Scientific Committee   by field of expertise


Chairman: Dr. P.P. Bhojvaid, India, contact:,
: Dr. Stefano Bisoffi, Italy, contact: 


Country  Contact    
1) Poplar and willow deseases
Dr. Y.P. SinghIndia        
Ms. Marijke Steenackers
2) Poplar and Willow Insects and Other Animal Pests
Dr. Arun Pratap
Dr. Sylvie Augustin
3) Harvesting and Utilization of Poplar and Willow Wood 
Dr. Vimal
Dr. Joris van

Dr. P.K. Pandey
4) Poplar and Willow Genetics, Conservation, and Improvement
Prof. N.B.
Mr. Ian Mc IvorNew Zealand     
Dr. Dinesh
Ms. Teresa
Dr. H.S.
Prof. Dr. Lu
Dr. Catherine Bastien
5) Poplar and Willow Production Systems
Sh. A.S.
Mr. Jim
Dr. R.C.
Dr. Enrico
Sh. Gulshan Ahuja
6) Environmental Applications of Poplars and Willows
Dr. S.
Prof. Dr. Martin
Dr. Jud Isebrands
7) Nomenclature and Registration, Taxonomy
Dr. Julia
Dr. Stefano


last updated:  Wednesday, August 22, 2012