16 December 2008 The latest issue of Unasylva addresses the relation of forests with other land uses, with main articles by R.M. Martin (deforestation, land-use change and REDD), C. Azevedo-Ramos (sustainable development and challenging deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon), L. Usongo and J. Nagahuedi (participatory land-use planning in the Congo Basin) and O. Dubois (ensuring benefits of biofuel development for small farmers and communities), as well as non-thematic contributions on certification of wild medicinal plants and corporate social responsibility in forestry. [more]
5 December 2008 To ensure that sustainably managed forests, play a key role in mitigating the negative effects of climate change, a new strategic framework is being launched jointly by 14 international organizations known as the Collaborative Partnership on Forests. [more]
31 October 2008 The availability and quality of clean water in many regions of the world is threatened by overuse, misuse and pollution. In this context, the relationship between forests and water must be given high priority. This study, initiated in the context of the Global Forest Resources Assessment 2005, explains the role of forests in the hydrological cycle, with a particular focus on critical, “red flag” forest situations. This state-of-knowledge publication will be of interest to a broad range of technical experts, scientists and decision-makers. Hard copies can be requested from: FO-Publications@fao.org [more]
25 October 2008 Delegates from 46 countries have met in Rome to explore collaboration on sustainable forest management issues, with a focus on climate change, water, and energy. The European Forest Week (EFW) was co-organized by the Ministerial Conference on the Protection of Forests in Europe, the United Nations Economic Commission, the Food and Agricultural Organization and the European Commission. See the EFW Web site for the summary report by the Earth Negotiations Bulletin. [more]
24 September 2008 Tropical forested countries are stepping up the fight to combat climate change via a pioneering new initiative called the UN-REDD Programme. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said: “The battle against climate change cannot be won without the world’s forests—this is now clear.” UN-REDD aims at tipping the economic balance in favour of sustainable management of forests so that their formidable economic, environmental and social goods and services benefit countries, communities and forest users while also contributing to important reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. The Programme will be carried out by three United Nations agencies. The initial phase is financed by the Government of Norway in the amount of $35 million. [more]
6 August 2008 From 12 to 15 May a workshop on Prevention and regional cooperation regarding forest fires in the Mediterranean region took place in Sabaudia, Italy. The workshop was organized by FAO, the European Commission and the Corpo Forestale dello Stato, Italy. Forty seven persons from fifteen member countries of Silva Mediterranea, as well as the Global Fire Monitoring Centre, the European Commision and FAO participated. The report contains a brief description of the sessions as well as the final recomendations with emphasis for more support to fire prevention. [more]
16 July 2008 With global concern growing over deforestation, loss of carbon stored in forests and the role of forests in climate change, the spotlight has been turned on forest monitoring in a bid to safeguard forests and monitor emissions from deforestation. [more]
2 July 2008 Rome – FAO is reviewing its strategy on forestry. The proposed strategy covers challenges ahead, FAO’s vision on forests, as well as desired outcomes of FAO’s work in Forestry. The draft is open for comments and feedback from interested parties. [more]
27 June 2008 FAO Forestry today launched a new Web site focused on wildlife and protected areas management. FAO’s programme on wildlife and protected area management focuses on issues on the interface of biodiversity conservation and agricultural production. The site is initially available in English but will be translated in due course. [more]
2 June 2008 Informing the debate on the use and production of biofuels, this publication explores the relationship between forests and energy. It considers the present and future contribution of wood in the production of bioenergy as well as the effects of liquid biofuel crop development on forests. Available in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish. [more]
26 May 2008 The deadline for submission has been extended to 31 December 2008. Papers can be uploaded on-line. [more]
23 May 2008 The FAO Forestry Department proposes a new "friendly-use" questionnaire to make it easier for you to provide us with information on non-commercial software for SFM in the tropics. This information will be used to publish a "Global Directory of Non-Commercial Software for Forest Management" [more]
16 May 2008 Destruction of mangroves has exposed coastal communities to cyclone. Mangrove forests could have reduced damage resulting from the waves caused by cyclone Nargis in Myanmar. [more]
22 April 2008 Following an FAO wide initiative to update the FAO Web site to a new, modern and corporate look and feel, the FAO Forestry Web presence now sports the corporate blue-and-white colours throughout. We hope this will give a better browsing and reading experience. [more]
12 April 2008 The first-ever Asia-Pacific Forestry Week will be organized 21-26 April 2008, in Hanoi, Vietnam.It is expected to be the largest and the most important forestry-related events in the region in 2008. [more]

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