NFP Facility News 2012

Launching the Forest & Farm Facility (FFF) - COFO at FAO HQ - 28 September 2012

FFF flyer 

FFF Programme Document 

Kids to Forests initiative - Field Trip Visits in Vientane Municipality - 30 March 2012

Field visit to a bamboo furniture in Ban Napor i.e. Napor Village, Sangthong District, Vientiane Municipality

Field visit to the conservation forest in Vientiane - Students from the Vientiane High School

NFP Facility Steering Committee Meeting - Rome, FAOHQ, 15-16 March 2012

Minutes of the Steering Committee 

Regional Workshop on “Strengthening capacities to implement and monitor nfp processes in Eastern and Southern Africa”, Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania, 22 – 23 February 2012

Programme of the workshop 

Lao PDR - Consultation Workshop on Forest Plantation Development, Vientane,  7 - 8 February 2012

Organised by National Agriculture and Forestry Research Institute (NAFRI)

Bolivia - Meeting on the Regional forest financing strategy of Pando - 20 January 2012

This meeting was organized and owned by the local government (gobierno autónomo de Pando).

Attented by more than 100 participants from the financial sector, national and local government, NGOs, development partners, indigenous communities, farmers associations and other key forest stakeholders.

Banks (Banco FIE y Banco de Desarrollo Productivo) presented to the wood and Brazilian nuts stakeholders credit opportunities, which will be available soon, most probably in March 2012. As next step BDP and FIE will promote the diffusion of the new credits to the forest stakeholders in other regions of Bolivia and will help them to present credit requests.

Working groups
Participants were split in three working groups: Wood, Brazilian nuts and how to establish the Forest Financing Unit in the local government of Pando. The working groups identified concrete actions to allow the forest stakeholders to access the credits.  

The results of the discussions and working groups are a good input for further work of the Facility and Tropenbos on forest financing in Pando. FAO/Facility has supported all the process, the development of these credit opportunities and the regional forest financing strategy.

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