Organization and principles

Theinitial group of network collaboratorsagreed on the following cooperation principles for the network in 1994:

  1. Free availability to all network collaborators of seed for research purposes on exchange basis.
  2. Standardized trial designs and standardized evaluation procedures (all commonly identified/elaborated and agreed).
  3. Free availability to all network collaborators of trial and research results.
  4. Provenance exploration and seed collection/handling/despatch for trials included in the network agreed program would be supported by the network.
  5. Complementary studies (phenology, genetic diversity/reproductive biology, seed physiology variation in chemical compounds) could be undertaken through specific research components discussed and approved by the network collaborators. Each component would have a coordinator and would be separately presented for funding to interested agencies, as modules of the neem improvement network program.
  6. Each network collaborator could be involved in the various activities according to his interest and capability.
  7. Each participating country should have a National Focal Institution (NFI) coordinating the Network Activities at the national level.
  8. The Network would be coordinated by a panel formed by representatives of NFI of 3 participating countries, CIRAD-FORÊT (France), DANIDA Forest Seed Centre (DFSC, Denmark), now part of Forest and Landscape Denmark, the Regional Forest Tree Improvement Project (FORTIP), IPGRI (now Bioversity International) and FAO. Global coordination was entrusted to FAO.

The initial group of network collaborators could be progressively open to other collaborators who would adhere to the above principles.

last updated:  Wednesday, April 25, 2007