Country Progress Reports

Country reports prepared by National Poplar Commissions in each member country detail progress in knowledge, technology and techniques in Poplar and Willow culture, production and utilization since the 21st Session, 2000. These country reports provide information for items on the agenda of the Session and exchange of technical and statistical information.

The deadline for National Poplar Commissions to submit Country Progress Reports to the IPC has been extended to the 30 September. These are urgently needed to allow preparation of a Global Synthesis for presentation at the 22nd Session.

Chairs of National Poplar Commissions are urged to complete the country reports in electronic format in conformity with the Guidelines for Country Reports (English, French, Spanish) and submit to Statistical details in Annex 1 are particularly important to complete. Please direct any queries to

Should countries that are not members of the IPC wish to submit statistics as detailed in Annex 1, these will also be incorporated into syntheses.

Note: to open the electronic form please double click on the word icon or copy it on local disk before opening

last updated:  Monday, September 27, 2004