Selected key publications

The publications listed below present clear, concise information on global forest issues for the general reader and policy-makers.

For more detailed information or publications addressing specific topics or geographical areas, visit the FAO Forestry Publications webpage.

 Global forestry issues 

Natural Inquirer
The Natural Inquirer is an integrated science education journal for students aged 11-14. Based on FRA 2010 findings, this world's forests edition was produced in collaboration with the US Forest Service and has new comprehensive content, graphs and pictures as well as lesson plans for educators and student exercises.

State of the World's Forests 2011
The ninth biennial issue, published at the outset of 2011, the International Year of Forests, considers the theme ‘Changing pathways, changing lives: forests as multiple pathways to sustainable development’.

Special photographic issue of Unasylva 
The issue expresses the theme of the international year – “Forests for people” – by showing how forests are important to nearly all kinds of human activity.


Global Forest Resources Assessment 2010: Key findings
The Global Forest Resources Assessment 2010 (FRA 2010) is the most comprehensive assessment of the world’s forests ever. It covers 233 countries and areas for the period 1990 to 2010. 


Forests and climate change: a convenient truth
17 minute video presentation produced by FAO and the UK Forestry Commission

Forest briefs for policymakers 


Developing effective forest policy
Ten things to know about forest policy. A quick guide to developing forest policies.

Forest governance and climate change mitigation
Key messages about governance and climate change mitigation, prepared by ITTO and FAO.

Managing forests for climate change
FAO is working with countries to tackle climate change through sustainable forest management

Why invest in watershed management?
Watersheds offer multiple services to human societies. The world’s supply of freshwater for domestic, agriculture and industry uses depends heavily on flows that are created and regulated by watersheds.

Enhancing stakeholder participation in national forest programmes
Outlines the benefits of participation in developing national forest programmes.

Planted forests in sustainable forest management: a statement of principles
Key messages about planted forests and sustainable management.

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