Projects - Bangladesh

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Integrated Resource Development of the Sundarbans Reserved Fores. FAO-FO--DP/BGD/84/056.

Development of the Forest Research Institute, Chittagong, Bangladesh. Research considerations in coastal afforestation. Project code: FAO-FO--BGD/72/005.

Bangladesh training program in the processing of Landsat digital data for land accretion, boro rice inventory, and forestry application. Project code: FAO-AGL--DP/BGD/75/029-1/AGOF.

Assistance to the Second Agricultural Research Project. Project code: FAO-AG--BGD/83/010.

UNDP/ESCAP Regional Remote Sensing Programme, Asia, RAS/81/034 (Proceedings (English) Regional Seminar on the Application of Remote Sensing Techniques to Coastal Zone Management and Environmental Monitoring, Dacca (Bangladesh), 18-26 Nov 1986 / Bangladesh Space Research and Remote Sensing Organization, Dacca (Bangladesh); ESCAP, Bangkok (Thailand), 1986, 345 p). Project code: FAO-FO--RAS/81/034.

Bangladesh (environmental situation). Project code: FAO-FI--GCP/RAS/118/MUL, FAO-FI--BOBP/REP/67. Funding: Multi donors.

Assistance to the Forestry Sector (Phase II). Project code: FAO-FO--BGD/85/085.

Fisheries Resources Survey System Project code: FAO-FI--BGD/79/015.

Remote sensing application to accretion and erosion studies and their effects on mangroves. FAO-AGO--BGD/81/009.

Assistance to the Forestry Sector Project code: FAO-FO--BGD/79/017.

Small-Scale Fisherfolk Communities in the Bay of Bengal, Asia FAO-FI--GCP/RAS/118/MUL. FAO-FI--BOBP/REP/67. Funding: Multi donors.

Sundarbans Forest Development Planning Mission, FAO-FO--TCP/BGD/2309(Mf). Project code: FAO-FO--TCP/BGD/2309 FAO.

Biodiversity Management in the Sundarbans World Heritage Sites: An Integrated Two-Country Approach in India and Bangladesh. Project code: RAS/01/H01/A/IV/99 UNFIP. Funding: United Nations Fund for International Partnerships.

Overseas Training Component for the Sundarbans Biodiversity Project Project code: no project code yet. Funding: African Development Bank.

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