FAO Project Team

Tina Vahanen      Deputy Director       Tina.Vahanen(at)fao.org
Danilo Mollicone   Lead Technical Officer   Danilo.Mollicone(at)fao.org
Rémi D'Annunzio   Forestry Officer   Remi.DAnnunzio(at)fao.org
Giulio Marchi   Trainer and Geospatial Analyst   Giulio.Marchi(at)fao.org
Alfonso Sanchez-Paus Diaz   Trainer and Software Developer   Alfonso.SanchezPausDiaz(at)fao.org
Adia Bey   Trainer and Geospatial Analyst   Adia.Bey(at)fao.org
Rachel Golder   Administrative Assistant   Rachel.Golder(at)fao.org

INPE Project Team

(to be filled)

last updated:  Tuesday, September 9, 2014