Case studies of model forests

Far more attention has been focused on poor forest management, deforestation and forest degradation than on the many positive instances of improved forest management. A recent FAO initiative entitled ¿In Search of Excellence¿ aims to document specific examples of exemplary forest management that show promise for the future. These may be forests that have a long history of good management or that have implemented innovative systems of management. They include forests of varying sizes, ecotypes, management objectives and ownership structures.

The initiative was launched in 2001/2002 in Asia and the Pacific and in Central Africa. Plans are being developed to extend it to other regions.

As of 2005, two publications that highlight successful forestry management in both Asia and the Pacific and Central Africa were produced and are listed below.  In addition to the "In Search of Excellence" series, the number of working papers on this subject continues to grow.

In Search of Excellence: Exemplary forest management in Asia and the Pacific

In Search of Excellence: Sustainable management of tropical forests in Central Africa

last updated:  Wednesday, December 1, 2010