NFP Facility News 2011

Asia - Regional Training of trainers on Enhancing stakeholder participation in national forest programmes -  Dhulikel, Nepal - 21 - 29th November 2011


Participants came from Indonesia, Nepal, Cambodia, Laos, Bhutan, Pakistan and Philippines.

FAO - NFP Facility Workshop on "Putting principles into action: advancing the initiatives on financing SFM in the Asia-Pacific region" - Beijing, China - 9 November 2011

NFP Facility Workshop of the Kids to Forests Initiative in Asia and the Pacific during the Second Asia Pacific Forestry Week - Beijing, China - 8 November 2011

Poster realised by Queensi Mejico 15 yrs old, from the Christian School International - Philippines

Awarding ceremony presenting awards to Chinese winners of drawing contest at theme of "Green Color in My Eyes"

Mr Jerker Thunberg (NFP Facility Manager), Mr Eduardo Rojas-Briales (FO ADG, FAO), Winners, and Ms Yin Hong (Vice Minister of SFA)

Uzbekistan - Workshop on the Development of the Forest Financing Strategy in Uzbekistan  - 4 November 2011

South Africa - Africa Regional Training of Trainers on collaborative conflict management - 24th October – 3rd November 2011


The participants are from Uganda, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Namibia, S.Africa. The Training is being held in partnership with The African Centre for the constructive Resolution of Disputes (ACCORD) which is based in Durban, S.Africa.

Zimbabwe - Enhancing stakeholder participation training together with piloting the module on Developing effective forest policies - 17th – 21st October 2011

Liberia - NFP Multistakeholder Steering Committee (NFP NMSC) meeting -  28 September 2011

A task force of the NFP NMSC has been formed for the NLBI project. In addition, a Community Forestry Development Committees (CFDC) facilitator has been designated for coordinating NPF Facility and GFP activities.

Namibia - Signature of the Second Partnership Agreement - 28 September 2011

The Agreement is signed between the Department of Forestry of the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry and the NFP Facility.

Michael Chihambakwe (NFP Facility coach for Southern Africa), Joseph Hailwa (Director of Forestry) and Dr. Julian Fennessy (Director of Namibia Nature Foundation).


Gambia - Silver Medal of the 2011 Future Policy Awards - 21 September 2011

Gambia's Community Forestry Policy, put in place with support from FAO, and the NFP Facility has been recognized as one of the world's most inspiring and innovative forest policies. Press release.

National Multistakeholders Steering Committee leading the national forest programme in Gambia

Seminar "What do we know about the worlds forests? Snapshot of FAO's work on Forest Resources Assessment and National Forest Programmes " - 21 September -  Cultural centre, Stockholm, Sweden
Participation of Mr Thunberg, NFP Facility Manager
Presentations will be available on this website

Bolivia  - Workshop on Forest Financing in Bolivia  - 14 September 2011


Malawi - Stakeholders workshop on lessons learnt of the activities implemented with NFP Facility support - 12/13 September 2011

Senegal - Regional Training of Trainers on Stakeholders participation in nfp  - 25/29 July 2011, Dakar 

Organised in collaboration with the Direction des Eaux, Forêts, Chasses et de la Conservation des Sols (DEFCCS).


Senegal - Regional Training of Trainers on Conflict Resolution - 18/23 July 2011

Countries participating: Bénin, Burkina Faso, Mali, Mauritanie, Niger and Sénégal 

Guatemala - South-South Exchange of experiences on forest financing incentives for small holders - 18 July 2011 - Managua

Programme of the visit of stakeholders from Nicaragua to Guatemala 

Honduras - Signature Ceremony of 6  Letters of Agreement - 05 July 2011

Press release - La Tribuna - 11 July 2011 

Nicaragua  - National workshop on the implementation of the forest instrument (NLBI) - 06 July 2011

Participants: More than 30 key stakeholders' representatives in Nicaragua at national level.

Major outputs of the workshop:

  1. Prioritization of the 5 national measures and policies, based on the process carried out at sub-national level in 10 regions;
  2. Key actions and potential partners for the implementation of the selected measures and policies were discussed and agreed;
  3. Next steps for the implementation of the NLBI project in Nicaragua were suggested. 

