International Year of Forests 2011

Events list:

country:Trinidad and Tobago
date:24 Oct 2011 - 25 Oct 2011
event type:Civil Society
name of the event:Women in Forestry in the Caribbean
description (english):Objectives a. To provide an avenue for sharing of experiences among women foresters in the Caribbean, analysing issues faced, and working together to develop and communicate strategies for addressing these, including continued communication, collaboration and mentoring. b. To analyse gender issues of national, regional and global importance c. To identify strategies to address issues, including both strategies for women foresters to implement as well as ways that they can be better enabled and supported. d. To develop relationships with other related female support groups in the Caribbean to learn from their experiences with gender issues and to stimulate ongoing dialogue and support. e. To develop a network of female foresters in the Caribbean to provide ongoing support, communication, mentoring and collaboration. 11. Outputs: a. A regional symposium report inclusive of papers and recommendations b. Policy briefs with key messages on regional issues for regional and international forum. 12. Short-term outcomes: a. Two day symposium with 40 women from forestry, other natural resource management fields and women’s groups, including from government, private sector and civil society b. Symposium report highlighting issues related to women in forestry in the Caribbean c. Press releases, newspapers features, radio and TV announcements and/or interviews highlighting issues related to women in forestry in the Caribbean d. Policy brief on highlighting issues related to women in forestry in the Caribbean e. The development of a Caribbean Professional Women in Forestry Network
venue:Turtle Beach by Rex Resort, Courland Bay, Scarborough
organizer:Conservator of Forests
contact name:Antony R.Ramnarine
email:[email protected]
date:19 Oct 2011 - 19 Oct 2011
event type:General Public
name of the event:Tertulias Bio-lógicas "Bosques:economía y biodiversidad"
description (english):Faithful to the idea that motivated us to launch the first edition of the Bio-logical Gatherings, which is nothing to promote biological culture in society, we began for the period 2011-2012 with a constant current issue: forests , economy and biodiversity. Beyond the opportunity provided by the International Year of Forests (Resolution adopted by the UN General Assembly 61/193), we emphasize the importance of the forest and forest resources in general pose to the planet , and therefore, the great responsibility that human beings have for achieving a sustainable resource management. We intend to address this issue from several points of view: scientific, economic and environmental. To do this, we've had with people of undoubted expertise in the field, from the University, the R + D + i, business and environmental public administration, who first exhibited their views on the situation Current and future prospects of the woods, in his dual role of economic and ecological resource, thereafter maintain a fruitful discussion with the public
description (local language):Fieles a la idea que nos motivó a poner en marcha la primera edición de las Tertulias Bio-lógicas, que no es otra que promover la cultura biológica en la sociedad, iniciamos las correspondientes al curso 2011-2012 con un tema de actualidad permanente: bosques, economía y biodiversidad. Más allá de la oportunidad que nos brinda la celebración del Año Internacional de los Bosque (Resolución aprobada por la Asamblea General de la ONU 61/193), queremos hacer hincapié en la importancia que el bosque y en general los recursos forestales suponen para el planeta, y por tanto, la gran responsabilidad que el ser humano tiene en una gestión sostenible de este recurso. Pretendemos abordar este asunto desde varios puntos de vista: científico, económico y ambiental. Para ello, hemos contado con personas de indudable experiencia y conocimientos en la materia, procedentes de la Universidad, los Centros de I+D+i, la empresa y la administración pública ambiental, quienes en primer lugar expondrán su punto de vista sobre la situación actual y las perspectivas de futuro de los bosques, en su doble faceta de recurso económico y ecológico, para seguidamente mantener un enriquecedor debate con el público asistente.
venue:Salón de Grados de la Facultad de Ciencias de la Universidad de Extremadura. Badajoz.
organizer:Colegio Oficial de Biólogos de Extremadura
contact name:Antonio Palomeque
email:[email protected]
date:19 Oct 2011 - 22 Jun 2011
event type:General Public
name of the event:Rediscovering wood: the key to a sustainable future - International Conference and Exhibition on the Art and Joy of Wood
description (english):The overall aim of the conference will be to examine how the production and use of wood products can contribute to sustainable development and how greater demands for sustainability might present new opportunities for development of the wood products sector.
venue:Indian Institute of Science, J N Tata Auditorium
organizer:FAO (FOE), IWST, IPIRTI
contact name:Amita Saltmarch
email:[email protected]
date:12 Oct 2011 - 12 Oct 2011
event type:Practitioners
name of the event:Collaborative Partnership on Forests (CPF) for Water Security
description (english):Kashmir Institute of National Development (KIND) plans to form AJK Collaborative Partnership on Forests (CPF) on a voluntary basis. The mission of the AJK Collaborative Partnership is to promote the management, conservation and sustainable development of all types of forest and strengthen long term political commitment to this end. AJK-CPF members shall share their experiences and build on them to produce new benefits for their respective constituencies. Joint initiatives and other collaboration activities will be supported by voluntary contributions from participating members.
