Amid growing concern over deforestation, there is relatively little awareness of one of the more alarming aspects of this trend – the decline of the world’s mangroves. [more]
Mountain Sustainability: Turning Competing Interests into a Shared Vision [more]
Urbanisation, commercial farms threaten Asia's forests, U.N. warns [more]
What if we can’t see the forests or trees? [more]
Decreasing land productivity undermines efforts to end hunger, it also makes societies vulnerable to instability [more]
To succeed in landscape restoration in North Korea, it is necessary to invest large-scale resources over a long period. Therefore, participation and support by the international community are essential. The FAO, as an international neutral forum, could play a leading role organizing such international support, given its presence and experience in North Korea, expertise and experience in the FLR, financial mobilization capacity and strong convening power. [more]
Ghana is now ready for the final assessment of the Voluntary Partnership Agreement (VPA) that will ensure that timber and timber products exported to the European Union (EU) come from legal sources. [more]
The Forest Products Association of Canada (FPAC) is inviting Canadians to show their appreciation of trees and forests by taking part in a United Nations-sponsored contest highlighting International Day of Forests 2019. The Food And Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations has established “Forests and Education” as the theme to mark the occasion and, in doing so, the international body is inviting teachers and non-teachers across the globe to prepare a short video that shows how they educate children about the importance of trees and forests for our planet’s future. [more]
Between 2010 and 2015, forests around the Mediterranean have expanded by two per cent, but that has come at the price of significant degradation and increasing vulnerability to climate change, population pressures, wildfires and water scarcity, warned a UN report. [more]
Guyana and the European Union (EU) have concluded a six-year process of negotiations towards a Voluntary Partnership Agreement (VPA), which aims to improve the application of forest laws, strengthen forest governance and promote trade in legal wood products. Representatives of Guyana and the EU were expected to initial the VPA on November 23 (yesterday) in Brussels, ahead of each side signing and ratifying the agreement. [more]
Thailand is developing forest monitoring systems to measure its success at reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation and carbon stocks preservation (REDD+). [more]
The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) said Reducing Emission from Deforestation and Forest Degradation is important in protecting Liberia’s forest sector. At the end of a weeklong training organized by FAO in partnership with Forestry Development Authority REDD+ Project, FAO noted that reduction of emission is a significant stride that will strengthen Liberia’s capacity to combat climate change. [more]
The study aims to improve understanding about how payment for ecosystem services schemes can be applied to forests, including forests’ hydrological functions, to provide mutual benefits for humans and the environment. The study includes a database of 229 case studies on water-related payment for forest ecosystem services schemes across the UNECE region’s 23 member States. [more]
Tajikistan is a dry and mountainous country where agroforestry is increasingly stabilizing soils degraded by decades of overgrazing, while growing food and providing cover for wildlife. “Alley cropping” is the main agroforestry technique used in the area of Faizobod, in which crops or grains are grown between rows of fruit or nut trees that shield the tender annuals from incessant wind and sun. [more]
While the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change makes more dire warnings about the speed of change, building experts offer mass-timber options to reduce carbon emissions in construction. Wood Works B.C.’s annual Wood Solutions conference is doing double-duty this year as a week-long gathering of international policy makers in collaboration with Passivehouse Canada and the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe’s Committee on Forests and the Forest Industry. [more]
From Athens to Melbourne and Seoul to New York, big cities are increasingly turning to trees to help protect them from heatwaves and floods, and to boost people’s physical and mental health, urban officials and environmental experts say. South Korea’s capital Seoul recently planted more than 2,000 groves and gardens, and Melbourne in Australia plans to nearly double its canopy cover to 40 percent by 2040. [more]
The Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Veng Sakhon on Wednesday asked the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) for financial and technical support to improve the living standards of local communities that still rely on fishery and forestry products for a living. The request was made during the National Consultative Workshop on FAO Country Programme’s Evaluation in Phnom Penh on Wednesday. [more]
In its biennial report, the U.N.’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) points to an overall global slowing of logging as cause for optimism about the world’s forests. Over the seven decades that the assessments and reports have been conducted and issued by the UN’s FAO, issues of concern have shifted from supply to sustainability. The report claims that the regenerative preservation of forests could help achieve at least 10 of the 17 sustainable development goals set out by the international community in 2015. [more]
The United Nations Food and Agricultural Organisation (UN-FAO) is distributing 11,000 stoves to families in Borno State. 5,000 stoves had already being distributed with 6,000 more to be distributed before the end of the year, in an effort to checkmate cases of respiratory problems associated with cooking with firewood. [more]
Stopping deforestation, managing forests sustainably, restoring degraded forests, and increasing tree cover worldwide is critical to avoid “damaging consequences for the planet and its people”. [more]
The Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN (FAO) and Norway’s International Climate and Forest Initiative (NICFI) have announced plans to scale up a digital FAO platform that assists countries in measuring, monitoring and reporting on forests and land use. [more]
The UN Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN (FAO) have published a report highlighting the contribution that wood energy can make to achieving SDG 7 (affordable and clean energy). [more]
The world lost tree cover the size of Italy in 2017 as forests were cleared using fire to make way for farms from the Amazon to the Congo Basin, an independent forest monitoring network said on Wednesday. [more]
Mountain areas are home to around 1 billion people and provide important goods and services. [more]
Read about major recent and forthcoming activities of FAO Forestry and its partners in the latest issue of the Department’s e-newsletter, inFO news. [more]
All of us have a stake in acting now before irreversible damage is done. [more]
REDD+ is maturing as countries build the necessary systems to reap the results-based rewards of participation. [more]
Trees in cities boost mental health, filter out air and noise pollution, cool cities and insulate homes from the cold [more]
Once forests and trees have disappeared, so too will the integrity of the soil and water systems they supported — often permanently. [more]
Experts discuss role of urban forests as protector from climate change [more]
Climate: Nature-based solutions for climate change mitigation and adaptation in Paris Region [more]
India plants 66 million trees in 12 hours as part of record-breaking environmental campaign [more]
Urbanism, architecture and biodiversity: when nature inspires cities and buildings [more]
Which is the world's most biodiverse city? [more]
Which is the world's most biodiverse city? [more]
Forest and Farm Producers: First Responders to Climate Change [more]
The Day celebrates and raises awareness of the importance of all types of forests. The theme for 2017 is Forests and Energy. [more]
Conserving Waterbirds in Africa’s Sahelo-Saharan Region. [more]
Urban heat islands: cooling things down with trees, green roads and fewer cars [more]
Urban forests increasingly central to planning in poor and rich countries alike [more]
We are destroying rainforests so quickly they may be gone in 100 years [more]
Project aims to grow a 'city of trees' [more]
Sahel countries in race against time to regreen Africa’s spreading desert [more]
Battle of the Desert (II): A ‘Great Green Wall for Africa’ [more]
Joining Forces to Achieve SDG15: Delivering on Global Agenda for Forests, Climate and Development [more]
Joint Statement from the United States and Norway on Deeper Collaboration on Forests and Climate Change [more]
Joint Statement from the United States and Norway on Deeper Collaboration on Forests and Climate Change [more]
Jeffrey Campbell on Forest and Farm Producer Organizations: An Operating System for the Sustainable Development Goals [more]
Soil Degradation Threatens Nutrition in Latin America [more]
How Panama’s indigenous peoples are using drones to save the rainforest [more]
