Smallholders Capacity Building Platform

One common place

This platform makes available Training Material for Smallholders which has been developed by different sources. Some material comes from FAO programmes in Agriculture and in the Forestry Department, others have been developed by Recipient Organisations of the NFP Facility grants, or by other organisation dealing with capacity building for smallholders. 

Country use

This platform for easy access to the Training Material aims at avoiding duplication of the development of such material. The material stored could be used by countries as a basis:

  • for inspiration to develop Training Modules for Smallholders;
  • to adapt the existent material to the country context.

The implementation of those modules could be potentially supported by the next phase of the Facility in 2012. The implementation process of a Training Module would include the following steps:

  • Analysis of the material available
  • Adaptation or Development of training modules
  • Selection of the implementation body

Share your Material

Countries and Partners are welcome to share on this platform the Training Material available or recently developed. Please send your material to The criteria for the Training Modules to be placed on this platform are the following: simplicity - natural resources focus - smallholders targeted.

Training Modules Themes

Click on the bold titles to access the training material which can be downloaded.

Business development

  • How to organize people?
  • Setting up Small Enterprises
  • Market Analysis and development (Ma&D)
  • Bookkeeping and financial management
  • Project Proposal Writing

 Forest education

  • Education for Rural People to raise awareness of the importance of forests, threats to forests and sustainable resource management.


last updated:  Thursday, July 17, 2014