IPC Reform

After consultations and deliberations since 2012, a vote on the proposal (http://www.fao.org/3/MX572EN/mx572en.pdf) to amend the IPC Convention was held in FAO, Rome, on 6 February 2019, during a Special Session of the IPC. Of the 28 Member Nations present, 26 voted in favor; the proposal was thus endorsed in accordance with Article XII of the IPC Convention.

According to the IPC Convention and FAO General Rules, the amended text will now pass through the Committee on Constitutional and Legal Matters and FAO Council to the FAO Conference for its consideration and concurrence in June 2019. If the FAO Conference concurs with the proposed amendments to the IPC Convention, the new text will come into force and the title of the IPC will be “International Commission on Poplars and Other Fast-Growing Trees Sustaining People and the Environment”.

It is hoped that the amended convention will allow the successful approaches and networks developed by the IPC to be applied for new species and in new geographies.

last updated:  Friday, February 15, 2019