venue:GENIUS Vocational Training Complex, Mughal Plaza, Zero Point, Jalalabad Byepass, Muzaffarabad
organizer:Kashmir Institute of National Development (KIND)
contact name:Prof. Eng. A.M.H.Kango
email:[email protected]
date:4 Oct 2011 - 4 Nov 2011
event type:Schools
name of the event:El valor de los bosques
description (english):This is an outreach activity with schools of secondary education. Students particpate identifying the importance of forest ecosystems of Amazonia.
description (local language):Esta es una actividad de divulgación con los colegios de educación media. Los estudiantes particpan identificando la importancia de los ecosistemas boscosos de la Amazonia.
venue:Colegios de Leticia, Amazonas
organizer:Instituto Amazónico de Investigaciones Científicas Sinchi
contact name:Juan Sebastian Barreto Silva
email:[email protected]
date:29 Aug 2011 - 31 Aug 2011
event type:Schools
name of the event:VISETORM-VI (Vivekananda Science Exhibition to the rural Masses)
description (english):VIivekananda College organized five science exhibitions in the name of VISETORM (Vivekananda Science Exhibition to the rural Masses) during 2001, 2002, 2005, 2007 and 2010 to create enthusiasm and awareness for basic sciences among high school and higher secondary students. The three day events were great success and around 6,000- 10,000 school students from rural schools participated and benefited. This year the main theme of the exhibition is to celebrate IYC2011 and International Year of forestry. We expect around 10, 000 school students to visit the mega event to be held on 29, 30 and 31st of August, 2011.This event is conducted free of charges and we provide free noon meal to all the visitors of the event.
venue:VIivekananda College
organizer:Vivekananda College
contact name:Rajendran Palaniswami
email:[email protected]
date:29 Jun 2011 - 1 Jul 2011
event type:Practitioners
name of the event:VII Congreso Forestal Centroamericano
description (english):The main objective of this event is to highlight the strategic importance of forest ecosystems conservation of biodiversity, economic and cultural development in Central America. Specifically, we expect:
description (local language):El objetivo principal de este evento es destacar la importancia estratégica de los ecosistemas forestales para la conservación de la biodiversidad, desarrollo socioeconómico y cultural de la región centroamericana. Específicamente se espera:
venue:Hotel Las Mercedes
organizer:Una, Uni, Cras, FAO
contact name:
date:23 Jun 2011 - 24 Jun 2011
event type:Civil Society
name of the event:Roma Forest 2011
description (english):Great attention is today paid by society and by international/national policies to environmental protection. This attention extends today forest functions beyond the production objectives, involving new issues and challenges such as climate change mitigation, biodiversity conservation, energy production, water cycle management, soil erosion and desertification containment, natural risks prevention and forest historical-cultural landscape management.
description (local language):Grande attenzione è oggi pagato dalla società e dalle politiche internazionali / nazionali a tutela dell'ambiente. Questa attenzione si estende funzioni delle foreste oggi oltre gli obiettivi di produzione, coinvolgendo nuovi problemi e sfide come mitigazione dei cambiamenti climatici, la conservazione della biodiversità, la produzione di energia, gestione del ciclo dell'acqua, l'erosione del suolo e il contenimento della desertificazione, la prevenzione dei rischi naturali e forestali storico-culturale del paesaggio.
organizer:CPF members and associates
contact name:
date:21 Jun 2011 - 21 Jun 2011
event type:Government
name of the event:24th Session Asia-Pacific Forestry Commission
description (english):The Asia-Pacific Forestry Commission (APFC) is one of six FAO Regional Forestry Commissions that cover the world's major geographic regions. The APFC is a forum for advising and taking action on key forestry issues. It focuses on issues pertinent to Asia and the Pacific, a region characterized by its diversity and rapid changes.
