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Many of the following journals are available by subscription only. Through FAO's subscription, FAO staff members have direct access to all of these journals.

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Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment (full text available from 1995)
The journal deals with the interface between agriculture and the environment. It is addressed to scientists in agriculture, food production, agroforestry, ecology, environment, earth and resource management, and administrators and policy-makers in these fields.

Agroforestry Systems (full text available from 2002)
The journal provides for all types of research concerned with the various aspects of agroforestry systems, and for critical reviews on all sustainable land management systems which combine agriculture, animal husbandry and trees on the same unit of land.

American Forests (full text available from 1994)
The magazine of trees and forests published by the American Forests, covers stories that are written to entice a general audience to care about tree planning and include profiles, in-depth analysus of current controversies, practical stories on current research and how-to's.

Annals of Forest Science (full text available from 2000 - Free access to online issues 2 years after publication)
Annals of Forest Science publishes eight issues of research papers related to trees and forests, in the form of reviews, original articles and notes. The journal is particularly interested in: environmental factors, silviculture, genetics and improvement, physiology, forest damage and wood quality.

Annual Review and Assessment of the World Timber Situation (full text available from 1997)
ITTO's Annual Review and Assessment of the World Timber Situation compiles the international statistics available on global production and trade of timber, with an emphasis on the tropics. It also provides information on trends in forest area, forest management and the economies of ITTO member countries.

Biological Conservation (full text available from 1995)
The main purpose of Biological Conservation is the dissemination of original papers dealing with the preservation of wildlife and the conservation or wise use of biological and allied natural resources. It is concerned with plants and animals and their habitats in a changing and increasingly man–dominated biosphere – in fresh and salt waters as well as on land and in the atmosphere.

Bioscience (full text available from 1988 delay 6 months)
This journal presents overviews of current research in biology, accompanied by essays and discussion sections on education, public policy, history and the conceptual underpinnings of the biological sciences.

Boreal Environment Research (full text available from 2000)
The journal publishes original articles, reviews and short commentaries on various aspects of the boreal environment and its natural resources, in particular: environmental problems, their assessment, understanding and management, as well as the sustainable use of natural resources.

Bosques (full text available from 2002)
The journal is published in Spanish with abstracts in English. It disseminates the scientific and technological development of Forest Sciences and Wood Technology.

Canadian Journal of Forest Research (full text available from June 1997 to May 2007)
The journal publishes articles in silviculture, forest mensuration, harvesting, vegetation management, tree physiology, ecophysiology, dendrochronology, forest ecology, forest fire ecology, forest soil biology, biotechnology, forest genetics, tree improvement, forest entomology and pathology, pollution effects, global change impacts, forest practices effects on biodiversity and sustainability, and forest economics.

Climate Policy (full text available from 2001 to 2003)
The journal aims to address the broad spectrum of policy issues raised by the prospect of changes in the global climate, and by the need for mitigation of, and adaptation to, climate change. It seeks to provide a forum for the communication of research, analysis, review and discussion concerning any issue related to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, the Kyoto Protocol and the negotiation of associated policy instruments.

Climatic Change (full text available from 1997)
The journal dedicated to the totality of the problem of climatic variability and change. Its purpose is to provide a means of exchange among those working on problems related to climatic variations, but in different disciplines.

Conservation Biology (full text available from 1997)
Conservation Biology publishes scientific papers on topics such as population ecology and genetics, ecosystem management, freshwater and marine conservation, landscape ecology, and the many human dimensions of conservation and is the most frequently cited conservation journal in the world.

Ecological Economics (full text available from 1995)
Specific research areas covered include: valuation of natural resources, sustainable agriculture and development, ecologically integrated technology, integrated ecologic-economic modelling at scales from local to regional to global, implications of thermodynamics for economics and ecology, renewable resource management and conservation, etc.

Ecologist (full text available from 1970-1999 and from 1989-2009 on
Publishes on the subject of rainforest destruction, climate change and the impact of globalization.

Energy for Sustainable Development (full text available from 1995)
The journal is meant to be a vehicle of communication between Northern and Southern energy actors on the energy goals and policies as well as with energy plans and projects in developing countries. It also aims to promote South-South interactions to tackle these problems.

Environmental Conservation (full text available from 1997)
Environmental Conservation aims to cover all aspects of the field, including issues in human institutions, pollution and habitat degradation, energy and materials sources, resource exploitation, terrestrial biomes, atmospheric and oceanic processes, and coastal management.

Environmental Management (full text available from 1977)
The journal publishes research and opinions concerning the use and conservation of natural resources, the protection of habitats and the control of hazards.

Environmental Policy and Law (full text available from 2005)
Concentrates on all legal, administrative and policy matters relevant to the human and natural environment: air, water and soil pollution as well as waste management; the conservation of flora and fauna; protected areas and land-use control; development and conservation of the world's non-renewable resources.

Environment and Development Economics (full text available from 2001 – 1 year delay)
The publication is positioned at the intersection of environmental, resource and development economics. The journal is divided into two main sections, Theory and Applications, which includes regular academic papers and Policy Options, including papers that may be of interest to the wider policy community.

Fire Management Today (full text available from 1999)
Fire Management Today Concerns to wildland fire community.

Forest@ (full text available from 2004)
Published by Italian Society of Silvicultura and Forest Ecology.

Forest Policy and Economics (full text available from 2000)
is an international journal dealing with policy issues, including economics and planning, relating to the forest and forest industries sector. Its aims are both to publish original papers of a high scientific standard, and to enhance communications amongst researchers, legislators, decision-makers and other professionals concerned with formulating and implementing policies for the sector

Forest Science (full text available from 2001)
Forest Science, published in February, April, June, August, October and December, publishing articles in forestry research: silviculture, soils, biometry, disease, recreation, photosynthesis and tree physiology as well as all aspects of management and harvesting, and policy analysis. It also features reviews of recent publications.