Norway takes global lead with first ever nationwide deforestation ban [more]
The Financial Express Panama’s indigenous tribes launch drones to fight deforestation [more]
Reuters Panama's indigenous tribes launch drones to fight deforestation [more]
1-6-16 Russian Federal Forestry Agency Семинар Продовольственной и сельскохозяйственной организации Объединенных Наций по развитию коммуникации в лесном секторе стран Восточной Европы, Кавказа и Центральной Азии [more]
В Санкт-Петербурге создают международную сеть лесных коммуникаторов [more]
Radio Televisión Española Indígenas panameños aprenden a usar drones para vigilar sus bosques [more]
Gridlock over Italy’s olive tree deaths starts to ease [more]
EU and FAO set up joint effort to combat illegal logging [more]
European Union, FAO against illegal timber trade [more]
All Africa Afrique: La FAO et l'Union européenne intensifient leurs efforts pour lutter contre le commerce illégal du bois [more]
Africa: European Union and FAO to step up efforts to combat illegal timber trade [more]
Fund Launched to Help Mountain People Face Climate Change Threat [more]
A un lado el desierto, al otro verde [more]
Africa's Great Green Wall could halt youth migration, extremism: experts [more]
A Green Wall of Hope for Africa [more]
FAO, Mountain Partnership to Launch Mountain Funding Facility [more]
200 millions de dollars pour protéger la forêt du Congo [more]
Thomas Reuters Foundation News Congo signs landmark $200 mln deal to protect forests [more]
UN agency and Google collaborate on satellite data tools to manage natural resources [more]
UN and Google forge 'eye-in-the-sky' forest mapping partnership [more]
Google and FAO Aim to Usher in New Era of Environmental Literacy for All [more]
AllAfrica Afrique: La FAO et Google annoncent avoir franchi une première étape pour améliorer la gestion des ressources naturelles [more]
Google renueva la cartografía [more]
UN agency and Google collaborate on satellite data tools to manage natural resources [more]
Biodiversity to achieve food security and nutrition in the Near East and North Africa [more]
Mountain Partnership Reflects on its 2015 Sustainable Development Achievements [more]
FAO launches new forest and water programme [more]
UN: Water, Forests and Jobs All Interdependent [more]
Leveraging Contribution of Forests for Water Security [more]
La FAO lance un nouveau programme axé sur les forêts et l'eau [more]
Forests Help Quench Urban Thirst [more]
FAO launches new forest, water programme for West Africa [more]
FAO: El valor económico de los bosques como fuentes de agua [more]
Los bosques contribuyen a saciar la sed urbana [more]
FAO presenta nueva iniciativa sobre bosques y agua [more]
On International Day of Forests, FAO launches new forest and water programme [more]
Dalle foreste il 75% dell'acqua 'buona' per il Pianeta [more]
René Castro: Los bosques contribuyen a saciar la sed urbana [more]
Dentro de la Oferta Educativa Municipal el área de Medio Ambiente celebrará la próxima semana unas jornadas para conmemorar el Día Internacional de los Bosques. [more]
Medio Ambiente celebra el Día Internacional de los Bosques el próximo 21 de marzo con una intensa semana llena de actividades y rutas en el Coto de la Isleta. [more]
El Parque Regional de Sierra Espuña, El Valle y Carrascoy y Calblanque celebrarán el Día Internacional de los Bosques con diversas actividades para todos los públicos. El tema de este año se centra en un 'Homenaje a los bosques y al agua'. La Organización de las Naciones Unidas para la Alimentación y la Agricultura anima a todos los países a unirse para celebrar este día con iniciativas en el plano local, nacional e internacional. [more]
Forest surveys in developing countries support climate change mitigation [more]
26-2-16 Jakarta Post Time to see the forests - for the sake of the trees [more]
La foresterie communautaire, un catalyseur de la durabilité et des moyens de subsistance [more]
Bringing the forests back to life [more]
Community-based forestry can be a driving force in boosting sustainability and people's livelihoods [more]
Philippines hosts Asia-Pacific Forestry Week [more]
23-2-16 Xinhua News New FAO report stresses importance of community-based forestry [more]
New FAO report stresses importance of community-based forestry [more]
After Paris talks on climate change, Asia-Pacific forestry leaders gather to set agenda [more]
Community-based forestry can be a driving force in boosting sustainability and people’s livelihoods [more]
Editorial - Growing our future [more]
Iran’s oak, Buxus forests face great threats [more]
Iran’s oak, buxus forests face great threats [more]
Forest monitoring skills on the rise [more]
