Forestry Information Centre Loan Policy

Forestry Information Centre Loan Policy


1. Users are responsible for all materials charged under their name and signature. It is recommended that users not sub-lend materials.
2. Users will be responsible for any mutilation (including defacement) found in Centre materials when returned. They should check and report any mutilation found before borrowing. Mutilation includes underlining, through-lining in transparent colour, writing of comments in a book, removal of pages or pictures, or any other damage.
3. Any user losing or irreparably damaging a book or other item borrowed through or belonging to the FAO Forestry Information Centre shall be liable for the replacement cost of the item. Any user damaging an item which is repairable shall be liable for the cost of the repair.
The lending policy varies depending on the type of publication to be borrowed and the type and duration of the users¿ contracts.

1. FO STAFF MEMBERS IN HQ: The FAO Forestry Library's main customers are the staff members of the Forestry Department. They can borrow a maximum of ten items at a time, as: Periodicals for a maximum of two weeks, Books and Monographic Series for a maximum of one month and Reports for a maximum of two weeks. Exceptions are at the discretion of the Librarian.

2. FO CONSULTANTS, INTERNS AND VOLUNTEERS: will be entitled to the same privileges as FO staff members with the provision that the loan period shall not exceed the duration of their terms of reference.

3. NON FO STAFF MEMBERS, CONSULTANTS, INTERNS AND VOLUNTEERS IN HQ: Non FO staff member are not permitted to borrow Periodicals from the Forestry Information Centre. However, they can consult them in the Centre. As for Books, they can borrow books for a maximum period of two weeks and maximum two items at a time, except Consultants and Volunteers that are not entitled to borrow items from the Centre.

4. FIELD STAFF: They can request photocopies of articles.

5. EXTERNAL USERS are not permitted to borrow items from the Centre collection. External users who wish to visit the Centre are required to contact the Centre staff to schedule an appointment in advance. The Centre is open to externals on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9.30 to 12.30 from 13.30 to 16.00. Special provisions may be made for FO retirees.

How to Borrow Books & Serials

1. All users of the Centre are required fill in a loan card (ADM 97 LOAN/COPY REQUEST) for every publication. All details have to be filled.


1. An overdue standard message for claim will be sent if the user does not return the publication(s) in due time. If the publication has still not been returned after two weeks, a notice will be sent to the users Service Chief, informing of the costs and procedures for replacement and requesting a budget code for re-ordering.

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