Implementation and monitoring of the Forest Instrument (NLBI)

Most countries are already making efforts to implement at least some of the policy measures adopted in the Forest Instrument, mostly in the context of their NFPs. However, many countries do not have sufficient knowledge of the Instrument, leading to a lack of systematic assessment of where countries stand in relation to the implementation of the NLBI and the achievement of SFM. Therefore awareness raising on the usefulness of the Instrument is crucial for the progress towards sustainable management of countries’ forest resources. 

To increase awareness on the Instrument, a capacity development module has been developed to facilitate the implementation and monitoring of the Forest Instrument at national level. The module should help the stakeholders to better understand the Instrument and how to integrate its implementation and monitoring into NFPs in particular and national development programmes in general. 

The capacity development module is based on the experience from the four pilot countries (Ghana, Liberia, Nicaragua and the Philippines). More specifically the scope of the module covers what the Instrument is, why countries should implement the Instrument, suggested approaches for implementation, how to monitor progress and report on progress to the UNFF and other forestry related initiatives at international regional and national levels.The specific learning objectives of the module are to:

  • increase awareness amongst national/country stakeholders of the NLBI and its importance;
  • increase number of countries systematically implementing the NLBI;
  • increase the number of countries reporting on progress in achieving the NLBI and its four Global Objectives on Forests objectives / NLBI implementation; and
  • provide a coordinated basis for reporting progress on implementing forestry activities to the different international forestry related processes (e.g. the MEAs).
The module is targeted at national personnel that are charged with implementation of national forestry programmes and initiatives. In particular this introductory module is targeted at heads of national forestry agencies, NFP focal points, UNFF focal points and the national correspondents for the FAO Global Forest Resources Assessment. However at national level this can also be useful to leaders of civil society organisations and local authorities implementing forestry activities and participating in UNFF.
last updated:  Tuesday, August 7, 2012