Comprehensive system will help track Kenyan carbon emissions [more]
Kenya develops system to help track carbon [more]
EU's 20 million euros for environment [more]
EU commits 20m Euro to Great Green Wall Programme [more]
FAO reviews risks and responses to climate impacts on food security [more]
FAO reviews risks and responses to climate impacts on food security [more]
FAO awards Kanimang Camara [more]
Gambia: Concerted effort needed to tackle land degradation [more]
Farmers, fisherfolk: Portraits of resilience after Yolanda [more]
FAO presents tools for gender integration into climate-smart agriculture [more]
Poverty in mountains has increased: study [more]
International Mountain Day: new UN study reveals disturbing hunger trends in highland areas [more]
Food insecurity grows in world's mountain regions [more]
International Mountain Day: new UN study reveals disturbing hunger trends in highland areas [more]
Roundup: New UN study reveals disturbing hunger trends in highland areas [more]
Poverty in mountains has increased: study [more]
On top of the world [more]
New UN study reveals disturbing hunger trends in highland areas [more]
International Mountain Day: new UN study reveals disturbing hunger trends in highland areas [more]
Food insecurity grows in world's mountain regions [more]
UN guidelines seek to make genetic diversity part of climate change adaptation [more]
FAO meets on new approach to agro-ecological food production [more]
Making genetic diversity part of climate change adaptation [more]
FAO implements $30 million conservation project in Trinidad and Tobago [more]
Improved web tool for better estimates of forest biomass and carbon stocks [more]
4-11-15 Al Jazeera Inside Story How to stop Indonesia's forest fires and toxic haze? [more]
How to stop Indonesia's forest fires and toxic haze? [more]
The ambitious Great Green Wall of Africa [more]
FAO publishes guidelines on forest and landscape restoration in drylands [more]
Poor people resort to forest for survival [more]
Why it's crucial to curb deforestation [more]
Congreso mundial apuesta por integrar los bosques en la agenda del desarrollo [more]
Forests of the future fundamental to achieving Sustainable Development Goals – UN agency [more]
World Congress pushes for solutions to forestry challenges [more]
Unos 129 millones de hectáreas de bosque perdió el mundo en 25 años [more]
Deforestation slows, 'but we need to do better' on sustainable forest use - UN agriculture chief [more]
Argentina está entre los diez países que más destruyen su riqueza forestal [more]
Rate of global forest loss halved: UN report [more]
L'agriculture et l'urbanisation continuent de détruire les forêts du monde [more]
La mayor muerte de bosques, en América del Sur y África [more]
Lanzan plan global de cinco años para mejorar gestión del agua y los bosques [more]
World Forestry Congress highlights human-wildlife conflict [more]
The Forests and Water five year action plan launched in Durban [more]
La forêt disparaît moins vite [more]
Forests seen as crucial in Africa's developmental issues [more]
Much More Than Trees: Forests are Key to Sustainable Development [more]
The Forests and Water five year action plan launched in Durban [more]
World Forestry Congress highlights human-wildlife conflict [more]
Forests are key to sustainable development [more]
Paraguay, uno de los más deforestados [more]
In the last 25 years, the world lost a forested area the size of South Africa [more]
Rate of global forest loss halved [more]
CPW launches 4 factsheets on sustainable wildlife management [more]
Small forest users can outcompete agribusiness – study [more]
FAO: World's Forests Faring Better [more]
Investing in a sustainable future for forests [more]
UN report: 'Decisive year' for world's forestry [more]
Fao, deforestazione dimezzata negli ultimi 25 anni [more]
Florestas do mundo já perderam uma África do Sul por devastação desde 1990 [more]
Mesurer la déforestation, un « travail complexe » [more]
Deforestation slows, 'but we need to do better' on sustainable forest use – UN agriculture chief [more]
Sudáfrica acoge congreso mundial de bosques en alerta contra la deforestación [more]
Em 25 anos, mundo perdeu área florestal do tamanho da África do Sul, diz ONU [more]
Healthy forests are vital: Ban [more]
Forests key for survival of mankind [more]
Deforestación de bosques disminuyó los últimos 25 años, según la ONU [more]
Tasa de deforestación mundial se redujo a más de la mitad: FAO [more]
Earth's Forests Are Vanishing at a Slower Pace, FAO Says [more]
Uno-Waldbericht: Weltweite Abholzung verlangsamt sich [more]
Sudáfrica acoge el congreso mundial de bosques en alerta contra la deforestación [more]
ONU: La tasa de deforestación se redujo en más del 50% [more]
