Summaries of FAO's work in forestry

The notes on this Web site summarize FAO's key work in forestry. Taken together, they form a compendium of the most critical forest-related issues affecting foresters, policy-makers and the public today - and a composite picture of the breadth and depth of FAO's work in support of the world's forests and trees and the people who depend on them.

A published packet of these notes, Forests and forestry: FAO and its work, can be obtained by contacting: FO-publications@fao.org

Assessment and monitoring of forest resources

Combating desertification

Environmentally sound forest operations

FAO and the international forest dialogue

Financing sustainable forest management

Forest genetic resources

Forestry information & publications

Forests & climate change

Forests & fire

Forest health

Forests & poverty reduction

Forests & water

Forest sector outlook studies

International trade in forest products & services

National forest programmes

Non-wood forest products

Participatory or community forestry

Planted forests

Strengthening forest policy & institutions

Sustainable management of forests & woodlands

Sustainable wood energy systems

Trees outside forests

Wildlife & protected area management

last updated:  Tuesday, March 25, 2008