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This section provides NFP Facility and FAO publications on nfps and related topics.

- NFP Facility flyer , 2009.


FAO Publications on Forest policy

 NEW !  Climate Change for Forest Policy-Makers , An approach for integrating climate change into national forest programmes in support of sustainable forest management, FAO-NFP Facility, Rome, 2011.

-GFP Brief - Sustainable forestry: connecting local to global and vice versa , GFP, IUCN, 2011.

-Developing effective forest policy - A guide, FAO Forestry Paper 161, 2010.

-Understanding nfps , Guidance for practitioners, NFP Facility, FAO, 2006.

-Links between national forest programmes and poverty reduction strategies. Forestry Policy and Institutions Working Paper 22. 2008. FAO.

-Better forestry, less poverty: A practitioner’s guide, FAO Forestry Paper 149. 2006.

 FAO website on nfps

FAO Publications on Forest finance

NEW ! GFP Brief - Investing in locally controlled forestry , GFP, IEED, 2011.

-Towards National Financing Strategies for Sustainable Forest Management in Latin America, Forestry Policy and Institutions Working Paper No 21, FAO, 2009.

-Financing sustainable forest management, Forestry Policy Brief, FAO.

FAO Website on Forest finance

FAO Publications on Community-based forest entreprises

-Market Analysis and Development materials

FAO website on Community-based forest entreprises

 FAO Publications on Participatory processes

NEW ! GFP in Guatemala , Prepared for the 2011 IUFRO Small Scale Forestry Conference, May 2011

-GFP Brief - Empowering communities through forest partnerships , GFP, FAO, 2011.

- Enhancing Stakeholder Participation in National Forest Programmes, FAO Forestry Policy Brief. Rome, 2009

- Tools for practitioners, FAO, 2010.

- A Training Manual, FAO, 2010.

FAO website on Participatory processes

FAO Publications on Forest governance

NEW ! GFP Brief - Making local voices heard: the Three Rights holders Group , GFP, IIED, 2011.

- Forest law compliance and governance in tropical countries, FAO & ITTO, 2010.

- Meeting the challenge of timber legality verification, Policy brief, FAO & VERIFOR, 2009.

- Forest Governance and climate-change mitigation, Policy brief, FAO & ITTO, 2009.

 FAO wesbite on Forest law enforcement, governance and trade 

 ACP FLEGT website

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