La déforestation de la planète se poursuit mais à un rythme ralenti [more]
Congreso mundial empieza en Durban llamando a invertir más en los bosques [more]
Rate of global forest loss halved, says UN [more]
La deforestación se ralentiza a nivel mundial [more]
La tasa de desaparición de bosques en el mundo baja a la mitad desde 1990 [more]
Rate of global forest loss halved: UN report [more]
Deforestation slows down, bringing hope of a revival [more]
80 % de la déforestation est due à l’agriculture [more]
World loses South Africa-sized forest area in 25 years - FAO [more]
Stabilizing Nepal's mountain slopes to help farmers return to their fields [more]
6-5-15 Reuters US Residents' control is best answer to threat of deforestation: researchers [more]
21-4-15 El Economista México, piloto para mejoras forestales [more]
Bosques desempeñan un papel significativo en proteger suelo y agua: FAO [more]
Bosques, importantes para protección de suelo y agua: FAO [more]
La ONU elige a México para probar metodología de evaluación del suelo en sitios forestales [more]
Norway funds project to monitor forests [more]
El futuro mapa de la deforestación estará en una nube virtual [more]
6-4-15 El País Del bosque también surgen emprendedores [more]
Rwanda: Call for Promotion of Non-Timber Forest Products [more]
25-3-15 Los Tiempos En los bosques las emisiones de carbono bajaron más del 25% [more]
23-3-15 Jakarta Globe Indonesia’s Rainforests Need Unique Care: FAO [more]
Las emisiones de carbono en los bosques bajan un 25% desde 2001 a nivel mundial [more]
La estabilidad de los países en crisis también pasa por preservar sus bosques, según la FAO [more]
Annual greenhouse gas emissions from forests drop by a quarter: U.N. [more]
Emissões anuais de gases do efeito estufa caem 25% em 15 anos, diz ONU [more]
Giù del 25% in 14 anni le emissioni di carbonio da foreste [more]
Forests And Water: The Unappreciated Link [more]
Forests and water: the unappreciated link [more]
26-2-15 The Washington Post Tropical forests may be vanishing even faster than previously thought [more]
Forest and Farm Facility and food security [more]
Spotlight on importance of forests at UN meetings [more]
13-01-15 Reuters Armed illegal loggers devastate Tanzania’s coastal forest. [more]
Sharing Korea’s forest restoration experience [more]
Green Wall of Hope. An ambitious land restoration project hopes to reverse the effects of desertification and alleviate poverty in the Sahel. Gavin Haines charts the Great Green Wall’s journey from pipedream to reality and asks what role tourism could have in this landmark project. [more]
COP 20: FAO advierte que cambio climático ya está afectando la seguridad alimentaria [more]
Forest sector can be at the forefront of a green economy, but timber operators need to embrace changing global standards [more]
UN launches initiative targeting threat of desertification [more]
18-10-14 The Express Tribune Changes to land cover: Foresters get training on use of technology to monitor forest degradation and land use [more]
26-9-14 The Economist The merits and challenges of turning insects into food [more]
4-9-14 Agricultures Listening and trust – the basis for working with forest and farm producers [more]
Urban and Peri-urban Forestry— a FAO Perspective [more]
FAO boss links sustainable agriculture to healthy forest [more]
Brazil considers transgenic trees. Genetically modified eucalyptus could be a global test case. [more]
23-8-14 The Economist Tropical forests: A clearing in the trees. New ideas on what speeds up deforestation and what slows it down [more]
Les acteurs forestiers face au changement climatique [more]
4-8-2014 El Pais La gran muralla verde [more]
2-7-14 Thomas Reuters Foundation Tracking genetic resources key to future role of forests [more]
23-6-14 BBC News Science & Environment UN: World's forests fundamental to human well-being [more]
5-6-14 BBC News Science and Environment UN urges action to protect forests' genetic diversity [more]
27-5-14 Hindu Times Carbon budgets for tropical forests needed [more]
Global Forest and Paper Industry Highlights Benefits of Bio-based Packaging at Interpack [more]
5-5-14 The Hindu A project for control and management of forest invasive species in the natural and plantation forests of India, Sri Lanka and Maldives will be launched shortly. [more]
Ejemplo en protección forestal. La Organización de las Naciones Unidas para la Alimentación y la Agricultura (FAO) elogió a Costa Rica por ser "un ejemplo mundial en políticas de protección forestal" [more]
West needs to get over insect 'disgust factor' [more]
10-4-14 Reuters FAO and ITTO highlight vast potential of payments for environmental services for conservation of tropical forests [more]
