Cooperation Projects

Technical cooperation

The International Poplar Commission (IPC) actively promotes the exchange of ideas and materials between research workers, producers and users. The IPC Secretariat has acted to coordinate programmes and provide candidates for consultants' posts in projects concerned with poplar and willow cultivation, and to facilitate the reception of foreign colleagues by specialists, at first in Europe, but now in other regions, for varying periods of time.

The IPC, through FAO, has been involved in a number of technical support projects. One of the first was the establishment of the Poplar Cultivation Institute (now the Poplar and Fast Growing Trees Research Institute) at Izmit, Turkey, in 1962.
Since then many other countries have received some form of technical support through development projects as the Three North Shelterbelt System Programme in Northeast China (including Inner Mongolia) or the most recent project on Poplar in East Mediterranean countries (GCP/INT/059/ITA), funded by the Government of Italy.
last updated:  Friday, April 8, 2011