NFP Facility News 2010

Burundi - Opening Ceremony of the Environmental week in Burundi and NFP workshop - 13/14 December 2010

The Minister in Charge of Forestry, the 2nd Vice-President of the Republic, and the FAOR

Sudan - Launching Workshop of the 2nd Partnership Agreement - 30 November/01 December 2010

Liberia -  County Forest Forum (CFF) Meeting, 22 November 2010

Meeting for lessons learnt exchange and discussion of the way forward. The workshop was attended by 70 representatives of the 15 CFF, government institutions, development agencies (World Bank, IUCN, USAID), NGOs,..  Common understanding of the role of the CFFs, the sustainability of the CFF was discussed, and the next steps for the implementation of the National Forest Forum (NFF) were defined.

Presentation of the NFP Facility Coach (J. Zapata) on the importance of the NFP platform in Liberia 

Asia - Mission of the NFP Facility Manager on the partnership progresses in Thailand, Vietnam, and Nepal - 22/30 November 2010

National Workshop on promoting eco-tourism associated with conservation in the national parks and protected areas of Vietnam, Hanoi, 25 - 27 November 2010

Cambodia -  Workshop on Assessment of the NFP process in Cambodia - 20 October 2010 


New Posters for the NFP Facility

To download the blue poster click here          To download the purple poster click here 

FAO HQ - Committee of Forestry (COFO) - World Forest Week - 04/08 October 2010

- Plenary session: “Communicating the potential of forestry to the finance sector” - 05 October 2010

- Working session with nfp focal points (upon invitation) - 06 October 2010

20 nfp focal points of NFP Facility patner countries discussing their national experiences in implementing nfp

- GFP side event - 07 October 2010

Flyer of the event

Presentation of the International Family Forestry Alliance

Lesotho - Lessons Learned-Planning meeting - 28/29 September 2010

Guatemala - GFP Reference Group meeting - 28 September/02 October 2010

Cameroun - Towards a strategy to promote the forest industry development in the Congo Basin, 21/22 September 2010

Flyer of the event  co organised by ITTO, IFIA, FAO, and the NFP Facility

Proceedings of the workshop

Video about the workshop

Uganda - Workshop on National Forest Financing Strategies - 20/24 September 2010

FAO HQ - Workshop on a Practical Guide for Integrating Climate Change into nfps - 20/21 September 2010

Angola - Lessons Learnt and Planning workshop - 13/14 September 2010

Philippines - Collaborative Conflict Management (CCM) Training - 5/10 September 2010

37 practitioners from all regions of the country and Forest Management Bureau headquarters.

Malawi - Nfp lessons learnt and planning meeting in Salima - 5th August 2010

Mongolia - Workshop on the nfp process - 17/18 June 2010

Malawi - Workshop on Enhancing Stakeholder Participation in nfps - 7/11 June 2010

Eastern Africa - Regional Roundtable meeting on Forestry Education - 27/29 May 2010 

23 participants from Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Botswana, Senegal, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Ivory coast
at the Protea Hotel, Courtyard in Dar es Salaam - Tanzania.

Roundtable discussion based on key findings of a study undertaken in Ethiopia, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania regarding the state of forestry education, the gaps in curricular and what actions need to be undertaken to bridge the gaps.
Organised by ANAFE in collaboration with Sokoine University of Agriculture.

Outcome: “Dar es Salaam Declaration”, 29th May, 2010 , Declaration on Revitalizing Forestry Education in sub-Saharan Africa.

ACICAFOC - Signature of the 2nd phase Facility agreement - San Jose, Costa Rica - 18 May 2010

Mr Chinchilla Cascante (Executive Director ACICAFOC) and Mr Thunberg (Manager of the NFP Facility)

Lesotho - Training Workshop on Enhancing Stakeholder Participation in nfps - 16-21 May 2010

Senegal - Launching workshop of the 2nd phase of the partnership - 17-18 May 2010

Mr. Amsatou Niang (National Focal Point); Mr. Baba Sarr (Director of Forestry); Mr. Sidy Gueye (Chief of Staff, Ministry of the Environment); Mr. Amadou Ouattara (FAOR, Senegal); and Mr. Atse Yapi (nfp Facility Coach)

Liberia - Mission to discut the Growing Forest Partnership (GFP) implementation  plan - 3-7 May 2010

Non wood forest product: palm oil production

Paraguay - Mission to review progress on forest finance and strengthen linkages between forest and financing stakeholders - 3-7 May 2010

 Financial representatives learn about sustainable forestry

Mozambique - Launching workshop the 2nd phase of the partnership - 27 April 2010

Signature of the 2nd partnership agreement

Tanzania - National workshop on climate change and nfp linkages - 13-14 April 2010

Asia - Training for Trainers on collaborative conflict management for enhanced nfp’s - 22 March-2 April 2010

Participants from Phillipines, Thailand, China, Vietnam and Cambodia. Venue:  RECOFTC, Bangkok, Thailand.

This workshop is the second phase of this capacity building initiative organised by RECOFTC, FAO and the NFP Facility. The programme of the training is the following: 1st Phase: Pre-course assignment, 2nd Phase: Training-of-Trainers workshop, 3rd Phase: National level training (June to September 2010), 4th Phase: Lesson Learning Workshop (November 2010). The design of the course will involve participants in a process of ongoing critical reflection, allowing them to link the course contents with their own experiences and apply conflict management techniques and training methods in their specific contexts.

Nicaragua - Ceremony of signature of contracts with stakeholders related to forest and water activities - 15-16 March 2010, Estelí

Agenda of the ceremony 

Ivory Coast - 1st meeting of the National Multi-Stakeholder Steering Committee - 9 March 2010

Press Release, Soir info, N.4658, Jeudi 11 mars 2010. 

Priority actions were identified by the participants for civil society implementation through the support of the NFP Facility partnership.


Asia - 3d Executive Forest Policy Short Course (RECOFTC) for Greater Mekong Sub-region, Bangkok, 8 - 19 March 2010

Flyer of the event 

NFP Facility and nfp processes session - 12 March 2010
(session facilitated by Jerker Thunberg, NFP Facility Manager, and Xiaojie Fan, NFP Facility Coach for Asia)


Vietnam - Training workshop: Monitoring and Evaluating the nfp process - 5 March 2010 - Hanoi

The Forest Sector Support Partnership Coordination Office, the NFP Facility National Focal Point and the NFP Facility coach have organized a training workshop for forest stakeholders on Result Based Management to monitor and evaluate the nfp process.


Facility Steering Committee 2010 at FAO HQ, Rome

  • Facility Donor Support Group meeting: 09 February 2010 - Minutes 
  • Facility Steering Committee: 10-11 February 2010 - Minutes 

Progress Report 2009 

Workplan and Budget 2010 

Mozambique - Workshop on lessons learned and preparation of the 2nd phase of the partnership - 29 January 2010

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