Tropenbos International and the NFP Facility

About Tropenbos International

Tropenbos International (TBI) is a non-governmental organization focusing on tropical forest knowledge and development. Its mission is to make knowledge work for people and forests i.e. with the aim to improve forest policies, governance and management and to optimize the roles of forests for sustainable development. TBI runs programmes in 7 countries (Suriname, Colombia, Cameroon, DRC, Ghana, Indonesia, Vietnam) with a central office in Wageningen the Netherlands.  Core activities include: interdisciplinary applied research, assembling validated knowledge for tailor-made access and use by governments, business, local groups, civic society groups, capacity building, multistakeholder dialogue and network development to connect forest policy and practice. Themes include sustainable chains, forests in landscapes, forest financing  and forest governance. 

Joint initiative on forest financing in Latin America

The NFP Facility and Tropenbos International have started working together in 2005 on the analysis of the current situation and perspectives related to the forest financing in Latin America. Further they co-organized a series of national workshops to launch the process of National Forest Finance Strategies with the participation of key stakeholders of the forest and financial sector.

In November 2009, at the World Forestry Congress in Argentina, Tropenbos International and the NFP Facility organized with FAO a session on forest financing during which experiences and lessons learned from different regions and countries on possibilities for a better financing of sustainable forest management were presented.

Development of National Forest Financing Strategies (NFFS)

In a number of partner countries (in particular Guatemala, Uganda, El Salvador and Paraguay), the NFP Facility, in close collaboration with FAO and Tropenbos, has provided further support in 2010 to the development of National Forest Financing Strategies (NFFS) and selected financing instruments. The purpose of this support is to encourage and facilitate the active participation of forest, financial  and other stakeholders in the process of discussing, elaborating and implementing national forest financing strategies and mechanism, as tools for strengthening nfp implementation,  the mobilization of additional financing and the enhancement of responsible private forestry business development, including small scale forestry.

Forestry business event

In May 2011, the NFP Facility, FAO, TBI and other partners organized a forestry business event bringing together  entrepreneurs, forestry business developers and financers from NFP Facility partner countries and the Netherlands to discuss how to enhance the business case for sustainable tropical forestry activities. Detailed information on this event can be found here.

What's next?

NFP Facility and TBI will  continue their collaboration on forest financing expanding their activities from Latin America to Africa and South East Asia.

last updated:  Wednesday, June 8, 2011