9-4-14 Vatican Radio Forest Forum in Costa Rica [more]
8-4-14 La Razón Costa Rica, el país donde el bosque se ha multiplicado por dos La Organización de Naciones Unidas para la Agricultura y la Alimentación (FAO) ha elogiado a Costa Rica como «ejemplo mundial» en políticas de protección forestal al destacar que en 30 años duplicó su superficie boscosa que cubre el 50 por ciento de su territorio. [more]
8-4-14 Costa Rica News The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) today praised Costa Rica as “a global example in forest protection policies.” [more]
Costa Rica, un ejemplo en políticas de protección forestal [more]
Costa Rica, referente mundial en protección forestal, dice la FAO - See more at: http://www.efeverde.com/blog/noticias/la-fao-destaca-costa-rica-como-referente-mundial-en-proteccion-forestal/#sthash.W8tbMw3B.oqzqmcAW.dpuf [more]
COSTA RICA: Costa Rica, el país donde el bosque se ha multiplicado por dos [more]
FAO destaca a Costa Rica como referente mundial en protección forestal. [more]
7-4-14 MSN Latino La FAO destaca a Costa Rica como referente mundial en protección forestal La Organización de las Naciones Unidas para la Alimentación y la Agricultura (FAO) elogió hoy a Costa Rica por ser "un ejemplo mundial en políticas de protección forestal". [more]
Costa Rica fue elogiada por la FAO, por ser "un ejemplo mundial en políticas de protección forestal". [more]
27-3-14 Corriere della Sera Senegal: la muraglia verde dove c’era il deserto. Milioni di alberi e arbusti piantati in terreni aridi e quasi privi di vita. Parte da qui il Rinascimento agricolo dell’Africa subsahariana dopo anni di carestie e guerre. [more]
21-3-14 Diplomatic Call, Ghana The Senior Forestry Officer of the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) in Ghana, Mr. Foday Bojang, has called for a humanistic approach to efforts geared towards conserving forests in Africa. [more]
21-3-14 Deutsche Welle, Paraguay Claves - Deforestación: ¿bomba de tiempo? FAO’s Senior Regional Forestry Officer for Latin America and the Caribbean, Jorge Meza, recently took part in a televised debate in Paraguay to talk about the state of forests in the region. [more]
21 Reasons To Celebrate The Value Of Trees In Honor Of International Day Of Forests [more]
International Day of Forests commemorated worldwide. [more]
The area under forest cover continues to decline globally, with the biggest losses of tropical forests occurring in South America and Africa , according to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). [more]
21-3-14 Bioversity International Celebrating forest and tree diversity on the International Day of Forests. We interviewed Bioversity International researcher Judy Loo and Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN's (FAO) Albert Nikiema, who are at the forefront of preparations on the first ever State of the World Report on Forest Genetic Resources to be published in 2014. They told us about their plans for this day and what we can all do to fully recognize its importance. [more]
11-3-14 Reuters Asia-Pacific nations are failing to halt the loss of natural forests and grasslands, the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) said on Tuesday, robbing people of their livelihoods and worsening environmental problems like desertification and climate change. [more]
11-3-14 The Guardian Asia-Pacific countries failing to stop forest loss, UN warns Region losing 2m hectares of forest and grasslands every year, with area the size of India and Burma requiring restoration. [more]
3-3-14 Daily News Zimbabwe has launched a Human-Wildlife Conflict Management Centre (HWCMC) in a bid to guarantee a balance between benefits and preservation of endangered species in the country. The Food and Agriculture Organisation funded construction of the Mukuvisi Woodlands-based centre, which will provide experts and the public with information on preservation of such species. [more]
Video: Claves - Deforestación: ¿bomba de tiempo? [more]
3-12-13 Agence de Presse Africaine Fernando Salinas, Senior Forestry Officer, FAO Sub-regional Office for West Africa, talks about the launch of the project GCP/RAF/447/GFF “Development of a Trans-Frontier Conservation Area Linking Forest Reserves and Protected Areas in Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire”. [more]
8-11-13 Jakarta Post In recognition of the 26 percent of land: Forests. Throughout history, the world’s forests have contributed to the prosperity of nations. Indeed, many individuals have also profited — some handsomely — by cutting down trees and selling forest products. The writer is Pat Durst, Senior Forestry Officer with the FAO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific. [more]
