GLF Biodiversity Digital Conference: One World - One Health
28-29 October 2020, virtual

The event will be one of the world’s largest online biodiversity conferences featuring six plenaries, 23 sessions and 200+ speakers.  20+ global organizations including FAO are uniting to build this biodiversity conference.  The two-day event will spotlight ecosystem restoration and contribute to shaping the agenda for the post-2020 Biodiversity Framework, advancing the global drive to ‘build back better’.  Further background information can be found in the conference concept note, the full agenda is now live.  

Diverse range of sessions, plenaries, virtual tours, documentaries and more will cover two full days across all time zones.  The event will convene representatives from a wide range of sectors to address concerns at the crossroads of biodiversity, ecosystem restoration and global health. Participants will present and discuss concrete solutions to conserve and restore the world’s biodiversity, which underpins the vital services natural systems provide to humans - from livelihoods to clean water and air.
Sessions, plenaries and launch events led, co-led or with participation of FAO include the following: 

Mainstreaming biodiversity in the forest sector
28 Oct, 09:00-10:30
Contacts: Kenichi Shono, Sheila Wertz 

“Restoring the Earth: the next decade” – latest Unasylva journal edition release
28 Oct, 12:30 – 13:00
Contact: Christophe Besacier 

Talking global science, policy and innovation: UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration. Why now? What’s next?
28 Oct, 14:00-14:45

Session on capacity development by task force on best practices – UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration
28 Oct, 15:00-15:45
Contact: Christophe Besacier 

Tackling the risks of wildlife-borne disease pandemics: Launch of the White Paper and Policy Brief “Build Back Better in a post-COVID world - Reducing future wildlife-borne spillover of disease to humans”
28 Oct, 16:00-17:30
Contact: Sustainable Wildlife Management (SWM) Programme / Hubert Boulet

The nature of business: what can resilient landscapes do for you
29 Oct, 15:15-16:45

last updated:  Tuesday, October 27, 2020