Central American Forestry Congress - 29 June/1 July - Managua, Nicaragua

Opening Ceremony

Programme of the visit of stakeholders from Nicaragua to Guatemala 

FAO - NFP Facility related Presentations:

  • "Forest and Food Security” - FAO - Plenary Presentation
  • “Implementation of the NFP and the NFP Facility: lessons learnt and challenges”
  • Activities undertaken by stakeholders with the Facility and GFP support:

- Experiencia de la Alianza Nacional de Organizaciones Forestales Comunitarias de Guatemala
- La gobernanza y el ordenamiento del territorio en las comunidades forestales de Honduras
- Sostenibilidad de las organizaciones participantes de los planes comunitarios de gestión territorial (pCGT's) de ACICAFOC a través de una estrategia financiera.
- Organización y Participación Comunitaria en el Desarrollo Forestal de la Eco-región Lachuá, Guatemala.
- Fortalecimiento de la micro y pequeña empresa forestal de Guatemala, mediante el vínculo con los programas forestales nacionales, los mercados y proveedores de servicios. 
- Análisis retrospectivo (1997-2009) y prospectivo (2010-2033) del impacto económico del Programa de Incentivos Forestales (PINFOR) a la economía nacional.
- Sistematización de experiencia de pagos por servicios ambientales hídricos en la subcuenca Gil González, Belén Rivas.
- Contribución de la iniciativa Growing Forest Partnerships y el Facility a la implementación del Programa Forestal Nacional de Guatemala.
- Plan de acción de interinstitucional para la prevención y reducción de la tala ilegal en Guatemala.
- Modelo de valoración económica participativa de los recursos hídricos a nivel de las microcuencas.
- Dinámica de la educación forestal en Guatemala 1999-2010.
- Sistematización del proceso de conformación de las mesas de concertación forestal en Guatemala.

Facility Newsletter - JUNE 2011 

Regional training workshop on developing effective forest policy - Izmir, Turkey - 28 June/1 July 2011

Follow the workshop on live - Click here!

The training workshop, organised by FAO and supported by the NFP Facility, has the following objectives:

  1. To share experiences and critically review processes for forest policy development in the participating countries, identifying opportunities and challenges.
  2. To examine the complexities of developing effective forest policy, concepts, principles and process steps.
  3. To enhance practical skills in coordinating and facilitating key steps towards the development of effective forest policy.

Guyana - Launching of taining initiatives for small loggers associations -  Georgetown - 20 June 2011

Pree Release: Stabroek News, Tuesday 21 June 2011 

 Namibia - Training Workshop on Stakeholder Participation in nfps, Oshakati, 5-10 June 2011

Kenya, "Strengthening Smallholder Forest Producers" Seminar, Nairobi, 23-24 May 2011

The Seminar was supported by the Federation of Swedish Family Forest Owners, the Swedish Cooperative Centre, SIDA, FAO, the NFP Facility, IFFA and GFP.

The Seminar was attended by Smallholder tree growers groups and associations, Community forestry associations, Researchers, Kenya Forest service, Africa Forest Forum, FAO Kenya office, and representatives from the Swedish funded VI-Agroforestry project. Others included World Bank, Swedish Forest Agency, Swedish Cooperation Centre and Embassy of Finland.

Honduras, launching of the updated Honduras National Forest Programme (PRONAFOR), 25 May 2011


About 50 representatives of key forest stakeholders, among them the Minister of the Forest Conservation Institute (ICF) participated in the meeting. The main partners working on the forest and climate change issues in Honduras discussed potential ways of working further together.

In addition, the National Committee was established for the follow up of the PRONAFOR. 

Honduras, Establishment of a Compensation mechanisms for water services provided by forests in Las Flores, 24 May 2011


Democratic Republic Of Congo, Workshop  Towards a strategy to promote the forest industry development in the Congo Basin, Kinshasa, 19-20 May 2011

Press Release with links to Interviews 

More Interviews on Wood Processing

Pakistan - Launching Workshop of the second phase of the partnership - 23 May 2011

Forestry Investments in Emerging Markets - Business risks and opportunities to invest in the forest sector , 17-18 May 2011, Congress Centre Hof van Wageningen, Netherlands

