Support to the development of National Forest Financing Strategies

With increased recognition of multiple values and functions of forests, financing for sustainable forest management (SFM) has emerged as a key challenge facing the forestry sector. While many countries have initiated actions to support SFM in response to growing environmental awareness and increased attention to international conventions and agreements, the progress remains uneven. Adequate financing for SFM is directly linked to broader socio-economic development, and includes a wide array of objectives and priorities; from poverty alleviation and provision of safe drinking water, to climate change mitigation and adaptation. Recognizing this critical need, FAO adopted “undertaking advocacy and communication to mobilize political will and to promote global recognition of required actions to achieve SFM” as one of its core functions. In realizing this goal, FAO and NFP Facility's work focuses on enhancing the social and economic values and livelihood benefits of forests and trees and enabling better realization of environmental values of forests and forestry.

Specifically, FAO and NFP Facility’s work on financing SFM can be identified in five areas:

1) providing analyses and information for policy development and dialogues at the international level,

2) supporting the development of national forest financing strategies,

3) conducting economic analysis of forest policies and revenue systems, including forest valuation,

4) promoting small-scale and community-based forest enterprises, and

5) generating awareness and information dissemination on financing for SFM.


Awareness generation and information dissemination on forest financing

** NEW **

July 2012 - Central American initiative on financing for Agroforestry

Van Dijk, Kees, Carlos Brenes & Arturo Ureña. 2012. El manejo financiero de organizaciones agro-forestales campesinas e indígenas: Experiencias y lecciones de Centro América. Documento de Trabajo, Tropenbos Internacional, FAO-NFP Facility y ACICAFOC. DOWNLOAD 

April 2012 - Regional meeting on financing for farmers

Financiamiento a las Actividades Productivas de Pequeños Productores Agro Forestales
Actas de la Reunión

Powerpoint presentation (part 1) 

Powerpoint presentation (part 2) 

February 2012 - Central American initiative on financing for Agroforestry

El manejo financiero de organizaciones agro-forestales campesinas e indígenas
Experiencias y lecciones de Centro América download 


Events 2011

Business event
Forestry Investments in Emerging Market
Business risks and opportunities to invest in the forest sector

 Congress Centre Hof van Wageningen
Tuesday 17 May 2011, 10.00 - 17.30 hrs


 Announcement webpage

 Download the presentations

Live Video of the Meeting

Side event at UNFF 9
Financing Strategies for sustainable land and forest management:
Sharing national experiences for the Facilitative Process in practice

Wed. 26 January 2011, organized by FAO/NFP Facility, Global Mechanism, ITTO, PROFOR,
Tropenbos International and UNFFS. Programme of the side event.   

Download the presentations PPT 



  FAO/Tropenbos International publications on forest finance

Towards National Financing Strategies for Sustainable Forest Management in Latin America, Forestry Policy and Institutions Working Paper No 21, FAO, 2009.

Financing sustainable forest management, Forestry Policy Brief, FAO.




- FAO Forestry Department activities in forest finance

- FAO Forestry Department activities in Community based forest enterprises

- Tropenbos International work on forest finance

- European Tropical Forest Research Network, ETFRN NEWS 49: Financing Sustainable Forest Management

 CPF Sourcebook on funding sources for SFM




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