International Forestry Review (full text available from 2002)
a peer-reviewed scientific journal that publishes papers, comments and book reviews covering forest science, policy, management and conservation. It is published four times per year.

International Journal of Pest Management (full text available from 1997)
The journal publishes original research papers concerning the control of pests and diseases of plants of economic, conservation, medicinal and amenity value within the areas of agriculture, horticulture, forestry, conservation and stored products research.

International Wildlife (full text available from 1988-2002)
The journal publishes articles on nature conservation and land resources.

Journal of Applied Ecology ( full text available from 1998)
the Journal provides generic, topical and applicable knowledge from all types of organisms and all types of ecosystems.

Journal of Environmental Management (full text available from 1999)
The Journal of Environmental Management , a peer reviewed periodical, publishes original research for all aspects of management and the managed use of the environment, both natural and man-made.

Journal of Forest Economics (full text available from 2002) )
The journal covers all aspects of forest economics, and publishes scientific papers in subject areas such as the following: - forest management problems: economics of silviculture, forest regulation and operational activities, managerial economics; - forest industry analysis: economics of processing, industrial organization problems, demand and supply .

Journal of Forestry (full text available from 1902)
The Journal of Forestry is published eight times a year. The mission of the Journal is to advance the profession of forestry by keeping professionals informed about significant developments and ideas in forest science, natural resources management and forest policy.

Journal of Forestry Research (full text available from 1990)
The Journal of Forestry Research offers articles dealing with all aspects of forestry. .

Journal of Tropical Ecology (full text available from 1998)
Journal of Tropical Ecology publishes papers in the field of the ecology of tropical regions, either arising from original research (experimental and descriptive) or forming significant reviews.

New Forests (full text available from 1997)
An international journal publishes on the biology, biotechnology and management of afforestation and reforestation. Emphasis is placed on papers presenting the results of original research or the development of a theory of technique. Papers focus on such subjects as physiology, genetics, ecology, economics, protection and management of the six stages of afforestation and reforestation.

Pulp and Paper Canada (full text available from 1982)
The magazine reports on the pulp and paper industry in Canada through articles about the mills, the people and the innovations in research, technology, management and financing as well as forecasts of future trends.

Pulp and Paper International (full text available from 1993)
A monthly journal covering the latest business developments, operations techniques and technical innovations throughout the world in the pulp, paper and paperboard industry.

Resources (full text available from 1996)
The journal is a quarterly magazine published by Resources for the Future (RFF) covering a variety of environmental, energy and natural resource issues, and news about ongoing research and public outreach efforts at RFF.

Scandinavian Journal of Forest Research (full text available from 1999 to 2005)
The Scandinavian Journal of Forest Research publishes original articles pertinent to forests and forestry of boreal and temperate regions, including the forestry-to-wood production chain. In addition to original articles and research contributed by international academics and professionals from within the forest industry, the journal presents News & Views section covering topical issues and items concerning R&D in the forest industry sector.

Scientia Forestalis (full text available from 1996)
Scientia Forestalis , published by the Institute of Research and Forestry Studies, Brazil, covers scientific work in the various areas of Forest Science published in Portuguese with abstracts and articles in English.

Silva Fennica (full text available from 1996)
Silva Fennica , is a peer-reviewed international journal of forest science. It covers all aspects of forest research, ranging from basic to applied subjects.

Society and Natural Resources (full text available from 1997)
Bringing together social science research on present and emerging environmental and natural resource issues, this journal focuses on natural resource management issues, including biological and physical changes, such as: acid rain biological and genetic diversity in worldwide agriculture hazardous and solid waste disposal and forest, fishery, soil, and water degradation.

Soil Biology and Biochemistry (full text available from 1995)
The scope of this journal covers original research on the biology, ecology and biochemical activities of all forms of life that exist in the soil environment such as the biological transformations of plant nutrients in soil, nitrogen fixation, soil-borne phases of plant parasites, the ecological control of soil-borne pathogens, the influence of pesticides on soil organisms, the biochemistry of pesticide and pollution decomposition in soil, microbial aspects of soil pollution, the composition of soil populations, modelling of biological processes in soil systems, the biochemical activities of soil organisms, soil enzymes and the interactions of soil organisms with plants and the effects of tillage on soil organisms and soil biochemistry.

Southern Journal of Applied Forestry (full text available from 2000)
The Southern Journal of Applied Forestry, a quarterly publication, aims to communicate new techniques and practices to foresters working in the field, covering an area from Virginia and Kentucky in the south to as far west as Oklahoma and east Texas in the United States.

Taiwan Journal of Forest Science (full text available from 1996)
A journal published by the Taiwan Forestry Research Institute. The journal is published in Chinese with an abstract in English.

Unasylva (full text available from 1947)
FAO’s international journal of forests, forestry and forest industries published quarterly in English, French and Spanish. Unasylva covers all aspects of forests and forestry: policy and planning; conservation and management of forest-based plants and animals; rural socio-economic development; species improvement; industrial development; international trade; and environmental considerations.

Women in Natural Resources (full text available from 2001)
Women in Natural Resources (WiNR) covers the field of natural resources. It is designed and written by women at all levels in forestry, fisheries, wildlife, range, recreation, soils, and the environmental and social sciences as they relate to natural resources.

World Conservation (full text available from 2002)
This journal is published three times a year in English, French and Spanish. Each issue focuses on various conservation themes, including mountains, threatened species, world heritage and forests.

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