The Great Green Wall Sahel-Sahara project aims to combat land degradation [more]
1-11-13 Kenya Airways in-flight magazine MSafiri The Seeds of Change. If current trends continue, two-thirds of Africa’s arable land could be lost to desertification by 2025. But sprouting from the parched earth are the green shoots of optimism, writes Gavin Haines [more]
26-9-13 allAfrica.com West Africa: Great Green Wall for the Sahara and the Sahel Initiative [more]
26-9-2013 The Herald, Zimbabwe In the margin of the Eleventh Conference of Parties to the United Nations Conference to Combat Desertification (UNCCD-COP11), the African Union Commission (AUC) in collaboration with the Food and Agriculture Organization and Global Mechanism of the UNCCD held a joint side event on the Great Green Wall for the Sahara and the Sahel Initiative (GGWSSI) on 20 September 20, in Windhoek, Namibia. [more]
11-9-13 International Forum Brazzaville How can the wood industry foster sustainable development in the Congo Basin countries? An interview with Eva Muller, Director Forest Economics, Policy and Products Division, FAO, for the International Forum on the Sustainable Development of the Wood Industry in the Congo Basin. [more]
30-7-13 Global - the international briefing Asia is a paradigm in turning the tide of deforestation. As increasing attention is now being given to the benefits of forests and to sustainable forest management, the worst phase of deforestation has already passed, says Eduardo Rojas-Briales. Following the example of success in a number of developing countries, particularly in Asia, he stresses that others will need to work hard over the coming decades to improve their forest services and protect their forest reserves. [more]
22-7-13 BBC News Science & Environment Tree loss in one of the world's largest rainforests has slowed, a study suggests. Satellite images of Africa's Congo Basin reveal that deforestation has fallen by about a third since 2000. [more]
11-7-13 Inter Press Service Indonesia’s recurring forest fires threaten environment. Indonesia’s forest fires, a predictable annual ritual, will continue to have serious implications for health and the environment in Southeast Asia unless the government strengthens forest protection, warn environmental groups. [more]
17-6-13 The Independent Behind the rhetoric what is really being done to combat desertification? “Trees provide us with many benefits,” explains Mustafa, as we sit on a mat in the centre of his village. “They are good for the soil and important for food security.” [more]
Behind the rhetoric what is really being done to combat desertification? [more]
30-5-13 Bloomberg TV The future of food? 2 billion people eating insects.Afton Halloran, consultant at Food and Agriculture Organization, describes the use of insects as food in developing nations to provide nutrients missed in local food supplies and how the practice is spreading globally. She speaks on Bloomberg Television's "The Pulse." [more]
21-5-13 Painel Forestal Conferência sobre florestas discute metas do milênio pós-2015. Os países reunidos na Conferência Internacional sobre Florestas para Nutrição e Segurança Alimentar, em Roma, debatem as Metas do Milênio pós 2015. [more]
14-5-13 National Geographic Daily News U.N. Urges Eating Insects; 8 Popular Bugs to Try. A report released Monday by the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization reminds us that there are more than 1,900 edible insect species on Earth, hundreds of which are already part of the diet in many countries. [more]
14-5-13 Spanish State TV TVE Starts at 35 min. Los insectos [more]
14-5-13 BBC News Health UN looks to insects to help combat world hunger. While many people might balk at the idea of eating insects, for billions of people in developing countries they are a readily available source of protein and minerals. [more]
14-5-13 Thomson Reuters Foundation Infographic: 5 facts: Why forests matter for food security [more]
13-5-13 Reuters US Eating insects could help fight obesity, U.N. says. Many insects have as much protein as meat, study says [more]
13-5-13 BBC World News UN urges people to eat insects to fight world hunger. Eating more insects could help fight world hunger, according to a new UN report. The report by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization says that eating insects could help boost nutrition and reduce pollution. [more]
3-5-13 BBC News Science and Environment 'Green wall' to target Sahel terrorism. Desertification in Africa's Sahel region may be driving a range of problems including terrorism. Gavin Haines investigates whether a project to reforest the region could help. [more]
