NFP Principles

When developing and agreeing on the concept of national forest programmes, the UN Member States agreed that "national forest programme" is a generic term encompassing a wide range of approaches to sustainable forest management within different countries, that can be applied at national and subnational levels based on a number of principles [1]. Countries agreed that, regardless of the approach adopted by individual countries, national forest programmes are long-term iterative processes and should recognize the following:

  • national sovereignty and country leadership;
  • consistency with national policies and international commitments and integration with the country's sustainable development strategies;
  • partnership and participation;
  • holistic and intersectoral approaches.

For the sake of simplicity, this Web site has aggregated three clusters of core principles under which all original principles are subsumed. The core clusters are:

  1. Consistency within and integration beyond the forest sector
  2. Participation and partnership

[1] The Intergovernmental Panel on Forests, fourth session. Report available from:

last updated:  Tuesday, August 7, 2012