado, General Director of Cambio Climático, Desertificación y Recursos Hídricos, who recalls the hot topics currently affecting the Andean mountains. Enjoy the video at : [more]
Perú celebrates International Mountain Day 12 December 2012 On 12th December, the Peruvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of the Environment are jointly organizing the conference “Las Montañas en el Perú Post Río +20: Ecosistemas y Comunidades de Montaña, sostenibles”. The event aims to highlight the most relevant aspects of the state of the art in managing sustainable mountain development in the country and its relations with the outcome of Rio +20 Summit. Furthermore, the ongoing progress in the field of development policies and social inclusion will be discussed. The event will take place at the Main Hall Building Bedoya Carlos Garcia, Jr. Lampa No. 545, Lima at 14:30. To find out more please contact Sonia González – [more]
International Mountain Day in Mexico 11 December 2012 Barro Jaguar, Nature Photography and Conservation, is a Mexican non-profit organization focused on the conservation and preservation of the Mexico´s biodiversity through conservation projects based on nature photography, environmental education and scientific research. It will celebrate the International Mountain Day 2012 with a photography exhibition opening and a talk about the event. [more]
International Mountain Day marks 10th anniversary 11 December 2012 Ten years after the International Year of Mountains, the focus of this year’s International Mountain Day is to celebrate mountain life and sustainable mountain development, drawing attention to the role that mountains play at global level and to the goods and services they provide for all humankind. [more]
International Mountain Day in Chile 10 December 2012 The Minister of Foreign Affairs is planning to celebrate IMD in Chile for the first time. The environmental, cultural and artistic event will focus mainly on children and on social risk, and will take place in "Bosque Santiago" from 9:00 am to 18:00 pm., Tuesday 11th December. There will be a main celebration at midday with authorities, followed by the performance of the famous Andean music group Inti Illimani, earnest supporters projects related to mountains. [more]
Reaching New Heights at the Ends of the Earth - The Strength & Spirit of Women 10 December 2012 The first and only team of breast cancer survivors from the United Arab Emirates marked International Mountain Day 2012 with a challenging hike on Deception Island, Antarctica. The hike was part of the 10-day multi-activity “Jewels of Antarctica” Expedition organized by seasoned adventurer Julie Lewis of Mountain High. Team members originate from Dubai, Scotland, America, South Africa, Britain, Italy, and Lebanon. For more information on Mountain High go to [more]
7 December 2012 The Association LA21 Dénia is collecting mobile phone numbers of each mountain, park or protected area so that a list will be created and delivered. The idea is that on December 9th everybody can virtually call and congratulate each other about on the occasion of International Mountain Day in an easy and fun way - "you call me - I'll call you". Contact person: Fenando Engual Comis - Asesor técnico LA21 Dénia c/ Pare Pere, 17 - Les Portelles, 4.03700 Dénia (Alicante)Tel. 96 646 70 72 - Fax 96 578 65 58 [more]
International Mountain Day Celebrations in Altai Republic 7 December 2012 The Foundation for Sustainable Development of Altai F(SDA) is organizing an event, where the winners of the photo contest “People and Mountains” will be announced, as well as organizations with an outstanding contribution to SMD in Altai. The event will be accompanied by a folklore concert and will take place in the Small Hall of the National Theatre, on the 11th December, from 6,30 p.m. Free entry. [more]
International mountain Day in Iran 6 December 2012 On the occasion of the International Mountain Day, the Mountain Watch Group of the Alpine Club of Iran, will hold some meetings in various cities and will organize two climbs, one on Alvand near Hamadan city, and the other on Siabisheh near Amol city, to draw public attention to the importance of mountain ecosystems. The Mountain Watch will also try to provide the press with articles and news regarding the mountain issues. During the meetings, there will be lectures and slide shows in which different problems of mountains like overgrazing, unsustainable development projects, none- responsible mountaineering and tourism, are addressed. This will be the seventh annual celebration of IMD in Iran, by the Mountain Watch, in the hope that with this kind of activities, there will be a step towards preserving precious natural heritage, i.e. magnificent mountains. For this year, the theme that has been chosen is “Partnership Amongst Mountaineers; A Way to protection of Mountains” . [more]
ICIMOD promotes several events to celebrate International Mountain Day 2012 6 December 2012 In the framework of IMD observance, ICIMOD is preparing a number of initiatives all around its region. The program starts with the ICIMOD Green Solutions Fair, hosted by the Headquarters in Nepal on 8th December. The event is complemented by regional level activities taking place in India and Pakistan. Finally, National Youth Forum on Green Solutions are organized in Nepal (Kathmandu, 6th-8th December), India (Rishikesh, Dehradun, Uttarakhand, 9th-11th December), Bangladesh (Rangamati, 18th-19th December), and Bhutan (Thimphu, 14th-16th December). For the full program visit: [more]
Celebrating International Mountain Day in Central Asia 5 December 2012 This year, IMD is being observed in several countries of Central Asia. The event “Market-place of Good Practices on Sustainable Mountain Development: Mountain Partnership Member contributions” is organized by the Mountain Partnership Secretariat Hub for Central Asia (MPS-DHCA), hosted by the University of Central Asia/Mountain Societies Research Center (UCA/MSRC). For the Kyrgyz Republic, a special two-hour event is being organized jointly with the FAO Country Office on December 11, 2012 at the Academy of Science of KR: Bishkek, Chui avn., 265 A. for more information: [more]
