Capacity Building for REDD+ NFMS

Ceram Sea in IndonesiaThe National Forest Monitoring and Information Systems for a transparent and truthful REDD+ process project aims to directly support the UNFCCC REDD+ readiness process in eighteen countries (Non-Annex I Parties) and to develop free tools for forest monitoring that could be used by other countries.

The project will support the establishment of key elements of national forest monitoring systems for REDD+, compliant with REDD+ requirements, through experience sharing, knowledge transfer and capacity development.







FAO Forestry Department

     National Institute for Space Research in Brazil, INPE


University of Idaho

     Foundation for Science, Technology and Space Applications




International Climate Initiative, ICI, of the

     Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation
     Building and Nuclear Safety, BMU, Germany

last updated:  Tuesday, April 1, 2014