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Forest industry

The following includes statistics and other information about forest resources in Liberia, plus some old documents and reports that may be of interest and use today.

Sio, F K, 1986, Liberia: the legal and institutional framework for citizen participation in forest industries, chapter from FAO Forestry Paper 68, FAO, Rome. This paper describes the current level of local participation in the forest industry in Liberia. It describes some of the obstacles and opportunities for greater participation, which mostly relate to the legal and institutional framework governing forestry in the country. It presents some conclusions about how some of the obstacles might be overcome. Zip file (179 KB).

Lyons, M J, 1984, FIAG assistance programme to the African Timber Organisation (ATO): the Republic of Liberia, FAO Field Document, FAO, Rome. This report presents the results of an exercise to model forest industry development in Liberia. It presents background information about Liberia and the forestry sector, then discusses the trends and projections in forest cover and production and trade of forest products. It suggests that forest resources will not be able to meet future demand for wood and recommends that forest plantations should be planted to meet this demand. PDF file (756 KB).

Doe, J W, 1984, The Liberia forest sector assessment: pertinent policy issues and recommendations for consideration, FAO Field Document, FAO, Rome. This report presents an assessment of the current status of the forestry sector in Liberia, covering the planted and natural forest resource and supply and demand for wood and wood products. It concludes by presenting a number of policy issues and recommendations. PDF file (546 KB).