Co-hosted with Italy, the IPC will hold its twenty-sixth Session in Rome, Italy at FAO from 6-9 October 2020, with three days of dedicated scientific and technical discussions to take place around the formal Session. The IPC welcomes:

  • registration to the Session from representatives of Member Nations of FAO and the National Commissions of the IPC at;
  • the IPC also welcomes submission of relevant technical papers and abstracts for presentation at this Session by 22 April, and pre-registration for the Technical Programme at the conference website

There is no registration fee for the participation at FAO’s premises of delegates, speakers, presenters, or other participants of the formal and technical sessions. 


©FAO/Giuseppe Carotenuto

The National Commissions of France and Italy are organizing optional pre- and post-session study tours in Aquitaine (1-4 October) and northeast Italy (9-12 October). See more information on the conference website.


last updated:  Thursday, March 26, 2020