Flag your favourite mountain 4 December 2012 Promoted by WeLoveMountains, the social initiative will take virtually place everywhere from the 1st to 11th December. Everybody is encouraged to take a picture of his/her favourite mountain together with the initiative's flag and upload it on Instagram/twitter/facebook, marking it with the ashtag #welovemountains. This will contribute to the creation of the first georeferential map United Mountains 2012, which will be sent to FAO. Find more information and download the flag here: [more]
VERBIER GREEN PIONEERING SUMMIT 2012 3 December 2012 Verbier will host a number of initiatives from the 9th to the 11th of December: the Verbier Green Pioneering Summit (Verbier GPS), an annual onference focusing on clean energy, sustainability and corporate responsibility with special focus on mountain areas; the Verbier Investment Forum (VIF), that will explore the rapid changes in investment flows in the sustainability sphere, especially renewable energy and resource efficiency; the World Mountain Forum, an annual event under the auspices of the Verbier GPS. Its primary objective is to raise awareness about sustainable mountain development issues around the world and,in particular,the Valais region. The 11th of December will be devoted to the celebration of the International Mountain Day, which will be launched by the world renown mountaineer, guide and explorer Jean Troillet at Place Centrale, Verbier. To find out more: [more]
International Mountain Day - Chile 3 December 2012 The Chilean Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in partnership with the "Asociatión de Municipalidades La Cordillera" and the Comisión Preparatoria for the celebration of the IMD 2012 are observing this year's International Mountain Day in the sign of environmental, cultural and artistic initiatives. The event will take place in Parque Natural Aguas de Ramón (Alvaro Casanova 2583 comuna de La Reina) on the 11th December, from 9,30 to 15. [more]
Celebrating IMD in Costa Rica 30 November 2012 The Centro Cíentifico Tropical is organizing a celebratory event together with the Fundación para el Desarrollo de la Cordillera Volcánica Central (FUNDECOR), the Area de Conservación Volcánica Central (ACCVC) - Sistema Nacional de Áreas de Conservación (SINAC), and the Instituto Metereológico Nacional (IMN) - Ministerio del Ambiente, Energía y Telecomunicaciones (MINAET). The ceremony will take place on 11th December from 9 am to 1 pm at the Auditorio of Parque Nacional Volcán Poás. [more]
Commemorating IYM 2002 at Utah Valley University 27 November 2012 During IMD 2012, the State of Utah and Utah International Mountain Forum will host a gathering commemorating the 10th anniversary of the International Year of the Mountains. This would be the occasion for recognizing many of the major contributions from the State of Utah to the global mountain agenda for the year 2012. The event will be held on Friday, December 7, 2012 at 7:00 PM in the new Utah Valley University Science Center Auditorium. Find more details at: [more]
International Mountain Day in Dénia 26 November 2012 This is the video produced by the Ajuntament de Dénia and the Diputació Barcelona and other Spanish authorities, to observe and celebrate this year’s International Mountain Day: [more]
International Mountain Day goes postal 21 November 2012 The Government of South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands are releasing a set of postage stamps in December illustrating mountains and individuals after whom they were named in connection to the 10th Anniversary of International Mountain Day. The International Mountain Day logo will appear on the First Day Cover envelopes so as to provide collectors with a better understanding of the relevance and timing of the issue as well as create awareness on the relevance of mountains. The mountains are linked to the age of exploration and the height of the British Empire. The Allardyce Range is named after Sir William Lamond Allardyce, who distinguished himself during the Battle of the Falkland Islands in the WWI. Mount Carse owes its name to explorer and broadcaster Duncan Carse. Stenhouse Peak is named after Joseph Russell Stenhouse, who served with distinction in WWI. And then Mount Paget, which is the highest mountain on South Georgia and any territory of the United Kingdom (2934 metres). It is named after Admiral Sir Alfred Wyndham Paget, who commanded the Squadron from which HMS Sappho was detached to visit South Georgia in 1906, under the command of Captain Hodges. The stamp issue will be sold from the Post Office on South Georgia both for postage and to tourists. It will be sold to stamp collectors via the philatelic Bureau in the Falkland Islands and distributed to stamp dealers via Pobjoy Mint in Surrey, UK. To see the collection visit also: [more]
21 November 2012 On the 1st December 2012 an international team of female breast cancer survivors, will leave for Antarctica for a 11 days expedition. Team members originate from the UAE, India, South Africa, America, Great Britain, Scotland, Italy, and Lebanon. The team will be at the most Southerly place in the World (Ushuaia). During the expedition the team will complete a series of activities to include kayaking, snow shoeing, shore camping and the opportunity to summit on two mountain peaks as well as enjoy the wildlife of Antarctica. The initiative will endorse the celebration of the International Mountain Day, underlining the tight bonds between mountain and people. The team will have a cloth banner with the International Day Mountain Logo and there will be a flag ceremony planned to celebrate the Day and the start of their ten-day floating expedition aboard the ice vessel M/V Plancius , build on purpose for the event. The personal and team stories will be shared in the form of a short film and book to celebrate the courage of these women facing the challenges posed by cancer. “ This expedition is a great opportunity to reinforce the strength and spirit of women, women as explorers” says Julie Lewis of Mountain High, the leader of the expedition. “ The team are fabulous roving ambassadors for Breast Cancer awareness and great spokeswomen to encourage more women to get into action and take charge of their health. Prevention is always better than cure so as well as awareness and education we believe strongly in the importance of regular screening and a integrated healthy active lifestyle” To follow their experience visit also: [more]

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