Fibre supply study

In late 1995, the Forestry Department developed the Global Fibre Supply Model with an outlook to the year 2010. The general objective of the study was to produce reliable data, information and analysis of industrial fibre sources. A team of experts, collected the latest available information on a country-by-country basis and produced a series of working papers on: sustainable forest management; improved productivity from industrial forest plantations; fibre supply modelling; and recovered and non-wood fibre. Copies of the main report and the working papers are available from the list below.

These papers have been prepared by individual authors or groups of authors on their own professional responsibility. Therefore, the opinions expressed in them do not necessarily reflect the views of their employers, the governments of FAO Member States or FAO. The working papers are only minimally edited for style or clarity. FAO welcomes from readers any additional information on the subject of any of the working papers or on any other subject of relevance to fibre supply modelling.

Main report and working papers

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