FAO support to NFPs

FAO Forestry supports the development and implementation of national forest programmes in countries in a number of ways.

FAO provides technical support to individual countries in their NFP processes. In most cases, the support is initiated through official requests made by the country, and can be provided to a range of activities. For example, FAO Forestry supports countries in the development, review, revision and implementation of:

  • NFPs and overall governance frameworks;
  • forest policies, strategies and/or actions plans;
  • forest legislation;
  • forestry institutions.

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FAO also assist countries in their work with international themes and initiatives: 

Since 2002, the NFP Facility has provided targeted support to the stakeholder involvement in the forest policy process - NFP Facility.

FAO Forestry Department and the NFP Facility have produced training modules on different aspects of NFPs - Capacity Development.

For more information, please contact Senior Forestry Officer, Ewald Rametsteiner (ewald.rametsteiner@fao.org).

last updated:  Tuesday, August 7, 2012