Guidelines for country and working party reports

Country reports prepared by National Poplar Commissions in each member country detail progress in knowledge, technology and techniques in Poplar and Willow culture, production and utilization since the 21st Session, 2000. These country reports provide information for items on the agenda of the Session and exchange of technical and statistical information.

The deadline for National Poplar Commissions to submit Country Progress Reports to the IPC is 30 June 2012. These are needed to allow preparation of a Global Synthesis for presentation at the 24th Session.

Chairs of National Poplar Commissions are requested to complete both the country reports and the questionnaire available in electronic format in English  French  and Spanish . Country reports have to conform with the Guidelines and are available in English French  and Spanish  and submit to

The Guidelines for working party reports  and Preparation of Program of Work provide a useful tool for working party chairs to prepare the reports and program of work for the 46th Executive Committee Meeting on 29 Oct 2012.

Statistical details in the questionnaire will complement the Country National Report and are particularly important to complete.
Response to the questionnaire is crucial for IPC to allow country, regional and global analyses of status and trends in Planted Forest development and to assist in improving formulation of policies, preparing outlook studies and undertaking planning, management, monitoring and reporting.

We understand the difficulties that experts can find in providing such information however in lack of detailed statistical data, aggregated data and/or best professional estimates are also very much appreciated.

Please direct any queries to Alberto Del Lungo

Should countries that are not members of the IPC wish to submit statistics as detailed in the  questionnaire, these will also be incorporated into syntheses.

last updated:  Sunday, October 28, 2012