Project acivities at GLOBAL LEVEL

  • Identifying and prioritizing key international programmes, processes, protocol and institutions that demand national reporting, are concerned with MAR and are important for the Asia region, such as the following:
    • Global Forest Resources Assessment
    • Criteria and Indicator for Sustainable Forest Management
    • Regional Outlook Studies
    • ITTO
    • Conservation of Biodiversity (CBD)
    • IPCC
    • Kyoto Protocol
    • UNFF
  • Initiating the process to develop project linkages with identified key international programmes, processes, protocol and institutions.
  • Identifying and prioritizing key project countries in the Asian region.
  • Developing an international framework to review and analyze the available national, region and global information for:
    • description of the current national status of forests, along ecological, social, economic and institutional dimensions of forests, that is appropriate to understand the interactions with national and international contexts in which forests reside.
    • identification and prioritization of the national issues to be tackled as regards MAR on SFM
  • Developing an internationally harmonized set of technical guidelines for establishment of national and regional MAR on SFM, that is compatible with the various international processes and includes:
    • rationale,
    • definition of terms, and
    • alternative approaches for information compilation,
    • alternative approaches for policy assessment and review.
  • Developing a set of internationally harmonized elements or variables for a database that may facilitate the implementation of MAR through:
    • appropriate description of the status and
    • development of trends in forest management.
  • Developing information-sharing network for enhancing effectiveness and development of the MAR among the following:
    • global focal points of various forest related international processes
    • regional focal points of various forest related agencies and processes
    • national focal points of various forest related agencies and processes
    • project focal point and
    • other relevant stakeholders

Other Activities

  1. A. Conducting a technical review of the project activities during the last quarter of the Development Phase (first two years) for the detailed planning of the Implementation Phase (last three years).
  2. Conducting a complete evaluation of the project (including both phases).
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