description (local language):亚太林业委员会(APFC)是粮农组织六个区域林业委员会,涵盖了世界主要地理区域之一。该APFC是一个咨询和采取行动的主要林业问题的论坛。它着重于问题的有关亚洲和太平洋地区,其多样性和快速变化为特征的区域。
venue:Conference center
contact name:Patrick Durst
email:[email protected]
date:16 Jun 2011 - 17 Jun 2011
event type:Government
description (local language):El Programa BOSQUES, con el apoyo del proyecto Conservación de Bosques Comunitarios de la cooperación alemana (GIZ), desarrolló el referido evento los días 16 y 17 de Junio, en la ciudad de Lima. En el Año Internacional de los Bosques, se realizó este evento internacional con la finalidad de promover un mayor conocimiento e interés sobre los mecanismos financieros para la conservación de bosques, intercambiar experiencias y lecciones aprendidas de su aplicación en otros países, así como generar recomendaciones para la implementación y diversificación de la cartera de instrumentos de conservación del Programa BOSQUES y otros esfuerzos del entorno nacional. La gestión sostenible de los bosques cobra especial relevancia considerando que hemos perdido ya más del 50% de ellos en el planeta. En el Perú, al 2009, hemos perdido ya más de 8 millones de ha de bosques primarios amazónicos. Conservar estos valiosos ecosistemas resulta necesario para nuestra economía, puesto que los bosques proporcionan alimentos, plantas medicinales, agua y otros servicios ambientales claves para la población; son emporios de biodiversidad y desempeñan una función vital de estabilización del clima y el medio ambiente. Los bosques mitigan el cambio climático y son un factor clave para nuestra adaptación a este fenómeno global. Los bosques forman parte del patrimonio forestal nacional y son fuente de riqueza y desarrollo sostenible para el país. México, Brasil, Costa Rica, Bolivia y Ecuador, fueron los países que presentaron sus respectivas experiencias, desarrolladas desde hace algunos años. De forma complementaria, se presentó una perspectiva global sobre los avances y tendencias en el mundo, respecto a la aplicación de este tipo de mecanismos para la conservación de bosques. A este importante espacio técnico, asistieron los representantes de los catorce departamentos con bosques en el Perú, funcionarios de la cooperación internacional, líderes de las organizaciones indígenas y gremiales, así como especialistas de la sociedad civil y de los organismos públicos con competencias sobre los bosques peruanos. Considerando la relevancia de este tema para nuestro país, se ha previsto la publicación de la memoria del evento.
venue:Hotel Meliá, Av. Salaverry 2599, San Isidro. Horario de 8.30 am a 5.30 pm. Lima - Perú
organizer:Programa Nacional de Conservación de Bosques para la Mitigación del Cambio Climático
contact name:Roxana Ramos
email:[email protected]
country:United States of America
date:27 May 2011 - 27 May 2011
event type:Children
name of the event:Walk in the woods
description (english):The Burns Park elementary school is sponsoring a walk in the Ann Arbor Arboretum with a docent from the University of Michigan for students from 1-5 grades
venue:Ann Arbor Arboretum,1800 N. Dixboro Road
organizer:Burns Park Elementary School
contact name:
email:Marion Cranmore
date:1 Jan 2011 - 31 Dec 2011
event type:Civil Society
name of the event:El Camino de las Ardillas
description (english):La Fundación + árboles (More Trees Foundation) present "The Way of the Squirrels", a proposal to establish an environmental corridor from Tarifa (Spain) to the French Massif Central, to recover the lost forest heritage and the connectivity of plants, animals and people. To this end, signaled an extensive network of trails, taking advantage of old drove roads, forest tracks and roads, which allow the transit of walkers and volunteers plant-trees regain their cover. This trail network will be supplemented by a detailed guide, mapping and reports, and agreements with the government and individuals, the reforestation plots and mountains or the distribution of seeds and seedlings. 
 With European vocation, in the first phase will cross about 400 Spanish and 100 French municipalities, acting at the headwaters of major rivers of the Iberian Peninsula. On August 1, 2011 and after some months of technical preparation of the project, which marks the International Year of Forests, the first walk start. An initial field assessment by Juan Valero, accompanied by Iñaki Alejo and a squirrel leaping designed by Javier Mariscal and painted in the van donated by Volkswagen Multivan. His opinions and feelings are reflected in a personal blog, open to participation.
description (local language):Proyecto de la Fundación + árboles, "El Camino de las Ardillas" es una propuesta de establecer un corredor ambiental desde Tarifa (España) hasta el Macizo Central francés, una propuesta de recuperación del patrimonio forestal perdido y de recuperar la conectividad de vegetales, animales y también personas. Para ello, se señalizará una extensa red de senderos -aprovechando antiguas vías pecuarias, pistas forestales o simples caminos vecinales-, que permitirán el tránsito de aficionados al senderismo y voluntarios planta-árboles que recuperen su cubierta vegetal. Esta red de senderos se verá complementada por una detallada guía, cartografía e informes, además de convenios con la administración y particulares, para la reforestación de parcelas y montes o el reparto de semillas y plantones.

 Con vocación europeísta, en la primera fase se atravesarán unos 400 municipios españoles y 100 franceses, actuando en las cabeceras de los principales ríos de la Península Ibérica. El 1 de agosto de 2011 y tras unos meses de preparación técnica del proyecto, que conmemora el Año Internacional de los Bosques, se inicia la primera andadura. Una primera evaluación sobre el terreno a cargo de Juan Valero, acompañado por Iñaki Alejo y una ardilla saltarina diseñada por Javier Mariscal y pintada en la furgoneta multiván cedida por Volkswagen. Sus opiniones y sensaciones se recogen en un blog personal, abierto a la participación.
venue:Several places in Spain and France
organizer:Fundación + árboles
contact name:Juan Segarra
email:[email protected]