Frequently Asked Questions

1. I need a work-related book - will the Centre buy it for me?

The Forestry Information Centre - FIC (formerly the Forestry Library) has a central budget code to purchase books for the Department (FOEL budget). Unless it is a relatively expensive specialized book (more or less over $50), in which case we may ask the requesting officer to provide a budget code. If an officer needs a particular book, she/he can order it through the FIC where it will be catalogued, and then check the book out. After you are finished using the book, please return it to the library so that it is available to others.

For any enquiries, contact Forestry Information Centre or Tel. 52330 / 54161

2. I need a work-related book, can I keep it?

The Centre encourages users to place all books purchased with FAO resources in the Centre collection. We consider the books as corporate resources that should be available for all staff members. However, you can have a permanent loan which allows you to keep the book with you but the Centre includes it in the FAO online catalogue, so that everyone may know it exists.

3. I need a subscription to a journal - how do I go about it?

This is the same procedure as for books. Consider funding an institutional online subscription through the Centre, making it easy for you and colleagues to access anytime from your desktop.

For any enquiries, contact Forestry Information Centre or Tel. 52330 / 54161

4. How do I order Videos? Maps? CD-Roms?

This is the same procedure as for books and subscriptions.

5. Where do I order recently published FAO publications in hard copy?

The Centre does not handle purchase orders for new FAO publications listed in the publications sale catalogue. These are available directly from FAO Distribution Group.

6. How can I have the Table of Contents of a journal sent to me by email?

Go to the Virtual Library page›TOC and select the journal title; if the title is not in the list, send a request to Forestry Information Centre

7. I want to donate new books, conference or other publications to the Centre so that they are available to others. Where should I send them? What exactly happens with the donated books?

Your generosity will be very much appreciated by the Centre and its users. Owing to resource and space constraints, the Centre does need to be selective about non-FAO titles added to the collection. Please contact your Librarian. Donated books selected for relevance to the collection will be catalogued, indexed and have a record created for them in the FAO online catalogue.

If you are an FAO staff member and you are the author or editor of the publication, the Centre would appreciate receiving three copies (one for Main Library use, one for the Forestry Information Centre use and one for the permanent institutional memory).

8. I have built up a collection of publications in my office over time but now I need the space – I would like to find a new home for them. Can the Centre take them?

Unfortunately the Centre has space problems too! If the items are published FAO titles they will already be in the collection. If they are FAO items of limited distribution, or recent non-FAO titles, Centre staff will be interested to come and review them before they are packed away. Please contact the Centre (54161). Please do not send boxes of publications to the Centre unsolicited.

9. How do I know if I should borrow or buy the book or journal issue I need?

If the book or journal is already in the Centre you can usually borrow it, or it may be accessible online; to find out if it is in the collection do a title search in the FAO online catalogue: To find more about your entitlements check on: Loan policy

10. I have requested a book or a subscription for work-related purposes - what happens next?

When the book arrives you will receive an email notice to come and borrow it. If you have ordered an online subscription you will be alerted by email as soon as it is active.

11. I have suggested a book for purchase and storage by the Centre, but would like to be notified when it arrives. Is this possible?

If you have suggested a book for acquistion by the Centre, you will receive an email notice when it is ready to be borrowed, after it arrives and has been catalogued.

12. What happens if I lose a FIC book?

If you have lost or severely damaged a FIC book, it must be replaced or refunded. You may opt to purchase and supply a replacement copy yourself, or request the Centre to do so, in which case please provide an Adm31 form with authorised budget code, marking it clearly "REPLACEMENT FOR LOST COPY". The Centre will charge the cost of the publication plus 10% shipping/handling costs.

Alternatively, if your Division does not authorise funds to replace the lost item, the Centre will inform you of the cost of replacement including 10% shipping/handling costs; this amount should be deposited, in cash at the Treasury Window, into the Centre account (against the budget code the y staff provides). The Treasury will provide a receipt which should be attached to an Adm31 form, to be forwarded to the Centre, duly completed and marked "REPLACEMENT FOR LOST COPY".

13. Can Acquisitions buy a book or subscription for my personal (non-official) use?

FAO Library Acquisitions handles only official orders. Owing to the financial procedures of the Organisation they are not able to make private purchases for FAO staff.

If you are based in Headquarters, for locally available newspapers and magazines, you may wish to contact FAO Newsagent, and for private book purchases, you may wish to contact Food for Thought Bookshop (Building B Ground Floor).

14. I am a volunteer/consultant, can I borrow FIC items?

FO volunteers and consultants are permitted to borrow FIC items as long as they ensure the loan period does not exceed the duration of their terms of reference. Volunteers and consultants in other departments are not permitted to borrow FIC items.

15. I am a retiree, can I borrow FIC items?

Retirees are not permitted to borrow FIC items.

16. I am an external user, can I visit the FIC/borrow items?

External users are not permitted to borrow items from the FIC collection. If they wish to visit the Centre, they are required to contact the Centre staff to schedule an appointment in advance. The FIC is open to external users on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9.30 to 12.30 and 13.30 to 16.00.

17. How many items can I borrow at once, and how long can I keep them for?

FO staff members, volunteers and consultants are allowed to borrow a maximum of ten items at once. Periodicals may be kept for a maximum period of two weeks, and books and monographic series, for a maximum period of one month.

Non-FO staff members may borrow up to two books at once, for a maximum period of two weeks; periodicals may not be borrowed, but can be consulted in the Centre.

18. I still need my item after its due date; can I renew my loan?

Yes, but you will need to contact the Centre staff to let them know you wish to renew your loans, and they will instruct you accordingly (in certain cases, a new loan card will need to be filled out; in other cases, this may not be necessary). If another user needs the item, it may have to be returned.

last updated:  Wednesday, March 7, 2012