Logo of the International Poplar Commission

The logo of the International Poplar Commission was designed to commemorate the 65th anniversary of the IPC in 2012 and the 24th IPC Session at Dehradun, India in the same year.

The logo shows the multiple role that Salicaceae have in forestry and agroforestry for the improvement of rural livelihoods. It displays an agro-sylvo-pastoral setting and is composed of a farmer ploughing arable land, a grazing cow, and three poplar trees providing shade, shelter and wood. The embedded FAO logo indicates that the International Poplar Commission is an FAO technical statutory body that pursues the mission of FAO and the achievement of the UN Millennium Development Goals.

The logo was prepared by Mr. Roberto Cenciarelli, FAO graphic designer, in 5 different versions, which had been sent to the members of the IPC Executive Committee, and to the chairpersons and secretaries of the 6 IPC working parties. The logo presented below was selected by them in a simple voting procedure as the most suitable format.

The IPC Secretariat on 21 December 2011

last updated:  Friday, August 2, 2013