NFP Facility news 2009

Cambodia - Workshop on Integrating climate change issues into national forest programmes- 3-4 December 2009

African Training of Trainers on enhancing stakeholder participation - 24-27 November 2009 - Stellenbosch University, South Africa

Country-led Initiative in support of UNFF - Forests for People: the role of national forest programmes and the Non-legally Binding Instrument on All Types of Forests - 17-20 November 2009 - Guilin - China


National forest programmes: a tool to reduce poverty and improve livelihoods, , by Rosalie McConnell and Jerker Thunberg, 2009.

World Forestry Congress - Involvement of the NFP Facility

Side event:“Participation: Political Rhetoric or Real Necessity?” 
Wednesday 21 October, 12.45 - 14.15 - Jacaranda Room, Yellow Pavilion

Other nfp related events

Side event: “National Forest Financing Strategies, Some experiences and considerations from Latin America and Asia" 
Tuesday 20 October, 18.30 – 20.30 – Coihue room
Jointly organized by FAO, NFP Facility, ITTO, OTCA, Tropenbos International and the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality of the Netherlands

Side event: "Small forest enterprises – big players!" 
Wednesday 21 October, 12:45 – 14:15 - Yellow Pavilion, Algarrobo room
Organized by Forest Connect

Session 6.2: "Instruments for Forest Planning and Development" 
Thursday 22 October, 15:00 - 16:00 - Lapacho room
Presentation of the position paper of the NFP Facility: National forest programmes: a platform for forest planning and sustainable development

Burundi - Launching workshop - 24/25 September 2009

Vietnam - FAO-NFP Facility training on enhancing stakeholder participation in nfps - 6/11 September 2009


Liberia - Launching workshop - 2/3 September 2009

Press release - Daily Observer 

Progresses of the nfp in Cambodia

National forest programme in Cambodia , H.E. Ty Sokhun (Director General, Forestry Administration) - Tiger Paper Vol. XXIII, No. 2 April-June 2009.

Cape Verde - Launching workshop - 12/13 August 2009

Ivory Coast - Launching workshop - 27/28 July 2009

Togo - Launching workshop - 22/24 July 2009

Press release - Togo Press N. 8081 - 23 July 2009 

Zimbabwe - Launching workshop - 15/16 July 2009

Thailand - Workshop on nfp - 11/12 June 2009

Bhutan - Launching workshop - 16/17 June 2009


Bolivia - Launching workshop - 10/11 June 2009


 Paraguay - Launching the 2nd phase of the partnership - 2/3 June 2009


Suriname – Launching workshop – 26 May 2009


Nigeria – FAO-NFP Facility training on enhancing participation in nfps - 18/22 May 2009


Tunisia – Mission to relaunch the partnership - 12/16 May 2009

China - Launching the 2nd phase of the partnership - 13 May 2009


Lesotho – FAO-NFP Facility training module on collaborative conflict management for enhanced nfps - 4/8 May 2009


Ecuador - Launching the 2nd phase of the partnership - 7 May 2009


Central Asia - Sub-Regional Workshop on nfps - 5/8 May 2009

 Samarkand, Uzbekistan

Workshop to enhance Collaboration in Central Asia on the Development of Forest Policy, Legal and Institutional framework with focus on nfp for Sustainable Forest Management

Gambia – Launching workshop – 28/29 Avril 2009


CPF Funding Forestry Newsletter

The online CPF Sourcebook on Funding for Sustainable Forest Management compiles information on funding sources, policies and delivery mechanisms, with particular focus on projects in developing countries. Please complete the quick survey online to improve this service in facilitating access for financing to the forestry sector. 

Facility- PROFOR Side Event on Forest Financing Strategies at UNFF8 -  Monday 20 April 2009


Uganda – Launching the 2nd phase of the partnership


Cambodge – Workshop on public consultation for the nfp draft

30-31 March 2009 in Siem Reap

 Guatemala - Discussion Forum - 30 Mars 2009 

How to make Guatemala green? Presentation by Jerker Thunberg 

NFP Facility stand during the Committee on Forestry (COFO) - World Forest Week (FAO, Rome)

NFP Facility side event during COFO (Cuba, Paraguay, Uzbekistan and China nfp experiences) - Thursday 19 March 2009

Signing of Partnership Agreements with Burundi, Cape Verde, Guinea Bissau, Liberia, Togo, Suriname and Zimbabwe during COFO

Mr Rene Somopawiro General Director Mr Sama Boundjouw Directeur des Eaux et Forêts

Mission of the Facility Manager to South and Eastern Africa  - March 2009

Visit to South Africa, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Tanzania, Uganda, and Kenya

The Facility Manager, Mr Thunberg, with government representants and civil society stakeholders of the forest sector. 

Paraguay - Forest financing training workshop - 24-26 February 2009

60 participants worked together on concrete activities to develop the National Forest Financing Strategy and three innovative financial instruments. 

New Countries on board

13 Countries have been accepted by the Facility Steering Committee for a partnership: Bhutan, Bolivia, Burundi, Cape Verde, Côte d'Ivoire, Gambia, Guinea Bissau, Guyana, Liberia, Peru, Togo, Surinam, and Zimbabwe.

in blue: Facility partner countries - in yellow: NEW Facility partner countries

Partner Countries starting a second agreement

China, Ecuador, Nigeria, Paraguay, Tanzania, Uganda, and Zambia after submitting their Concept Notes for second agreement have been accepted for continuous Facility support.

Ceremony for the signature of Agreements with 8 stakholders in Guatemala - February 2009

Facility Steering Committee 2009

  • Facility Donor Support Group meeting: 29 January 2009 - Brussels
  • Facility Steering Committee: 5-6 February 2009 - Washington

Reception hosted by the NFP Facility and the Facility Steering Committee at the Peacock Café, Washington

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