FAO Forestry collaborative work in Nicaragua

FAO forestry initiatives and programmes in the field apply the very best knowledge and experience that FAO can offer, blending inputs from across headquarters and decentralized offices. The work of the FAO Multidonor Partnership Programme (FMPP) and associated efforts in Nicaragua have created important internal synergies and fostered improved internal communication.


Working together, these FAO programmes have contributed to the sustainable development of the forest sector in Nicaragua:

  • The national forest policy and the national forest programme (NFP) recently updated in close collaboration with the NFP Facility;
  • The national and local forest governance strengthened in Estelí and Madríz in partnership with the FAO Multidonor Partnership Programme (FMPP);
  • The national forest inventory adopted with the assistance from the National Forestry Monitoring Assessment (NMFA).

The implementation of these three initiatives constitutes the framework through which the national and local forest governance is strengthened.

FAO Forestry Support in Nicaragua

  • Since May 2009, the FAO Multidonor Partnership Programme (FMPP) and the NFP Facility have responded to specific needs of the National Forest Institute (INAFOR) and Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MAGFOR) in their efforts to implement the national forest policy, the forest law, the national forest programme (NFP) and the national and local forest governance, complementing their activities in different areas of the country.
  • FMPP has developed a strong collaboration with the NFP Facility in the process of harmonizing the forest regulatory framework at the local level in Estelí and Madríz. This process has focused on community forestry, stakeholder participation and forest governance and on developing the national forestry regulatory framework for protection from invasive species, pests and diseases.
  • The FMPP and the NFP Facility have therefore complemented and added value to the following specific objectives prioritized by the national government:
    • support for the participatory development of action plans in the nfp framework;
    • promotion of the dissemination  and updates to the forest management tools and methods through stakeholder participation; and 
    • support for increased local government capacity in technical, administrative and legal aspects promoting sustainable forestry. 
  • Those efforts represent a continuation of the government initiatives started in 2005, supported but the FAO Netherlands Partnership Programme (FNPP) and the NFP Facility.
  • Within this context, the results of the National Forestry Monitoring Assessment (NMFA) have strengthened the consultative process of the FMPP through the implementation of the territorial agendas of local forest committees and the creation of a Department of National Forest Inventories by INAFOR.

last updated:  Friday, May 28, 2010