Forests and poverty - meeting documents and proceedings


This output document summarises the range of issues examined by participants and locates where organisations such as IIED can focus their attention.

Proceedings, Workshop, 1-2 October, 2002, Tuusula, Finland. The work is informed largely by CITs and sub Saraha Africa. Main summary of proceedings highlights several key issues. Takes the position that forest sectors need to conform to MDGs to attract political weight and resources.

Poverty and Conservation Learning Group, 2006 (web link)
Poverty and Conservation Learning Group webportal. Project documentation, meeting notes and web databases.


Paper prepared for the UNDP/EC Expert Workshop on Poverty and the Environment, Brussels, Belgium, January 20-21 1999. Focussed article on forest and poverty and relationship with forest degradation. Still very relevant. Targets governance issues with good examples. Conceptual framework good.
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