- Announcement

- Programme of the meeting 

- Download all the presentations

Video Streaming of the meeting

FAO GFP Report of the Activities 2010 : Click to download 

 Vietnam - Launching workshop of the Second Partnership Agreement - 18 April 2011

Colombia - Launching workshop of the Second Partnership Agreement - 14 April 2011

El Salavador - Launching workshop of the Second Partnership Agreement - 12 April 2011

Brazil - Launching workshop of the Second Partnership Agreement - 11 April 2011

Namibia - Launching workshop of the Second Partnership Agreement - 06 April 2011

NFP Facility Newsletter March 2011 

Brazzaville - Workshop Towards a strategy to promote the forest industry development in the Congo Basin, 22-23 March 2011

More about the workshop

Recommendations in French: Communiqué final de la réunion 


ECOWAS - Planning workshop on developing sustainable forest financing mechanisms for small holders and community forestry in the ECOWAS Sub Region, 22-23 March, Monrovia, Liberia

Liberia - Launching of the National Forest Forum and Second Partnership Agreement with the NFP Facility and GFP activities, 24 March 2011

Armenia - Launching workshop of the second round of call for proposals, 15-16 March 2011, Yerevan

Click here to see the details of the activities implemented in Armenia since 2005

Tanzania - Stakeholder workshop: Association of Women Leaders in Agriculture and Environment (TAWLAE) sharing lessons learned, 8 March 2011, Dar Es Salam

For more details on this activity, click here.

Tanzania - Beekeepers advocating for forest conservation among other competing land uses such as tobacco cash crop, 5 March 2011,  Singida Region, Manyoni district, Msemembo village


The village community was reorganised, trained and empowered with NFP Facility support. 
For more details on this activity, click here.

Nicaragua - Signing ceremony of 6 Letters of Agreements (LoA) with  selected national organizations to support of the NFP of Nicaragua, 24 February 2011


The event was opened by INAFOR’s Director, Mr. William Schwartz, followed by FAOR Representative,  Mr. Gero Vaagt.

Over a period of 7 years, the NFP Facility has funded in Nicaragua 32 proposals mainly to promote the participatory implementation of the new national forest policy and law, and to support the implementation of Nicaragua's national and sub-national forest for a. Regular monitoring and evaluation of Nicaragua's progress and accomplishments by a monitoring team is a key component of the partnership with the NFP Facility. 

Conflict Management and Resolution in Forestry and Natural Resources Workshop
Training of Trainers, 21-25 February 2011, FAO-NFP FACILITY and ANAFE, Nariobi, Kenya


Facility Steering Committee meeting, 22-25 February 2011, Durban

Minutes of the Steering Committee Meeting 

Progress Report 2010 
Workplan 2011 

Steering Committee Members in Durban

Facility Donor meeting - 18 February 2011 - Bruxelles

Minutes of the Donor Meeting 

Mr Frank Jacobs (EU) receiving the NFP Facility glass logo.
The NFP Facility Manager, Mr Jerker Thunberg (left) recognising the outstanding contribution of the EU to the NFP Facility. 

January 2011 - Report of the Review of the NFP Facility done by external consultants supported by the European Union 

Mid-Term Review of the Growing Forest Partnerships  - December 2010

NFP Facility Newsletter - First Issue - January 2011

Side event at UNFF 9 - Financing Strategies for sustainable land and forest management:
Sharing national experiences for the Facilitative Process in practice
Wed. 26 January 2011. Organized by FAO/NFP Facility, Global Mechanism, ITTO, PROFOR, Tropenbos International and UNFFS.


Download Presentations 

Nicaragua - Launching workshop of the Non-Legally Binding Instrument (NLBI) pilot project - 20 January 2011

Signature of the Agreement with the Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection (BMELV), Germany for "Strengthening of National Forest Programmes (nfp) as a tool for the Promotion and Implementation of National Forest Financing Strategies (NFFS)" - 24 January 2011

The overall objective of this initiatve is to support forest dependent communities, actors and institutions in their efforts towards sustainable forest management (SFM) through innovative financing instruments and financing strategies based on the nfp principles. It will build, among others, on the experiences, lessons and efforts of the project “National Financing Strategies and Mechanisms for Sustainable Forest Conservation and Management in Latin America”, implemented by the NFP Facility, FAO and partners from 2006 to 2010.


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