A piano on the Alps: how music can help mountains

by Ludovico Einaudi, composer and FAO Mountain Partnership Ambassador 

©Ray Tarantino

11 December 2019, Milan - Often they ask me how my music is born and where my inspiration comes from. I respond that the sources could be diverse. They might not be connected to music, but to fields that are different than music. Sometimes it’s a book, a philosophical or scientific idea, or even a work of art or architecture that inspire me. With my newest album, Seven Days Walking, a series of walks through the Alps inspired a musical itinerary retraced seven times with variations.

The light, the silence, the loss of orientation, feeling small walking in the snow, the smells of the forest, one’s breath together with nature’s, the outward journey and the return. Nature stripped of its colors and brought to its essence, the trees as outlines of an ink sketch. The carved profile of the mountain like a majestic melody. It goes up, down, and then goes back up. So many melodies hidden in the Alps.

Today, mountains and their glaciers are undergoing irreversible transformations resulting from climatic upheavals linked to human action. These are transformations that affect us: the water and energy that we use daily and so many of the foods we eat come from mountains.

Through my music, I can offer inspiration and messages that can help support important causes. For this reason, in recent years I joined the Greenpeace campaign "Save the Arctic". I have now decided to support the mountain cause, becoming an FAO Mountain Partnership Ambassador and dedicating my concert on the 11 December to mountains.

Science tells us that climate change is a devastating reality and mountains are at the center of it. They regulate life on earth and are a guarantee of life for us and for future generations. Let us save the mountains to save the planet and ourselves.

last updated:  Wednesday, December 11, 2019