'Green wall' to target Sahel terrorism [more]
Green wall to target Sahel terrorism [more]
21-3-13 UN News Centre UN chief, marking International Day, urges greater protection for world's forests. Governments, businesses and civil society must commit to protect forests by reducing deforestation, preventing environmental degradation, and providing sustainable livelihoods for all of those who depend on this precious ecosystem, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said today. [more]
18-3-2013 Huffington Post Planting a tree to plant our future. International Day of Forests , celebrated by the United Nations for the first time on March 21, invites people and communities around the world to "plant a tree, plant our future." The appeal is being made to spotlight the vital importance of forests in our lives, and to rally world opinion in defense of our forests against pressures on several fronts. [more]
L'invité 26/02/2013 : Nora Berrahmouni, experte forestière à la FAO. Des experts de la FAO l'organisation mondiale pour l’alimentation, des organes de gestion de l'environnement et des forêts et autres partenaires techniques sont réunis ici à Dakar au Sénégal, c'est la suite de la réflexion engagée l'année dernière en Turquie sur la mise en place de paysages forestiers capables de résister à la sécheresse et autres intempéries. L'objectif étant de restaurer les forêts et les terres dégradées aussi bien sous l'effet de la désertification que les politiques foncières inadéquates ainsi que la mauvaise gouvernance. Et La FAO veut s'inspirer de l'expérience du Sénégal qui a déjà commencé la restauration des zones arides. Nora Berrahmouni experte forestière à la FAO est l'invité de BBC matin, elle répond aux questions de Nathalie Wakam. [more]
26-2-13 Guardian Professional How agroforestry schemes can improve food security in developing countries. Agroforestry has multiple benefits, it's important that they are raised in food security debates so that they can reach their potential [more]
11-12-12 Deutsche Welle International Mountain Day. Despite their mighty appearance mountains are real softies -when it comes to the effects of climate change. Host to a variety of climates and weather conditions they are real biodiversity hotspots. But mountains and the life they sustain – human and animal – are particularly sensitive to climatic changes. Today, on International Mountain Day , The UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) reminds us of just how important mountains are when it comes to protecting our climate [more]
11-12-12 UN Radio Spanish Montañas, la fuente de agua del mundo. Las montañas son fuente de vida y un elemento clave del desarrollo rural y urbano. El 12% de la población rural vive en las tierras altas, amenazadas por la deforestación, grandes movimientos migratorios y por el cambio climático. [more]
11-12-12 UN Radio Portuguese No Dia Internacional das Montanhas, ONU alerta sobre aquecimento global. Para especialista da FAO, mudanças climáticas ameaçam regiões montanhosas e afetam abastecimento de água; metade da população mundial consome água que vem das montanhas. Foto: Unep [more]
11-12-12 Vatican Radio Spotlight shines on the world's mountains . December the 11th is International Mountain Day. On the sidelines of the recent Doha Climate Summit concern was expressed over the effects global warming is having on the world’s peaks. Lydia O’Kane spoke Eduardo Rojas-Briales, Assistant Director-General of the Forestry Department, at the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization about the work being done to prevent mountains from becoming casualties of climate change. [more]
Journée internationale de la montagne : des massifs essentiels à la vie sur terre [more]
Non possiamo più trascurare le montagne [more]
Investing in locally controlled forestry is a triple win [more]
La "Grande Muraille verte" trace son chemin à travers le Sahel [more]
Foreste: 20 anni dopo il Vertice di Rio al cuore dello sviluppo ecosostenibile [more]
Healthy forests key for green growth, says UN report [more]
Guide reveals Amazon's biological bounty [more]
World deforestation rate accelerating [more]
New UN Satellite Survey Charts Rate of Global Deforestation [more]
UN project shows how trees help halt desertification [more]
La FAO le declara la guerra a los desiertos [more]
Megafires - a vicious climate circle? [more]
Partnership to tackle Mediterranean forest threats [more]
Latinoamérica es la región que más decepciona en cuidado de bosques: ONU [more]
Forest loss slows as Asian nations plant [more]
Welt-Waldbericht: "Unser Sorgenkind ist Lateinamerika" [more]

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