The Forestry Information Centre (FIC) was formally created in June 1982 as the Forestry Library Service Point (FLSP). But its origins can be traced to the mid-1960s, when it was just a small unit to store and retrieve field reports – a branch library, part of the David Lubin Memorial Library, FAO’s central library. Since the beginning, FIC had the objectives of providing better information services to users and gathering in one place all forestry documentation - produced by FAO or others - that was relevant to the work of the Organization and its Forestry Department.

Basically, the structure was established based on four principles:

1. to serve as a single, easily accessible repository for all forestry literature (whether originating from FAO or not), including a great deal of valuable grey literature;

2. to provide a personalized information service for forestry users;

3. to maintain a collection of references to forestry-related items – books, studies, reports, articles and such – indexed according to the Oxford Decimal Classification (ODC) system;

4. to store spare copies of reports originating from the field.

Through 30 years of existence, the FIC went through some structural changes. In 1995, the Forestry Library Service Point (FLSP) was renamed the Forestry Branch Library (FOBL). In 2005 it was moved to new quarters, with new facilities.

In June 2007, FIC was given its current name, which reflects its expanding role in information and knowledge management.
last updated:  Tuesday, May 29, 2012